How Are Metamorphic Rocks Formed?

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are formed from the alteration of pre-existing rock types (igneous, sedimentary or already formed metamorphic rocks) through metamorphism. The pre-existing rock, also known as protolith, is subjected to both heat and pressure, which causes chemical or physical changes. These types of rocks form a huge part of the …

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How To Cut Large Rocks in Half?

cut rocks in half

How to cut large rocks in half? Installing large rocks into walls, using them for landscaping, or as jewelry may entail having to cut them down to the required shape or size. As rocks are very hard materials, there’s a need for special tools like a Dremel tool or a tile …

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How to Drill Holes in Rocks?

drilling hole in a river rock

River rocks tend to have a smooth surface and are tumbled due to the time spent going downstream from the mountains. They can form from different types of rocks, where some have a harder texture than others. Some river stones possess a brittle shell that makes it difficult to drill …

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