Vuly Trampoline Reviews 2020: Read This Before You Buy!

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Vuly Trampoline Reviews. If you’re planning to buy a top-notch trampoline, then the Vuly products might be among your list of choices.

Having gained the status of one the top brands in the trampoline industry, it’s obvious that you’ll find everyone recommending their products to you.

The Australian-based brand promises you the safest products that will grant your kids the type of fun that will make them forget their TV and gaming addiction.

BUT do their products live to this hype? Are they worth your money?

Before you can set off to buy the company products, read our detailed Vuly trampoline review post below to gain some helpful insights.

Why Vuly Trampoline?

Before we take a look at the individual products from Vuly, let’s get to know the brand better.

For those who didn’t know, Vuly is an Australian based company that became popular in the United States after they started working with the Toys R Us back in 2014.

The manufacturer has gained popularity not only for their line of trampolines but an array of other backyard equipment they manufacture.

The KEY aspects that have put Vuly trampolines on the map are listed below:

  • Safety: all their products are constructed using the finest materials available for increased safety. The safety enclosure net, in particular, significantly reduces injuries when using their trampolines.
  • Durability: their products rank among the sturdiest, most durable trampolines currently available. They employ quality materials for construction—like a galvanized steel frame, polythene & silk terylene nets, UV-rated mates, and steel coil springs—all of which enable them to last forever.
  • They deliver the Ultimate fun: even the most demanding bouncer will find great satisfaction with the level of fun delivered by Vuly trampolines.
  • Easy & fast installation process: Assembling the Vuly trampolines is extremely easy and fast. They’ve fewer parts and comprehensive instruction manual. This gives them an edge over other their competitor units which take hours and hours to set up.
  • A wide range of options: the BEST part about Vuly trampolines is that they’re available in a wide range of options. this means that every family will get a model that suits their budget, yard size, and other preferences.

Vuly Ultra Trampoline

We start with the Vuly Ultra Trampoline, the most affordable model from the manufacturer.

This unit combines all the greatest features from Vuly to make it the most fun-filled, safest trampoline for all families with a limited budget.

Similar to all the other Vuly units, it comes in a wide range of sizes (S, M, L, and XL) to help you pick one that perfectly fits in your yard size.

One of the top features of this unit involves the heavy-duty polyether enclosure net.

This goes a long way toward enhancing the safety of your young ones by ensuring they fall into the net enclosure in the event of a bounce-gone-wrong.

Note that this net has undergone more rigorous tests than competition for reliable performance in UV and wet weather.

Even better, it stands 40 cm taller than the nearest competitor.

This trampoline is all about soft landings. It features springs that are externally placed to the enclosure, poles and nettings arched in opposite directions, and a self-closing entry with no fiddly Velcro or zips.

All these features join forces to give you nothing but mind-blowing landings.

For even better trampoline experience, the unit integrates an advanced bouncing system that bounces higher and boosts your momentum—providing you with deeper bouncing experience.

To top it all, this model is made with thicker and heat-treated steel tubing for maximum longevity. It has 50% thicker T-joiner steel.

And has undergone 40,000 bounce tests. Doubtlessly, this is a trampoline you’ll enjoy bouncing in into the future!

Highlighted features:

  • Advanced rebound system
  • Offers you full protection
  • 150 kg weight capacity
  • Strong build, 100% rustproof
  • Heavy duty & secure enclosure
  • Zero bolts, nuts, Velcro for easy setup
  • World class warranties for different parts

Vuly Lift 2 Trampoline

Coming second in our Vuly trampoline reviews is the Vuly Lift 2 Trampoline. This is another top-rated model and backyard favorite for many homes.

It’s well-known for the exceptional safety it delivers and the quality materials and craftsmanship that translates to a lifetime trampoline experience.

Vuly has sealed all the safety loopholes in this unit. This is evident from the strong polyethylene enclosure net it comes with.

The net has undergone all forms of tests (or over 500 test hours) to ensure it’ll protect your family from trampoline-related accidents—in all imaginable real weather conditions.

As if that’s not enough, the net has superfine (3mm weave), durable mesh. This ensures that your kids’ little digits don’t easily get trapped in it while securely connecting to the jump mat.

What’s a better definition of the ultimate safety?

Other factors that enhance safety and improve fun in this trampoline include an entrance that instantly shuts behind you (with no zips/Velcro system), rebound system that’s entirely outside the bounce area, and net poles that point away from the enclosure.

Your quest for a long-lasting trampoline is well served in this model. It boasts of a stable, dual-ring steel foundation that’s galvanized in and out to keep off rusting.

Besides, the frame is heat-treated and fully-powder coated to maximize its lifetime.

Priced a little higher than the previous model, Lift 2 also comes in several sizes (M, L, XL) to help you get the right size that will fit in your yard.

Highlighted features:

  • Long-lasting polyethylene enclosure net
  • No contact injuries
  • Durable construction: sturdy frame plus premium finish
  • 150kg maximum weight limit
  • UV-resistant safety padding
  • Comes with HexVex Game mat
  • Two-tiered spring system

Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Thunder! Thunder! Here comes one of the most incredible bounces on the planet! Vuly Thunder Trampoline offers you the safest platform for unleashing your maximum trampolining potential.

It’s a revolutionary model from Vuly that provides you with even better features than the previous units.

The biggest force behind this unit’s crazy popularity lies in the integrated Vuly specially engineered Leaf Spring technology.

This unique technology provides you with the highest, most secure bouncing experience you’ve ever had in your life.

Like its brothers, Vuly Thunder also features a durable polyethene enclosure. It has earned the name “Goldilocks” safety enclosure for how it excellently balances between gentleness and supportiveness.

Designed using tightly-woven silk terylene, this safety net will easily absorb all your bounce impacts to ensure you always get 100% safe landings.

Thunder also boasts of a high-quality frame that’s galvanized (in and out) and resistant to rust scratches, and cracks—to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Keep in mind that this frame is free of bolts and nuts, and has fewer parts (6, to be exact), to facilitate easy and fast assembly.

With the HexVex printed on this unit’s mat, your kids will have unlimited fun playing games like follow the leader and trampoline Twitter.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable polythene enclosure
  • More robust, higher bounce experience
  • 150kg weight rating
  • Galvanized frame for maximum longevity
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Available in sizes: M, X, and XL

Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline

Lastly, we have Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline. In our view, this model comes as better version of the Thunder model we’ve just discussed above.

The two share most of the features, with only a few basic differences that set them apart—including slightly different price tags.

Vuly markets this unit as having the World’s tallest safety net. This is to say its safety enclosure is taller than all the 3 models above, and even most of the competitors out there.

The increased net height increases your bounce height—such that you can push yourself to the sky without fears of vaulting out.

In addition to the height, the Terylene-made safety net is pretty soft to give you support for your rugged bounces without irritating your skin.

Whilst Thunder offers you compact Leaf Spring for increased movability, Thunder Pro comes with full-sized springs to grant your deeper bounces.

Besides, the full-size soring design eliminates the risky twisty rebound that comes with other springless trampolines.

When it comes to the frame, Thunder pro has something better than Thunder. It boasts of a twice galvanized frame, with an even stronger, rectangular-shaped tubing.

On top of this, it has a matte black powder coating to make it rustproof and scratchproof.

Remember you’ll enjoy all these Thunder Pro upgrades at a pretty little price variation from the Thunder model.

Highlighted features:

  • Soft Terylene enclosure
  • Word’s tallest safety net
  • 150kg weight rating
  • Easy to set up, with 9-11 parts only
  • High-quality frame w/premium finish
  • Built-in trampoline games for your kids

Vuly Thunder vs Springfree

How does Vuly compare to the other top brands in the trampoline industry?

To answer this question, we’ll do a quick side by side comparison of Thunder (Vuly’s finest) with Springfree trampoline below:

PS: Before we delve any deeper, one thing you need to know is that both brands make high-quality, top-rated trampolines.

Now, Thunder is regarded as the best unit from Thunder (with its recent upgrade, Thunder Pro, making it even better).

One of its key selling points is a safety net that enables the user to bump as much as possible without hitting the metal poles.

Instead of using the conventional springs, thunder uses leaf springs that are placed under the bouncing mat to prevent spring-related injuries.

Like Springfree, Thunder models come in different sizes (medium, large, and extra-large).

Unfortunately, Thunder only comes in the standard round shape while Springfree has different shapes, including oval and square.

Both models come with the same weight limit of 331 lbs. (150kgs).

One area where the two models clearly differ is the leg support. It’s easy to see that the Springfree has more legs for support than Thunder.

While the few Thunder legs are straight as in all the conventional trampolines, the legs in Springfree are more rounded to deliver more support and unit sturdiness.

Another difference… Thunder offers you the HexVex printed on the jump mat that enables your kid to play the basic trampoline games.

Springfree allows you to add a tgoma accessory (sold separately) that easily converts it into a smart Trampoline- the first of its kind.

Thunder has an actual door/entry which takes up an entire side, unlike Springfree which has no door.

We can, therefore, say that you can easily fall out of the trampoline if you happen to fall to the door side. Thing puts the safety of Thunder into question.

Regarding cost, Springfree has a way bigger price tag that Vuly Thunder.

Overall, both models seem to share many similarities. Going by the key aspect of a trampoline-safety- both units are safe, with the Springfree being safer due to lack of a door.

Springfree cost higher than Thunder.

Considering the key similarities and differences we’ve outlined above, you’ll be able to easily decide which side to go with.

Vuly Trampoline: Final Verdict

So, that’s all you need to know about Vuly trampolines before buying them.

From our complete Vuly trampoline review post above, we can conclude that all Vulys are built with user safety in mind.

They’re also built to last and will deliver maximum fun to even the most demanding bouncer.

The World Class Warranty policy for all their products is so friendly that you’ll have no worries and fears buying their products.

In other words, investing in these products is risk-FREE.

The fewer parts and lack of bolts and nuts in the frame make the installation process easy and fast for all the models.

Probably the best part about Vuly trampolines is that they come with a wide range of size and cost options to meet the needs of different families.

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