How to Start a Bounce House Business?

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Bounce houses are so much recurrent now that an indoor business will eventually be a wise decision to take at this point. Be it school functions, birthday parties or amusement parks- bounce houses are everywhere.

The business has flourished so well that even rental services are making a lot of profit besides the storefront ones. With a few ideas and tricks to get started and on growing the business, you can get yourself in the race of achieving success in this field.

Categories of Bounce House Business

Bounce house businesses have gained recognition either through rental services or storefront services.

Rental Services


In rental services, the profit is more expected because all that the owners need to do are rent out to the customers as per their requirements. They may set the bounce houses up and arrange it for an extra charge or leave it up to the customers to manage it themselves.

Storefront Services

Although the storefront services are less common, they can be highly endorsed by the people. Storefront owners can also charge a fixed amount of money for their bounce houses, and it will be quite a consistent source of earning on the side.

It is more popular as it directly grabs the attention of people in the streets.

Requirements for A Bounce House Business

Out of the many requirements, down below is a list of the main ones that you should know off before starting your venture.


Although you can opt for a part-time business or dedicate entirely to the company, capital is always an issue. For a combination of different sizes of bounce houses and a complete package, a capital of 2000$ is the average amount.

But in the case of storefront services, the capital would be higher as it will involve space rents and a designer to organize the space.

Legal Care

State permit and license is an absolute requirement for conducting bounce house businesses. License from both federal and state agencies may even be required in case of large scale business.

Sales tax may be imposed on the business for which regular visits might be necessary to the state clerkโ€™s office. Certificate of occupancy must be issued to conduct the business smoothly.


In cases of clients planning to rent it for birthday parties or amusement parks, they will demand a flexible time-frame and because of which it will be difficult as well as a bad decision to be strict and stern with your timings.

You need to sort your schedule accordingly and get ready to indulge more than usual of your time if you want a smooth business to run.


Strong networking and marketing skills are very important to get you going on the road to success in any business. You need to focus on your targets and choose them wisely to plan which might be more profitable to choose.

Events like 2 or more birthday parties per day or weekend rents to amusement park events are more useful to choose from than others. Strong dedication is like a cherry on top in a bounce house business.


Although individual participants may help you earn more profit, teamwork might be useful to decrease the load and stress. Hiring staff can ensure that your storefront service is going smooth enough and even if you cannot be present all the time, safety can be ensured.

Dealing with the children and keeping it all secured is a tough job when you are the only one managing the business. In such cases, teamwork can be much appreciated.

Starting A Bounce House Business

Starting any business can be a tricky one, but fear not starting a bounce house business wonโ€™t be that tricky. Just follow the things mentioned below;

  • As a first timer, mistakes can be quite common. So for being on the safe side, a little discussion can be made with an entrepreneur who has been in the same market for a long time. Mentorship can always be the key to success.
  • Evaluate how much capital you have at the initial phase with insurance policies and profit estimates.
  • Choose target customers wisely to grab attention as much as possible as a first timer. Consider themed inflatables to grasp the attention of children for successful events.
  • Give your company a suitable name under which all the permits and certificates are to be issued.
  • Ensure the quality of the products and maintain a standard level of creativity while organizing. Too much mainstream ideas should be discarded.
  • Emphasis must be given to commercial bounce houses than residential houses in terms of longevity and quality.
  • Ensure legal procedures to be followed accordingly and get permits issued as soon as you can. First timers are always judged by issued permits.
  • Maintain bank accounts for transactions as it appears more reliable and professional in the market.
  • Websites that display your entire company and contain all the resources related to your company can look more professional to the customers and give them a neat idea on all the spheres.
  • Social media can also be used to promote the business as online promotions are incredibly useful for business at present.
  • Social media can also be used to promote the business as online promotions are incredibly useful for business at present.

Tips to Consider

Finally comes the things that you absolutely must keep in mind before you take the final step.

  • Think before investing in bounce houses with themes of cartoon characters that tend to be getting random. Try innovative ideas and unique items compared to others.
  • Maintain cordial relationship with customers both old and new and receive reviews on how they find your services. Customer reviews are a positive response to the effort you are providing.
  • Try storing inflatables in an unused space in your house or garage to save space rents during the initial phase.
  • Arcade games can be introduced to storefronts to catch the attention of the customers and bring additional profit.
  • Introduce fliers and publicity campaigns online to grab attention as much as possible as online marketing is now an effective trend.


While summing up, it can be said that bounce house businesses have flourished a lot in the present times owing to the demands.

Birthday parties, school events, amusement parks are always requiring bounce houses, and the demand never goes down. Thus, with adequate skills and knowledge, a bounce house business can achieve recognition and success properly.

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