Who am I? A Montessori educator

What a pleasure to recognize and interpret each child’s needs ! 

How exciting to help children become self-reliant and support them in their process of self-development. 

I am also truly passionate about guiding adults in building their relationship with children.

Our attitude towards children, the way we deal with our own emotions, the values that we embody according to our educational background have a real impact on the development of our children and on their behavior.

Our way of communicating and our actions clearly influence the quality of our relationships.

As a multilingual Montessori educator, I have experienced which strategies work (and which don’t!) and I have put into practice the skills that I have discovered on a daily basis during my own teaching journey.

These precious skills make life with children easier and more satisfying. 

I decided to share them with parents and professionals in DIY group workshops programs (Faber and Mazlish) and I provide online parent coaching to help them develop their empathy, feel confident in their parenting decisions and bring peace in their family. 

Feel free to contact me for any question you may have about parenting and Montessori education.  

I can’t wait to connect with you!

Claire Teyras

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