Kids Dirt Bike Gear: What Do They Need?

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Kids Dirt Bike Gear. Kids these days have taken an interest in dirt biking.

This is great as it keeps them engaged as well as helps them develop confidence.

The interest in dirt bikes could be associated with the way this sport is gaining more popularity amongst adults and teenagers alike.

As parents and guardians, one question that would always be on your mind is ‘how safe are dirt bikes for kids?’ and ‘what safety gears should kids wear for dirt biking?’

The good thing is those dirt bikes are pretty safe for kids, although we encourage adult supervision for younger children.

It is a great thing that we will be talking about all the gears you will need to get for your kids to get started in dirt bike riding.

Continue reading to find out what they are.

Here’s a detailed guideline on the best dirt bike for kids, in case you are interested in buying one.

Essential Dirt Bike Gears for Kids

Dirt bikes are dangerous, and accidents related to them are mostly serious.

They could cause brain injuries or even loss of life in some situations.

In this sense, no one should ride them without the appropriate wear.

Here are the essential pieces of equipment your kid would need.

Kids Dirt Bike Gear
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These are arguably the most important one of the gears that your kid will ever need.

Why wouldn’t they be when they are responsible for securing the head and by extension, the brain?

They come in different sizes and shapes.

Also, they are made from different materials.

So it is crucial to check for a good fit for your kid when purchasing.

Another thing to look out for is the weight of the helmet.

Similarly, make sure that it has proper vents to prevent your child from heating up while riding.

Helmets should be replaced after every 3-5 years of use or 7 years from production.

You should also NEVER buy used helmets.

Also, endeavor to change them after a crash.

This is because they lose their protection power after the collision.

Dirt Bike Goggles

This is another essential thing that cannot be compromised.

They protect the eyes from dirt, dust, water, and etc.

Goggles are what allow your kids to see while riding.

Dirt bike helmets usually have a large area around the face, which is a provision for the goggles.

They come in different sizes.

Usually, bigger sized lenses are better as they provide a large surface area for the eyes; hence, you see more.

As for the lenses, we recommend the anti-stick.

This does not allow any mud or filth to get stuck in it, so your child doesn’t have to stop to get the dirt off.

Also check for lenses that can be replaced because, at some point, the goggles are sure to get scratched.

Having to replace the lenses is more cost-effective and worthwhile.

Dirt Bike Boots

Boots are what protect the feet, ankles, and lower leg.

They are usually made with an insulating material.

The leg is the lowest part of the body and could get easily affected by flying substances like branches and sharp objects.

Buying boots for your kids should not be a difficult task.

The size should be a little bit bigger than their regular shoes by a size or two.

It is, however, essential to have the kids try them on before purchasing as sizes vary from brand to brand.

Once you have a good fit, your work is done.

Also, remember that footwear does break after a few uses.

They should also be ergonomic and weigh as little as possible.

Well, no one wants to be moving with dead log on their feet; your kids are no exception.

Shirt and Pants

The apparel you wear while dirt biking is equally essential.

While the shirt serves to protect your upper body and arm against debris and mud, the pant prevents the thighs and lower body from branches, dust, dirt, and other forms of debris.

The shirt and pant must be dirt bike jerseys.

This is because they are specifically made to withstand the rigor associated with the sport.

They are also carefully made not to create static force while riding.

In buying the shirt, the size should be dependent on how your kid wears their chest protector.

If the protector is underneath the shirt, then we suggest that the size is bigger than the regular ones.

However, if the protector is on the shirt, then get the regular-sized shirt.

Baggy sized shirts can attach to branches and other things while riding.

Also, ensure that the material is breathable. For the pants, it should generally be shorter than their regular ones.

They should not be tight around the knee. This is to allow you to put on the knee pad.

It also ensures that the rider can move around with little hindrance, especially when making sharp turns.

Dirt Bike Gloves

Since your kids would be holding on to the handle for a while, it is crucial to prevent any form of discomfort to the palm.

The gloves prevent the hand from developing blisters, scrape, and burns.

They also increase endurance by lessening vibrations.

Choosing the right glove is ordinarily, not tricky.

All you need to do is have the right fit for the kid, and you are good to go.

Every other thing is mostly based on your preference.

For instance, while some people prefer their gloves padded, others would go for those that have minimal padding.

The material should be breathable and allow for smooth movement of the hand.

Remember to ask your kid what works best for them and guide them to choose the best gloves for them.

Kids Dirt Bike Gear: Extra Protection

Below we have some more accessories that can be used for further protection;

Knee Braces

Knee braces are often categorized as essential gear for dirt bikers.

And this can be due to the fact that knee injuries are common for sportspeople.

These braces prevent the knees from twisting in ways that they shouldn’t.

While getting these for your kids, ensure they are not heavy, are comfortable, and have the right amount of foam.

This way, it offers protection without becoming a matter of distress for the rider.

Chest Protector

Another form of protection needed is the chest protector, otherwise called the body armor.

This protects the vital body parts and organs from injuries in case of accidents.

The armor should be light, so it doesn’t restrict movement.

It should also have vents that allow airflow; this will decrease the amount of heat felt while riding.

Elbow Cap

Next is the elbow cap. This prevents the elbows from severe injuries during a crash.

Often, when an accident occurs, people tend to put their hand forward to lessen the damages done to other parts of the body — and thereby endangering the arm and elbow in the process.

Elbow caps are generally uncomfortable and tend to reduce mobility when worn.

This is why we suggest that you find the one that fits perfectly.

You can also check out the adjustable ones.

Also note that they can either be soft or hard, so choose whichever works for your kid the best.

Neck Braces

Neck braces are highly recommended for younger kids and novice riders.

This is to prevent the neck from coming into harm’s way hence preventing spinal cord injuries.

Like with other protective gear, makes sure that they are light and fit well so that they are not uncomfortable.

Also, check for the one that allows for adjustments to get the perfect fit.

Kids Dirt Bike Gear: Conclusion

As your kid(s) take on that step into the world of dirt biking, safety should be paramount and never be compromised.

Along with the essential gears, they will need additional protective gear as precautionary measures.

Always encourage your kids to drive safely and calmly.

Thank you!

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