The Best Gifts for New Moms

When it comes to becoming a mom for the first time, there are so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions on top of all the new physical things in your life. You’re sore and tired and suddenly responsible for a whole new human. If there’s a new mom in your life, bringing a thoughtful gift when coming to meet the new baby for the first time can show how much you love your friends and their baby.

Whether you’re shopping for a first-time mom or not, new parents appreciate receiving gifts that can make the ease into parenthood easier. A thoughtful gift such as self-care items to help with their mental health, baby food delivery for when their little one is old enough to start foods, a gift certificate for a local nail salon, or even some flowers and candy are all great options. Here are some ideas for the next time you visit your friends and their new baby.


Caring for a new baby and recovering from childbirth takes a lot of energy. When it comes to taking care of their own basic needs, many parents find themselves eating quick meals out of convenience, whether healthy or not. Food is fuel, but most of the short options aren’t the most healthy. When you visit new parents and meet their baby, one of the most appreciated things you can bring is lunch or dinner.

Eating good food is essential, but sometimes parents don’t have the time or energy to cook a healthy meal. Putting together a couple of casseroles they can pop in the oven or something they can take out of a plastic container and cook all day in a slow cooker can make a big difference. Add in a side and a pie or cake, and they have a whole dinner, plus dessert.


From a simple bouquet in a vase or a potted plant, fresh greenery is a great way to brighten up a room and make it feel fresh and clean. You can stop at a local supermarket or florist and find a ton of great options. You’ll often be able to find bouquets of fresh roses, carnations, multicolored daisies, and seasonal local flowers. Additionally, they’ll have potted plants, including flowers and just regular greenery.

If you love the idea of getting your friend beautiful flowers but aren’t too keen on how quickly they wilt and dry out, another great option would be ordering roses in a box that lasts a year. This way, your loved one can enjoy the fresh look for much longer than with traditional bouquets. Keep in mind that there are some common flowers and plants that aren’t safe around kids and pets, so be sure to avoid anything that isn’t compatible with their family members.

Self-Care Items

One of the most significant changes when moms have kids, is that their time is no longer just their own. Splitting their time between caring for a new baby, cleaning, and their relationship, it can be hard to find time or energy for themselves. Gifting a new mom self-care items is a great way to say, “Hey. You’re important. Please do something for YOU.” It may seem like a small thing, but it can feel like you’re losing yourself and your identity, and having someone see you as yourself, not as “Mom,” is a big deal.

If you know, her baby hasn’t been sleeping through the night, and she has been trying to nap during the day when the baby naps; a sleep mask would be a great way to block out sunlight to get some rest. Another great option would be a new skincare routine or even just an excellent moisturizer, like the products from Rose Inc. Alternatively, CBD products are becoming very popular, as they can help ease pain, anxiety and help you sleep. These CBD items from Peels are derived from oranges rather than hemp, so there is no chance of consuming THC.

Pregnancy-Prohibited Foods

If there’s one thing that makes pregnancy challenging, it’s having a restricted diet for nearly ten months. Things like seafood, soft cheeses, deli meat, and alcohol are off-limits for an expecting mother. If your loved one has expressed that they have been missing some of their favorite foods and treats, a food basket, an order of their favorite sushi, or even a DIY margarita kit, complete with mezcal and margarita mix would be a fantastic way to show that you care.

Putting together a charcuterie board would be an excellent gift for those who missed uncured meats and soft cheeses more than anything. You can include their favorite meats from the deli such as salami, ham, and pastrami; a soft cheese or two, such as bleu cheese or brie; some fruit; and some nice crackers. A bottle of their favorite wine or champagne would round out the gift nicely and would make any new moms’ day.

Essential Oils

There are mixed feelings amongst parents about essential oils. Some swear by them; some will not use them around their children at all. While it is true that there are many essential oils out there that are completely unsafe around babies, kids, and even pets, there are some that are perfectly safe and have several benefits, including:

  • Cedarwood
  • White Angelica
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Gentle Baby
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Copaiba
  • Citrus Oils – Lemon, Tangerine, Bergamot, Orange

Newborn babies should not have any contact with essential oils, but once they are three months and older, certain oils can be used to calm anxiety, encourage sleep, and ease the symptoms of colic. Make sure to read the label or product description to ensure no ingredients you’re uncomfortable with. For babies, you want to avoid oils mixed with alcohol and anything with synthetic fragrances.

Essential oils are also great for the home. One of the most popular ways to utilize essential oils is by mixing a few drops with vinegar and water as a non-toxic and natural cleaning solution. If your new mom friend is one of the people into oils, or at least open to them, consider gifting them a set of family-safe essential oils from Bubbly Belle essential oils.

Gift Certificates

Sometimes the best gift for someone is an experience rather than an item. If the new parents in your life have the baby items they need and you want to treat them to something out of the box, consider gifting them a gift certificate. If you wish to treat the new mom to get her nails done at her favorite salon or some stress-relieving massage therapy, gift certificates are an exciting and unique gift.

If you and your loved one are close and they haven’t had many opportunities to have some alone time with their partner, give them a gift certificate to a restaurant and offer to babysit for them. With such a massive change in life, sometimes the best thing you can give new parents is a couple of hours of alone time together to connect without having to change diapers or make bottles.

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