5 Best Pyraminx Reviews and Buying Guide for Newbies 2020

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Best pyraminx. Gearing up to become the ultimate pyraminx solver?

Or perhaps you’re just a beginner and an enthusiast? But are you struggling to pick the one with top-notch quality and high durability?

We’ve got you all covered. If you want your pyraminx challenges to be satisfactorily perfect, you require the best pyraminx that will meet your expectations.

Finding the appropriate one can, after all, make a vital difference to your game.

Even though there are hundreds of products to choose from, we’ve categorized some keeping in mind about the specific features a pyraminx lover will consider during the selection.

Our Top 5 Best Pyraminx: Reviews

Selecting a pyraminx with highly defined traits can require hours of browsing and tend to be pretty unnerving.

Considering all the features in mind, we’ve chosen five best options for you to pick in terms of quality and aspect.

These are the ones that have been reviewed the highest number of times and fall within the cost-effective ranges as well! So stick till the end to discover the best pyraminx speed cube out there!

Dreampark Pyramid Speed Cube, Black

Dreampark Pyramid Speed Cube, Black

This pyraminx is the best option for beginners who are looking for excellent quality but just at the right price.

It comes with an eco-friendly and recyclable composition, which makes it highly convenient for usage.

The turns here are adequately precise, slow, and impart sufficient alignment without involving manual strength.

Moreover, this pyraminx has a specific black color in the background, which provides a more sophisticated exterior.

It serves as a more convenient option for beginners due to its smooth turning features, less symmetrical shape, excellent stability, and easy rotation. Best pyraminx The different variations and a maximum number of possible designs provide a suited option for novices.

The interior is strong enough to withstand any alignment and thus can be an excellent option for young children without any risks of parts coming out.

With a sturdy architecture and robust build of metallic orbs, you can never go wrong with this classic option.

For experts and pyraminx challengers, it showcases an additional feature of high-grade corner-cutting.

Moreover, the affordable price adds to the elements like a cherry on top!


  • Provides excellent value for the price
  • Smooth and polished finish
  • Lightweight to touch and comfortable
  • High-grade durability
  • Appropriate moves for starters


  • Comes with colored stickers instead of permanent dyes on faces
  • Tension is somewhat less appropriate
  • Lubricant is of lesser quality
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Speed Cube Set, Aitbay Cube Bundle 2x2 3x3 Pyramid Magic Puzzle Cube...

Speed Cube Set, Aitbay Cube Bundle 2x2 3x3 Pyramid Magic Puzzle Cube...

Available in a 3 pack bundle set of 2Γ—2 3Γ—3 pyraminx speed cubes, this is an ultra-saving option.

The bundle set makes it convenient for trying variable possibilities without having to pay more.

With an attractive exterior comprising of smooth finish and high color payoff, this is a smarter option.

Being another eco-friendly option, it comes with excellent corner cutting features and sharp twist mechanisms suitable for experts and challengers.

The 3Γ—3 cubes are equipped with 45Β° tolerance, which provides the right amount of alignment for those who are precise with their moves.

Best pyraminx

Categorized under smooth speed cubes, these offer slower turns enhancing the contentment to enjoy the game thoroughly.

These are also absolutely devoid of lockups during moves which can be pretty unnerving when it comes to fast-paced challenges.

A sturdy interior and build render strong ability to stay put together during turns and does not pop out easily.

The tension is appropriate enough for a skilled player but may take a while for starters to get accustomed to depending on the precision of their moves.

With a price point so good, this bundle set is an excellent option for exceptional quality, smooth feel, and outstanding features!


  • High-quality stickers used which do not fall off easily
  • Excellent tension and corner-cutting feature
  • Smooth turns and comfortable to touch
  • Variation in designs in the same bundle


  • Smaller in size than a regular pyraminx
  • Lubricant is not good
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Roxenda Speed Cube Set, Magic Cube Set of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Cube...

Roxenda Speed Cube Set, Magic Cube Set of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Cube...

This carbon fiber improved version is the most sophisticated design you can avail at such a great price.

Top-notch quality that comes with an acceptable price, this bundle set of three 2x2x2 3x3x3 cubes is a fantastic deal for starters and skilled players as well.

The exterior has a glossy finish with only one color in each face making it appear smarter and highly advanced.

Also, the fully adjustable cube structures and built-in springs add to most of its excellent features.

The newest addition of carbon fiber has enhanced its durability and resistance capabilities.

Furthermore, the interior is also equipped with outstanding corner-cutting characteristics, high-quality adjustable tension, as well as anti-pop mechanisms making it an excellent choice for professionals.

Best pyraminx

Silicon-based lubricants improve the rotation to a maximum range and add to the elevation of fast turning performances.

The smooth action movements can be fascinating for professionals and can serve as practicing features for starters.

These come with no lockup systems as well and saves you from a frustrating phase during a solve, making the game easier and enjoyable.

With so many outstanding features, this is worth every penny!


  • Great color scheme
  • Flexible and better feel
  • Easy to turn and smooth transitions
  • Can be opted for fast-paced performances
  • Stickers with carbon fiber are longer-lasting


  • Once disassembled can tend to be unrecoverable
  • Not suitable for toddlers without parental guidance
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Coogam Qiyi X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyramid Stickerless Speed Cube Pyramid...

Coogam Qiyi X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyramid Stickerless Speed Cube Pyramid...

This is the speed cube you’d love to have in your collection. With high-end magnetic features, this is the ultimate modern definition pyraminx out there!

The addition of a magnet positioning system itself provides a sense of luxury in a pyraminx.

Provided with adjustable magnets, this pyraminx allows you to enjoy the magnet positioning system to a broader and fuller range and ensure swifter turns.

The custom adjustment of attractions is uniquely designed to suit the needs of the player as per his comfort during moves.

With better adjustable tension and even better lubrication, this cube is worth every penny.

The turns are swifter, corner-cutting is upgraded, and the interior is strongly built with optimum alignment.

Built-in springs and upgraded anti-pop mechanisms are its key features.

The fluidity and balance in this specific cube are highly modified in a way to ensure smooth movement during quick turns.

Professionals can fully enjoy the better feel of the pyramid, and even starters are likely to get a good grip on it.

Although it is sold at a higher price point the quality is top-notch and suited to the requirements of players of every category.


  • Permanent color provided instead of stickers
  • Magnet positioning system and adjustable magnets provide better grip
  • Lightweight and comfortable to touch


  • Directions may be in a different language other than English
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CuberSpeed MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx Stickerless Magic Cube Magnetic...

CuberSpeed MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx Stickerless Magic Cube Magnetic...

This pyraminx has better magnetic features and high-grade magnet positioning system as well.

Weighing about 86 gram, this pyramid cube is provided with specialized magnets that are very durable in the long run.

The adjustable magnets help in acquiring a comfortable feel and better grip.

The innovation of the magnetic system in a pyramid is itself a source of splendor for a pyraminx collector in his collection.

Sharp corner cuttings and high-quality anti-pop mechanisms together with an optimum adjustable tension add to the many amazing features of this cube.

The cube comes with a slightly developed resistance, which helps in skillful turns.

Probably the only drawback of this product is its heavyweight and being devoid of a built-in spring to help feel comfortable at hand.

Nevertheless, all its other features are extremely upgraded and smooth. Moreover, the product is better for professionals due to their adequate skills in managing pyramids of varying sizes.

Even if you are not a pro, this fantastic magnetic edition is the perfect piece to add to the collection!


  • Provided with half bright stickers with better durability
  • Excellent corner-cutting ability
  • Upgraded magnetic properties
  • Slight resistance makes the turns swifter


  • Highly-priced
  • No built-in spring feature
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What is a Pyraminx?

One of the best-selling puzzle toys out there, the pyraminx has grabbed the attention of people of all ages over the years.

Its high ability to grasp the curious mind of individuals has helped it become so popular.

The pyraminx is your regular Rubik’s cube puzzle comprising of nine identical triangles in a single triangular face with three triangles on each side.

You have to match the colors on the tips and centers of the faces by turning the corners to solve the pyraminx.

Also, the sport becomes much more satisfying if the pyraminx has all the desired features of the utmost quality.

Best Pyraminx: Frequently Asked Questions

Pyraminx is not a very renowned product, so questions are apparent to arise regarding its uses and some of its specific features.

To save your time from tiring yourself browsing on the internet, we’ve listed some common doubts you may face about pyramid cubes and their correct answers as well:

1. Are stickered cubes better or sticker-less?

Although both perform the same function, it is easier to use sticker-less cubes as there is no involvement of maintenance and there is no chance of peeling out.

2. How long does it take to solve it?

Although it varies from person to person, it takes in an average from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to learn how to solve in the beginning. More practice ensures more speed.

3. What do pyramid cubes help achieve?

Pyramid cubes help achieve a higher degree of spatial stability and consciousness as well as maintaining proper equilibrium, developing the intellectual sense of being and promoting neurological development in children.

4. Are these environmentally friendly?

Yes, the majority of pyramid cubes are eco-friendly and come with non-toxic compositions as well.

5. Which age group children are suitable to use them?

Most pyraminx is designed in a way to be used by children above five years of age. But some cubes can be used by toddlers under parental guidance.

Best Pyraminx: Final Verdict

So, are you looking for a pyraminx that will have outstanding features and will last you a long time? Our recommendations can help you choose the best pyraminx in the market.

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