What Equipment Do You Need for Your Baby?

If you’re about to welcome new addition to your family, perhaps for the first time, then aside from a baby rocker and a constant supply of diapers, there are some essential items you will need to carry your baby around.

In this article, we will look at some of the essential equipment that will make life much easier once your baby arrives.


Baby Carrier

With their handsfree benefit, a baby carrier is a practical piece of equipment that allows you to carry out household chores or use public transport.

It also helps develop the closeness between you and your child, creating comfort and strengthening the bond between you.

When it comes to baby carriers, there are different types available that will allow you to transport your child with ease:

  •       Wrap: This long piece of fabric is designed to feel like the womb and is wrapped around the baby and your body. This creates a cozy and snug spot for your baby and is especially good for newborns.
  •       Slings: Another long piece of fabric, a sling can be worn in many ways but usually goes across one shoulder to your opposite hip creating a pouch which your baby can sit in.
  •         Hybrids: Also known as Meh Dai carriers, hybrid carriers consist of two shoulder straps and two pieces of fabric that strap around your waist. Hybrids are generally comfortable to wear, and can be easily adjusted, and can be worn on your front, back, and even your hip.
  •     Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs): Also known as buckle carriers, SSCs can be worn on the chest or on the back like a backpack. With padded shoulder straps and waistband, they create a pouch that cradles and supports your baby.

Baby Car Seat

Baby car seats tend to come in three styles: forward-facing, rear-facing, and convertible. It’s a good idea to purchase one that will grow with your child and be suitable for the entire period required.

Make sure you buy one that has been approved and tested and is correct for your baby’s size.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the baby seat into your car or find a professional in your area that is qualified to install children’s car seats to do this for you.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can give you the comfort and peace of mind that your baby is soundly asleep and will not be left alone if crying or in distress. It also gives you the freedom to tend to other matters such as household chores or relaxing with a book.

When making your purchase, look for one that has infrared vision allowing you to see your baby in the dark.

A voice activation feature will let you know when your baby is awake and with talk-back, you can soothe your baby by letting them hear your voice.

Another feature available in some baby monitors is its ability to play lullabies, helping to soothe your baby and send them back to sleep.

With these three essential items for your baby, you will be ready and equipped for your new bundle of joy and will easily be able to balance parenthood with daily life.

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