Stroller buying guide: How to choose a stroller

A convenient and comfortable stroller for your baby is a gift to you too. Whether you are a working parent or a frequent traveler, strollers are available that fit every purpose.

I am an experienced mom of three kids on the stroller all the time, so people around me keep asking which stroller to buy? Choosing the right baby stroller can be tricky indeed. I am here to help. Although the market is flooded with strollers, this article will serve as a perfect stroller buying guide. 

Let’s begin by asking, what makes a perfect stroller? Simply put, a perfect stroller is comfortable for your baby and easy for you to move with your loved little ones. It should have a big storage basket, reclining seat, smooth maneuverability, easy folding mechanism, and of course, priced within your budget range.  

First, let us go through different stroller types and find out what kind of stroller you should buy. 

Types of strollers: 

  • Full-sized stroller   
  • Umbrella stroller   
  • Jogging stroller   
  • Double stroller   
  • Travel system
  • Car seat carrier   

Full-sized stroller   

A full-sized stroller has a wide, well-padded reclinable seat, expandable canopies, large storage baskets, lockable wheels, etc. This type of stroller is for infants as well as toddlers. Most of them are compatible with car seats, so you can carry your newborn (don’t forget to check before buying). Full-sized strollers are bigger and studier and typically heavier than any other strollers.   

Suitable for 

  • Day-to-day usage like strolling around the city streets, hitting grocery stores, running errands  


  • Can use for baby from birth to toddler age  
  • Durable stroller for long term use  
  • Compatible with car seats and bassinets  
  • Ample space for storage   


  • Heavy to move with while traveling  
  • Stroller takes up a lot of room for storage  

Umbrella stroller   

As the name suggests, an umbrella stroller is lightweight and folds like an umbrella. Most of them can be folded compactly in 1 or 2 steps and easily carried by hand or shoulder. Although these strollers are compact, the best umbrella stroller comes with a reclinable seat, storage basket, large expandable canopy, etc., to offer a comfortable ride for the baby.  

Suitable for 

  • Day-long traveling, running quick errands or maneuvering through narrow streets


  • Strollers are light in weight  
  • Suitable to use for light travel  
  • It folds compactly in just 1 or 2 steps  


  • It is not suitable for newborns. 
  • Not compatible with car seats or bassinets  

Jogging stroller   

 A jogging stroller is built for active parents to go jogging with their babies. Jogging strollers have larger, sturdier wheels and better suspension to run on the bumps and all terrains. This type of stroller is super sturdy and heavy due to its large wheels.   

Suitable for 

  • Jogging or running in all types of terrains 


  • Easy to maneuver on all terrains  
  • Has a higher weight capacity 


  • Not best for newborns 
  • Heavy and bulky to carry for storage.  

Double stroller   

A double stroller is available in two types, a tandem stroller, and a side-by-side stroller. This type of stroller comes with essential features like a reclinable and spacious seat, a large canopy, storage space, and a 5-point harness to travel comfortably with the babies.   

Suitable for 

  • Move around with twins or two kids, day-to-day and travel purposes  


  • Best for twins and older babies 
  • Compatible with car seats or bassinets 
  • It has a large storage space.  


  • The stroller is heavy and bulky  
  • Side-by-side strollers are difficult to maneuver through narrow corridors  

Travel system  

A travel system is a set of accessories that comes with the stroller. The travel system includes a car seat and bassinet. They come with a full-size, lightweight, and jogging stroller which is useful to travel with infants and toddlers.  

Suitable for 

  • Suitable for regular use, traveling, running errands  


  • Easily move sleeping baby from car seat adapter to stroller  
  • A travel system is usable from birth to toddler age  


  • Requires specific adapter from a specific brand to install  

 Car seat carrier   

Car seat carrier is built in a way that can convert a car seat into a stroller. Some car seat carriers can be folded with wheels to install on the car seat adapter. For some other car seats, you have to detach the car seat from the stroller frame and fold it for storage.   

Suitable for  

  • Regular use for newborns 


  • Carrier is compact and lightweight  
  • Convenient to travel with newborns 


  • It cannot be used for growing toddlers 

Features to consider before buying a stroller 


The stroller should have a reclinable and cushion seat for the baby’s comfort. A reclinable seat helps the baby to take naps while traveling. The seat should have a 5-point harness to keep the baby safe while sleeping.   


The wheels of the strollers differ in type depending on the type of stroller. Jogging strollers have sturdy, heavy wheels to run through all terrains. Swivel wheels are easy to take a turn. Get a stroller with lockable wheels for easy maneuvering on a straight path.   


Brakes are very important to stop and park the stroller safely- a great feature to have for walking around the park and jogging purposes. An easy-activating brake system allows parents to stop and attend to their babies easily.  


2 or 3 panels of the canopy are available on strollers to protect babies from direct exposure to the sun. The canopies have SPF or UPF sun protective material that shields the baby from sun or rain and provides a cozy space to offer a comfortable ride.   

Storage basket  

Parents need to carry diapers, food, toys everywhere when they go out with babies. The storage basket should be spacious to accommodate all these things you may need to carry. How much space is enough? Well, it depends on person to person. Some strollers have ample space that allows you to carry groceries. 

Adjustable handlebar  

A stroller with an adjustable handlebar is essential for parents with height differences. An adjustable handlebar makes it easier to carry a stroller for a long haul and brings convenience to you.  

What to look for in a stroller for newborns?

In our stroller buying guide, we presented the idea of the stroller as a whole. But for newborns, you have to look from a different perspective.

While considering a stroller for newborns, keep in mind that a newborn should be able to lie on a flat surface so that they can breathe without blocking airways.

Bassinet and car seat is suitable for newborns as they offer 180 degrees flat surface and come with a 5-point harness to keep the little one safe. Moreover, bassinet and car seats are cushioned to provide ultimate comfort for the baby.

Most strollers are not fully reclinable, so they are unsuitable for newborns. However, you can opt for a travel system as it attaches a bassinet or a car seat to carry a newborn. We recommend checking if your stroller is travel system compatible. 


All that is expected of the stroller is that it is comfy for the babies and easy to maneuver for the parents. So, from strolling in the park to walking through the mall, the perfect stroller will make it convenient and accessible in your everyday life with a baby.

I hope our stroller buying guide helped you on how to choose a stroller for your beloved little one.