5 Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One

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Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One. Dirt bike games have come a long way since their first release in the early 80s.

We see more physics and interestingly improved graphics at the release of every new version each year.

However, not all dirt bike games are exciting and challenging. Some are just there to join the hype, some for the money, while others are not compatible with most video game consoles.

Home to some of the most exclusive games, the Xbox One, has hundreds of dirt bike games, though not all are good.

However, there are actually a few exceptional ones with sharp, realistic graphics and competitive levels that would leave you glued to your seats.

From fun simple arcades to intensely competitive motocross experience, we bring you the top best dirt bike games you can play!

Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One: Amazon Best Sellers

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Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One: Brief Reviews

Here are the 5 best motocross game Xbox One ever made, that unleashes the full power of the Xbox One!

Xbox One dirt bike games: MXGP-3: The Official Motocross Videogame

MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Videogame - Xbox One

MXGP-3 dirt bike game xbox one is based on the 2016 season, and it takes dirt bike gaming to a whole new level.

Using the new Unreal Engine Four, MXGP-3 dirt bike game xbox one has jaw-dropping graphics that can be mistaken for real-life racing at first glance.

With every change in the weather as you play, the rider’s experience is put to the test as they struggle to control their motorcycle in mud, dust, and storm. This makes each ride complex and compelling!

 You get to customize your game and choose from an array of 31 riders, along with riders from its MX2 2016 and MXGP-3 dirt bike game xbox one prequel.

With the roaring sound of engines and ambient chainsaw noises, it sets you to lose and makes everything feel realistic.

Milestone (the game manufacturers) has done a remarkable job by providing both two-stroke and four-stroke engine bikes.

Apparently, it has listened to criticism which makes it look sharper than previous moto-cross games of similar titles.

Suitable for players of all ages, the MXGP3 comes with three different models, in addition to the five artificial intelligence levels that range from simple to realistic.

The models are standard (the easiest level there is), semi-pro, and pro.

From the ultra-realistic tracks to the compelling race, MXGP-3 dirt bike game xbox one is definitely a great game to play! 

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Dirt bike games for Xbox One: Monster Energy – Supercross: The Official Videogame

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame - Xbox One

Now here is another apex dirt bike game from Milestone.

Also using the Unreal Engine Four, Monster Energy Supercross is visualized in an incredible 3D realistic scanning.

 From the settings, tracks, up to the start of the game, everything visual has quite a lot of candy floss.

And playing on Xbox One comes with the added advantage of having things stand out further.

Not only do you have control over how your riders would be, but you can also customize your bike using real parts and accessories.

In addition, you get to choose your stadium and edit your track.

It gets more fun when you share your career and play against riders online.

At the start of the game, players are set loose in a graphically surreal stadium with multiple players or single-player mode.

Whether you’re performing crazy stunts or simple Supercross racing, you also can choose how competitive you want your game to be.

Though it takes a while for the game to load while online, but come to think of it, you get time to go get additional drinks and snacks.

Take part in an exciting racing competition with 250SX and 450SX official riders! Definitely one of the best dirt bike game Xbox One.

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Xbox dirt bike games: MX vs. ATV All out: Supercross Encore Edition

MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition - Xbox One - Xbox One

If you grew up playing MX unleashed, then, you’d love the MX vs. ATV All-stars.

Though it doesn’t have airplanes and monster trucks, it’s a great improvement on its prequel- MX vs. ATV reflex.

It seems like the manufacturers have listened to its fans and put up an incredible physics and whip.

With the great Supercross tracks, players get a great deal of control while in the air; and that’s what makes it more fun.

This is an off-road racing game that allows you to choose and customize your type of vehicle from an array of options.

Use ATV, UTV, or bikes to compete in various modes such as open cross and have an amazing dirt bike racing experience of a lifetime.

Practice amazing stunts while in freestyle mode to test and improve your skills.

You can also customize your vehicles and display them in your private showroom, with an upgrade and tuning option from different gear companies whenever you feel like it.

Play solo or compete with top professional riders from around the world to show off your skills in an intense multiplayer option.

Split-screen with two-player mode and get to compete with up to 16 players online.

With the MX vs. ATV All Out for Xbox One, you can never go wrong!

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Dirt bike games Xbox One: MTX: Mototrax (Xbox One motocross games)

MTX: Mototrax
MTX: Mototrax MTX: Mototrax 7 Reviews

This might not be as recent or as advanced as the first three games, but I assure you it’s perfect for casual gamers and first-timers/beginners.

It’s a bit primitive when compared to the present gaming standards, but it’s actually fun to play.

dirt bike games xbox one Set in the compound of dirt bike legend Travis Prastana, players get to tour around and perform amazing and insane stunts while challenging one another.

Players get to prepare their shocks for stunts and jumps using the controller toggles (you have to pardon the game, it’s among the first dirt bike games ever).

You can customize your rider right from the start, and with the completion of each level, you get to buy clothes, new riding environments, and new vehicles to race with.

That way, you can pull incredible gravity-defying stunts while watching the crowd cheer as you cross the finish line.

While controlling the handle, pushing aside competitors while riding just feels like it does in real life, what could be better than that?

Plus the Xbox One console would take your experience with Mototrax to a whole new level.

Does a game created in the 2000s have such amazing features?

Well, for a first-timer and a casual player, yes it does.

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Motocross games Xbox One: Moto Racer 4: Xbox dirt bike games

Moto Racer 4 - Xbox One - Xbox One

Looking for a game that merges both arcade and motocross challenges? Here it is.

With the Moto Racer Four, you get to perfect two racing styles.

It has over 100 motor cross combined with asphalt challenges, providing gamers with an extreme free styling experience and speed.

Capture the aggression and speed of road biking while mastering tricky stunts on the action of dirt bikes!

Combining high graphics with visuals, you get the best out of dirt bike racing when competing with over ten riders each different from the other in terms of personality and racing style.

Create fun memories with 18 spectacular races in three open environments which contrast in every aspect from one another.

The Moto Racer Four will let loose your adrenaline while bringing back fond memories of no-frills arcade and first-generation dirt bike racing.

With different levels of complexity and ease, it is suitable for all ages, so it can be the perfect gift to buy for your nephew, stepson, or grandson.

In addition, you get to play with one competitor offline or with up to 10 other competitors when online.

This is 100 percent about speed, fun, raw challenge, and energy.

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Dirt Bike Games for Xbox One: Final Words

Though the games listed may contain some that were created while video game was still in its infancy, however, they are the best dirt bike games ever to have been created.

Enjoy them on your Xbox One for an exceptionally amazing experience!

Motocross games Xbox One: Amazon Best Sellers

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