9 Trampoline Safety Tips that You Need to Know About

Rebounding on trampolines has always been fun and fulfilling for both the children and the adults.

Unfortunately, if you are not careful, or you are not supervising your kids when they are jumping on a trampoline, it can lead to fatal accidents.

There are cases of tragic deaths due to falling off a trampoline as well. Shocking, isn’t it?

Though many brands may claim that they manufacture the safest possible trampolines, the truth is that there are no safe trampolines.

Experts Safety Tips on Using a Trampoline

If you are wondering how you can enjoy yourself while remaining safe, you have to follow few safety precautions.

Here are a few of the safety tips that you have to consider when you are enjoying on a trampoline.

1. Proper Installation of Trampolines

You should be careful when installing a trampoline and make sure that it is not installed near the trees, fences, or poles.

There should be a safe distance of around three meters between your trampoline and the trees that are present in the surrounding areas.

When the children jump high and fall off a trampoline, they may get seriously injured due to the presence of these trees.

Install the trampoline away from these structures, and your kids will remain safe.

2. Check the Springs and Bolts Properly

The springs of your trampoline along with the mat are responsible for creating tension, which enables an individual to bounce when he jumps.

In order to jump high, the springs have to be very tight. You need to check if all the springs are in the correct position.

The spring should not only be intact, but it should also be secured at both ends. If the springs are hanging, it may cause accidents and lead to injuries.

In case the springs wear out and stretch or get corroded, it is necessary that you replace them with springs of good quality.

3. Installing Safety Pads

While jumping, there are chances that an individual can land on the frame of the trampoline, hooks or springs.

If they are not covered, the individual can get seriously hurt. Therefore, a safety pad should be installed on your trampoline.

This safety pad should not only be in a good condition, but it should also be placed appropriately.

Therefore, when you purchase a trampoline, look for one that already comes with the safety pads installed. In case you are low on budget, you should install these safety pads later on.

4. Trampoline Safety Nets

Safety nets are crucial as they are capable of preventing accidents. While jumping, there are chances that an individual may land on the ground instead of landing on the trampoline mat.

Even if you do not purchase a model that comes with the safety nets, you should install a safety net to prevent accidents.

A safety net will not only keep you from hitting the hard metal frame, but it will also keep you from hitting the floor.

5. Remove Sharp Objects from Your Pocket

Before you use a trampoline, you should remove all the life-threatening objects like sharp pieces of jewelry or knives.

When you are bouncing, and you land on these sharp objects, it can injure you badly – and who knows – even deadly.

Therefore, you should check your pockets or your kids’ pockets before you start enjoying yourself on a trampoline.

6. Do Not Allow Children To Do Somersaults

Somersaults should not be encouraged, especially if your children are not experienced enough. Somersaults can lead to injuries to the neck and head.

Other injuries include sprains, fractures of the elbow, collarbone, or wrist. If they are interested in learning any skill, you can enroll them in the trampoline classes, where they will be monitored by the experts closely.

7. Take Care of the Surface of the Mat

You should ensure that the surface of your jumping mat does not have any water or snow on it.

If the mat is wet, the jumper may not be able to land in a correct manner, and it can lead to injuries.

During winter, try to dismantle the trampoline and keep it inside your house.

8. Check for Holes

Before jumping on a trampoline, you should check for the holes and tears on the trampoline mats.

Prolonged use of a trampoline can lead to tears. If they are not checked frequently, it can lead to serious accidents.

You can repair the holes on your own with the help of a patching kit that comes along when you purchase a trampoline.

This will help in saving both your time and money. And, your life and well-being as well.

9. Install Trampolines at Ground Levels

Since your children can fall and injure themselves, try to install the trampolines at ground levels. You can also install your trampolines on sand, grass, bark, springy lawn, or wood chips.

This will lessen the risk and impact on your child’s body if by chance he falls or slips out of the trampoline.

To conclude, if you take care of these safety tips, hopefully, you will be safe from accidents and injuries. We always wish you good luck and best health, ta-da!

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