Jump Zone Trampoline Reviews: Perfect Product For Kid?

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If you’re looking for the perfect trampoline for your kids, Jump Zone trampolines are a good option.

The brand manufactures top-rated tramps for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and even elementary school kids aged between 3 and 10 years old.

Unfortunately, choosing the best Jump Zone model for your kids might be confusing due to their extensive line of products—most of which look similar.

In the following post, I’ll take you a detailed review of Jump Zone™ Indoor / Outdoor 7′ Round Kids Trampoline. This is the most popular Jump Zone trampoline that many parents have invested in for their little ones.

Read the following full review to find out if this product is good for your kid.

Jump Zone™ Indoor / Outdoor 7′ Round Kids Trampoline Review

Jump Zone™ Indoor / Outdoor 7' Round Kids TrampolineJump Zone™ Indoor / Outdoor 7' Round Kids Trampoline


  • Affordable cost
  • Indoor/outdoor trampoline
  • Easy to put up
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Netting and spring covers aren’t 100% weather-resistant

Key Features and Benefits:

Longlisting trampoline experience

This trampoline is made of high-quality materials to ensure it serves your little ones with fun for a longer period. Its frame is made using top-quality steel which can withstand regular usage for a pretty long time.

The legs are also made of quality blow-molded plastic for an extended lifespan.

The jumping surface, netting, and the spring padding are made using high-quality materials for maximum longevity.

Built with your kid’s safety in mind

Another thing that makes this tramp highly popular among parents is the amount of protection it offers to their kids.

It features polyethylene mesh netting enclosure which ensures your kid does not fall off the trampoline. As you know, incidences of kids falling off the trampoline have always lead to injuries.

The fact that the enclosure netting is zippered takes the unit safety even higher.

Keep in mind that the tramp also comes with a high-density, flexible foam spring padding which offers extra protection to your baby.

Plenty of bounce

Since it’s equipped with heavy-duty 5.5″ springs, this trampoline also comes ready to grant your kid a superior bounce. In other words, the trampoline will feel like little heaven for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the weight capacity of this trampoline?

The trampoline has a maximum weight limit of 100lbs (or 45.5kgs), which means that only one person can use it at a time.

2. What are the exact dimensions of the box that this tramp is shipped in?

The dimensions of the box are 48.25″ X 22″ X 11″.

3. My daughter is 5 years old. Should I buy this trampoline for her?

Yes, this trampoline was designed for kids aged 3-10 years. This makes it an excellent option for toddlers, pre-school, and elementary school kids.

4. What are the dimensions of this trampoline after assembly?

The trampoline measures 7 feet in diameter and has a height of 74.02 inches when fully assembled. These dimensions make the trampoline easy to up indoors as well.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Jump Zone™ Indoor / Outdoor 7′ Round Kids Trampoline is made using high-quality materials to make it last longer. It incorporates crucial safety features like a zippered enclosure and spring padding to assure you of your kid’s safety.

The only downside of this trampoline is that its material isn’t weather-resistant, so you should avoid leaving the unit outside for a long time. Where possible, I’d recommend you to use it indoors.

If you compare all the features that this tramp offers you with its price tag, you’ll agree with me that this product is a grand bargain that’ll give you a real bang of your buck.

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