Jump Power Trampoline Reviews: Are They Worth It?

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The popularity of a trampoline has a reached a point where every family is looking to own one.

This isn’t a surprise given the benefits associated with the unit. Not only is it a source of fun to you and your kids, but also promotes the overall health and fitness of your family.

If you were to start researching for the best trampolines on the market today, there’s 99% chance that Jump Power Trampolines will pop up. This is because it’s one of the many brands that have a line of top-rated trampolines.

And this brings us to our million-dollar question:

Are Jump Power trampolines any good? Are they worth it?

In an attempt to answer this question, we’ll engage you in our detailed jump power trampoline review of the 2 most popular models in the post below.

1. JUMP POWER 10ft. x 7.5ft or 12ft. x 8ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

JUMP POWER 10ft. x 7.5ft or 12ft. x 8ft. In-ground Rectangular TrampolineJUMP POWER 10ft. x 7.5ft or 12ft. x 8ft. In-ground Rectangular Trampoline

As its name suggests, this model is designed for installation into the ground, in your home backyard. This means that you must be ready to dig a hole as deep as 3 ft. that’s required to install it correctly. Remember that proper installation is key to enhancing the unit safety when being used by your family.

Once you’ve fully installed this model, the top benefits you’ll gain from it include plenty of bouncing area. This comes from the fact that it features a rectangular shape (measuring10ft. x 7.5ft.) besides, the shape makes the unit much easier to slot into your yard layout compared to the circular model.

Another key benefit you’ll get from this model is the extra safety it offers you. This is due to the fact that it features a built-in net enclosure—which easily stops a mis-bounce that might tend to throw you out of the bounce space and cause injuries to your and others. When you’ve such a safety feature, you’ll have a peace of mind when your kids are using the trampoline.

Keep in mind that removing this safety enclosure is quite easy, thanks to the patented ring-release system situated at the top section.

Above all this, Jump Power has injected unparalleled durability into this unit. This is evident from the galvanized steel frame used in its construction. For this reason, you can rest assured that your trampoline will last longer, with no cases of rusting or bending.

Highlighted features:

  • 10ft. x 7.5ft. rectangular trampoline
  • Made of polyethene material
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • 58 – 6.5″ Galvanized Springs
  • 100% rust resistant
  • 220lbs weight limit

2. Jump Power 44″ Hexagon Ultra-Bungee Fitness Trampoline

Jump Power designed this model as a small rebounder with commercial grade standards to make it suitable for use in professional gyms. But that doesn’t make it unsuitable for home use. If you’d want to rebound training but don’t want to spend on gym membership, you can invest in this model for home use.

Taking a closer look at this unit, you’ll find out that it features a hexagonal shape. Compared to the circular trampolines, this shape has shown to offer you a larger bouncing surface. Besides, the experts say that the shape is easier on joints than the traditionally shaped round units.

The built-in stability handle is helpful for older folks or anyone with stability issues when using the rebounder. It’ll grant you the support you need to prevent overbalancing and even falling during the exercise sessions.

While most rivals use springs for the bounce, Jump Power took a different path when designing this trampoline. They utilized 36 black bungee cords to achieve the same purpose. As the manufacturer explains, these cords are hard-wearing and long-lasting. The cords have undergone extensive tests to prove their durability.

Regarding safety, the unit has earned the Safety Council of America approval. This is the single most important assurance to you that it’ll safely bounce you while helping you burn a higher number of calories than 30 minutes of jogging (yes, that’s what the manufacturer promises you!).

Highlighted features:

  • Hexagonal shape for more jumping space
  • Excellent calories burning results
  • 36.5″ x 32.5″ jumping surface
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Maximum weight limit- 286lbs
  • 36-deluxe black bungee cords

Should you buy Jump Power Trampoline?

Now that we’ve discussed what the Jump Power trampolines offer you, we can find an answer to our question.

One thing we can all agree on is that the Jump Power product come with maximum durability/are built for longevity. They’re also 100% safe, so you’ll always have some peace of mind when your little ones are using it. Since they focus more on fitness, they’re suitable not just for kids but also for seniors. The fitness rebounder, in particular, is easy on joints and has low impact to suit the needs of older users.

The only thing we think Jump Power needs to improve is produce more units with varied sizes. This will enable families with different budgets and yard sizes to enjoy the benefits that come with their products.

Overall, the Jump Power units are well worth it. The loads of positive feedback they’ve received from previous users tells it all. Our jump power trampoline review above clearly shows the unique benefits offered by their products.

We highly recommend you to try the Jump Power trampolines.

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