How to Properly Jump Higher on a Trampoline?

Trampolines were developed to help the gymnast and the acrobats to land safely back on the ground.

With time, trampolines were used in the backyard for enjoyment, sports, fitness, and recreation. They became one of the most common apparatus in each and every household.

Trampolines were known to relieve the stress and depression of a person. It has also been proved that doing an aerobic exercise for 30 minutes is not exactly as effective as jumping on a trampoline.

It is believed that an individual can burn more calories in comparison to any other form of exercise. The fatter you are, the more calories you can lose on a trampoline.

It does not matter if you are trampolining for fun or as a form of exercise. All the trampolinists and acrobats have a single desire of being able to bounce higher.

There are a few adjustments that you should have knowledge about which can increase the bounce that you get from a trampoline.

Once you are aware of these adjustments, you can bounce higher without causing any injury or face any accidents.

How to Jump Higher

The more you bounce on a trampoline, the more the fun. Bouncing high on a trampoline gives a sense of satisfaction and relief.

The ones who are exercising with the help of trampolines will burn more calories when they can bounce higher.

If you want to jump higher on a trampoline, you should keep the following adjustments in mind;

Buy a Large One: Make sure that you purchase a trampoline that is large enough for you. If the trampoline has a large surface area, it will be able to give you more material when you are jumping on it. This permits more recoil.

Trampoline recoil is basically the upward force which is exerted when you bounce on the trampoline.

Generally, the rectangular trampolines are large, and they provide natural lifts in comparison to the circular or the square models.

Jump Close to The Center: The next trick that you should follow is also very interesting. Try to jump close to the center of the trampoline. Most people are not aware that the center of the trampoline is the point that is capable of providing the greatest bounce.

This is because it has the greatest amount of recoil in the center, which results in the bounce and the lift when you jump on the trampoline.

When you jump towards the edge of the trampoline, you will not get as much bounce as you will get in the center of your trampoline.

Reduce the Impact Area: If you try to spread your jump impact on a wide area, you end up decreasing the bounce that the trampoline can provide. This should not be done.

You should try to reduce the impact point to a very small area. This will allow you to bounce higher. If you land on the trampoline in a flat position, you will not get the expected bounce.

On the other hand, if you land on the trampoline with only your feet, you will get a higher bounce impact.

These strategies will effectively help you to increase your bounce and allow you to enjoy more. The bounce also depends on the types of exercises that you are doing on the trampoline.

Pro Tip – Consider Adding Springs

You can add springs to the apparatus to increase the bounce. If you purchase the anchor kits, you will be able to add the eight and a half inch springs all around your trampoline.

This will help in increasing the bounce amount generated by your trampoline. The trampolines that are used in the athletic competitions have around 126 springs, which are rectangular.

The trampolines that are purchased for your home have 84 springs, which are round. You can purchase the anchor kits online or from the store from where you have purchased your trampoline.

You have to fasten the straps with the frame of the trampoline. After this, secure it with the ground by making use of the spikes. Attach the spring on the eyeholes of the kit, and place the other end of your spring in your trampoline eyelet.


You will be able to enjoy more if you can bounce higher than expected. However, you should try to inspect the surface of your trampoline before jumping on it.

If you bounce high and there are defects and tears on the trampoline, you can land on the ground accidentally, which may lead to a fatal accident. Therefore, it is necessary to check the trampoline before you start bouncing.

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