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Get your kids to learn about rocks and use different tools to improve mental health and physical health. Also, we review different products for your toddlers.

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Amazing resources for kids

This site is for kids of all ages who love rocks. Here you will find out stuff about rocks & minerals and where to go to find out more. If you already collect rocks then this is the place for you!

Find out where you can get more rocks, look at some super pictures of rocks, learn how to identify the rocks you already have and discover neat things you can do with rocks.

Don't worry if you don't have a rock collection. There is something here for everyone. Come in and browse around & take a look at what Rockhounds do for a hobby.

If you are doing a school project on rocks & minerals, you will find things here that you can use and you might even enjoy it!


A Bag Full of Experience

This RocksForKids Site was launched in 1999. Over 3.8 million visitors have viewed our site between 1999 and 2015. We have now decided to stop counting because we need no further convincing that Rocks Rock! :-)

Expert Reviews

Our main goal is to review almost every product related to kids improvement. We provide unbiased and expert reviews, so that you can get the most out of your money. 

We do not recommend any sketchy products that has not been vetted by loyal customers. So you are sure about getting the right product for fulfilling your need.

You are going to see improvements as soon as you start using the right products

About Us

Who is has been on the web since 1999. It was created by Elfi, an elementary school teacher, as a means to provide information on rocks & minerals in a non-commercial way. The site is privately funded by RocksforKids and is a public service web site. It does not have any advertising. Elfi & Nick are enthusiastic amateur rockhounds who collect rocks and enjoy field-tripping. 

Why did we create

This site was created in order to help students learn more about rocks & minerals. Although there is lots of information on the Net, it is hard to find what you need to know in words that are easy to understand. What the site does is give you a bit of simple information and then links you to some interesting sites that have great pictures, stories, information & activities. 

Who is our Audience?

  • STUDENTS - It seems that every student in Canada and the United States studies about rocks & minerals at some point. Teachers & kids love using the Internet for research. We think that this site is a good starting off point for students wanting to learn more about rocks.
  • KIDS OF ALL AGES WHO LOVE ROCKS - If you love rocks, then you will want to find out more. This site can help you get started no matter what age you are. All rock-lovers I have met are kids at heart. The joy of the "Treasure Hunt" keeps us active & alive. 
  • TEACHERS & PARENTS OF KIDS - Sometimes it is difficult to help kids get started doing research on the Internet. This site has many links to sites that have been previewed by me. By starting here, a safe & simple beginning to research on the Net can happen. 
  • ROCKHOUNDS WHO LIVE IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO - Since we are active rockhounds and live just north of Toronto in Southern Ontario, Canada we know what it is like to try to find out information on local rocks and minerals. That is why we have infomration on local activities, rock clubs and field trip possibilities.

Privacy Policy

We collect no information from our visitors.

We don't have any interactive sections in our site.

We don't save any email addresses when we are contacted.

We strive to be a safe site for all kids - young or old - with lots of information.

Learn About Rocks

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