Why Do You Need a Helmet for Riding Dirt Bike?

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Why Do You Need a Helmet for Riding Dirt Bike? Did you purchase your Dirt Bike and everyone can’t keep quiet about how you need to get protective gear, especially a helmet?

Or you just noticed that all the dirt bike riders you know always have their helmet on?

Well, the reason can be because dirt bike injuries are one of the worst kinds.

Reason being that you can fall on anything, from trees to stones to muds and even on cliffs and hills.

For this, we advise that you also take your protective gear (helmet, boots, gloves, goggles, chest protection, and neck brace) very seriously whether you are a new rider or a professional.

If you are going to compromise on anything (which you shouldn’t), it should never be the helmet.

This is because it protects the most vital part of the body, the brain. Injuries in the head are usually very fatal.

They can lead to brain damage and even loss of life in some situations.

To avoid this, we recommend that you never ride on any bike without the appropriate protection.

Read on to find out more reasons as to why you need a helmet to ride a dirt bike.

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Dirt Bike Helmet

Dirt bike helmets are quite different from other bike helmets.

This can be because it is a full head cover. It also has a bigger eye part for goggles.

Other features of this helmet are the chin protection, visor, and vents.

Another unique feature is the removable pads to allow for easy cleaning.

Protection for Head and Brain

The sole aim of a helmet is protection. For dirt bikes, it protects the head and brain from injuries in cases of accidents.

Head injuries are so fatal that they can lead to death, more reason why you should protect your head.

Why Do You Need a Helmet for Riding Dirt Bike

It also protects the face from mud, dirt, and debris while riding. That is why this type of helmet has a provision for goggles.

The lenses of the goggle should be anti-stick to prevent the dust from sticking and blocking vision.

Protection from Harsh Weather 

When you ride your dirt bike often, you would be riding under different weather conditions.

These conditions could be adverse and can obstruct your vision, thereby increasing your susceptibility to accidents.

Helmets serve to keep your face dry in the rain, and warm when it snows.

It can also protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun.


Helmets come with different designs and prints on them.

This is a great way to show off your style. It also gives people a glimpse into your personality.

People who are science enthusiasts may choose to have their favorite planet, element, or even chemical equation on their helmet.

Sports lovers may want to have something that symbolizes their favorite sport on it, and so on.

So just because you have to wear helmets doesn’t mean you have to look unattractive and out of place.

Spice it up and make it fashionable.

Obeying the Law

By only wearing a helmet while riding your bike, you are obeying the law and setting an excellent example for others to follow.

Many states and provinces have laws that make it mandatory for riders to wear protective gear while riding.

While other places have laws that mandate the wearing of helmets for people aged 21 and younger.

Why Do You Need a Helmet for Riding Dirt Bike

When an accident occurs, and you sustain various degrees of injury, you might be found partially guilty if you didn’t have your helmets on at the time.

Visibility to Others

While being visible during the day is not an issue, the same can’t be said for when it’s dark.

Trees and cliffs could reduce your visibility to other dirt bikers.

So having a helmet can increase your chances of being seen by other riders.

Bright colored helmets or those that have inbuilt reflectors are the best.

If however, you don’t have those, you can add a few lines of reflective tape to your old ones, thus making yourself visible.

Another way of ensuring that you are visible is by mounting a headlamp on your helmets.

The ray of light makes others aware of your presence ahead of them or behind them.

Setting Examples for Younger Folks

Children tend to follow in the footsteps of older people.

That is why it is crucial to set a good example for them.

If you want your kids to put on helmets while riding bikes (it doesn’t have to be dirt bikes) then you have to take that leap.

So the next time you want to encourage kids to wear their helmets while riding, you might want to wear yours to serve as a model for them.

Extra Notes

These are just general things you should know about dirt bike helmets:

  • Dirt bike helmets are different from regular helmets. This difference can be seen in weight and material.
  • They have vents that help to give the face a consistent temperature. The vents also reduce sweat and prevent the goggles from getting foggy.
  • These helmets have visors that protect against roost.
  • They should not be used for more than 3-5 years or 7 years from manufacturing.
  • For improved safety, make sure to buy helmets that have certifications- DOT certification should be the least you should consider.
  • Dirt bike helmets are lighter than regular helmets and cover the entire head.
  • If you wear glasses, choose a goggle that can fit well, so you don’t have to choose between seeing and protecting.
  • We advise that you change your helmets after a single crash, or get it re-built. This is because, after an accident, the helmet loses its ability to protect you from a crash.
  • Also, never buy a used helmet.
  • Dirt bike helmets should be handled with care. Ensure that they are not sat on or fall. Always store them in their bag in a dark place.

Why Do You Need a Helmet for Riding Dirt Bike: Final Notes

After reading this quick guide, we hope that we have been able to encourage you to get that helmet.

Go on all out and make a statement with it while ensuring it offers you maximum protection.

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