Power Wheels Safety: A Complete Guideline

Are Power Wheels safe?

Investing in a big, flashy power wheel for your little one is a sure way to make their days outdoor more fun and exciting.

But before your kid can even start using the big toy, you need to ask yourself how safe he/she is when riding on it.

For the power wheels to be a great source of entrainment for your child and enable them to enjoy all the benefits it comes with, you’d want to know some crucial details about the safety of power wheels and what you can do to make them safe for your child.

Read on to discover more about the power wheels’ safety…

There have been lots of debates surrounding the safety of power wheels. This is probably because these motorized toys have been subject to safety recalls.

But something happened in the world of power wheels some years back. And it changed the safety standards of these big toys for good.

Eager to know what exactly happened?

Well, on 7th June 2001, the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) made an announcement that Fisher-Price has agreed to settle a fine amounting to $1.1 million.

The charge was levied on the power wheel’s manufacturer because they failed to report serious safety defects associated with their power wheels toys.

What’s so significant about this fine?

The answer is …this was the biggest fine (up to the year 2001) ever levied upon any toy firm in the history of CPSC.

Good news;

The levy was a blessing in disguise in the fact that it led to ALL power wheels manufacturers implementing stellar safety standards on their products to avoid getting fined such huge amounts.

Up until now, all motorized toy vehicle manufacturers conform to strict safety standards to ensure their products are 100% safe for your young one to ride on.

All the power wheels you’ll find on the market come fitted with crucial safety features to help give you peace of mind when your baby is taking a ride on these fancy toys.

Some of the most notable features in these toys include:

  • Most of them come with a remote control device. This gives you total control over the vehicle. They let you stop, accelerate, steer, and even turn off the car.
  • All power wheels also feature a seat belt to help keep your child protected in the event of a minor collision
  • Almost all the ride-on toys you’ll get on the market today are made from polycarbonate. This means that the vehicle will provide the necessary protection to your child if they run on something
  • And many more!

What safety precautions should you observe?

Yes, we have just explained above that power wheels are made under steal safety standards and are 100% safe for your toddler or preschooler to ride on.

However, we urge you to take the following extra safety precautions to ensure your kid stays safe while having fun with their new big toy.

  • Inspect the power wheels before use: one of the most crucial safety measures to consider is inspecting the wheels before your child takes them out for a ride. This is especially true if your child frequently uses the toy. Always check that all the parts are working correctly before you let your child ride it.
  • Safe riding environment: you should also ensure your child rides their big toy in a safe environment. Don’t let them ride on busy streets where they can easily get knocked down. If possible, monitor your little one through the riding period. Still at it…if your kid(s)’ power wheels are designed for use in rough outdoor environments, you’d want to ensure your child doesn’t ride it on steep terrain. This is because the vehicle can easily topple over and leave your child with serious injuries.
  • Battery safety practice: make a point of replacing the wheel’s battery as soon as it gets depleted. And only replace it with the model suggested by the manufacturer. Also, never let your young rider handle the battery of their big toy.
  • Proper storage: above all, practice proper storage of your power wheels when not in use. In case of rainy or snowy weather, store the toy under a protective cover. This will help keep the model safe from mold and rust, which can affect the vehicle’s performance.

Pro TIP: When choosing a new power wheel for your little one, we suggest that you lean towards models that come armed with as many safety features as possible. These will help maximize the safety of your kiddo.

Final Thoughts

It’s no doubt that power wheels will be a great source of entertainment for your little one. In addition to having lots of fun, it’ll help them develop a lot of skills crucial for their growth.

For them to enjoy all the fun and benefits that come with this big toy, however, safety must come into play.

Choose power wheels that come with as many safety features as possible.

And be sure to follow the safety precautions we’ve shared with you above to ensure your kid stays safe when riding his new fancy toy around the neighborhood.

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