How to market your toy store in 2022

If it were up to children, toy stores would make huge profits every year but the fate of the toy stores doesn’t lie in the hands of the children. Instead, it lies in the hands of the parents so it only makes sense that you market your toy store to parents so that whenever they want to buy something for their child, they think of your store!

Traditionally, toy stores do really well in the last quarter of the month so good marketing can go a long way in helping your store do well in the other quarters of the year.

Email and social media marketing

The first step of promoting anything these days is to make use of email marketing and social media boosting. Email marketing has been around for ages and it is a tried and tested method Keep your customers updated on new products and deals through emails.

Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also a must-have these days. Let people know about your latest offerings and interact with them as much as you can.

Try uploading posters on your social handles as posters are more likely to leave a lasting impression on people. You can look at really impressive poster templates here and the best part is that the posters are of high quality, they can be easily designed by even novice designers and are extremely cost-effective as well.

Upload toy unboxing videos and game demos

If you look on YouTube, you’ll see how popular toy unboxing videos are. If something is popular and can be done by you, then why shouldn’t you?

Shoot toy unboxing videos of all the new toys that arrive at your store and let people know about their features and what benefits the toy will provide them with. Unboxing videos allow people to see the product in more detail and it fulfills the purpose of a product video as well because people will be able to see and understand the product more than they can through simple pictures.

Another benefit of the unboxing videos would be that your customers would be informed when new products arrive at your store and you should try to ensure that all the new toys arrive at your store as soon as possible as they are in high demand when they are newly released.

Also, upload game demos so that customers are better informed about what each game is like and how exactly it should be played so that they can buy according to their interests and so that they know how a new game is supposed to be played. A video tutorial will make them understand much more than simple text instructions would!

Collaborate with an influencer

Influencers are getting increasingly popular in today’s day and age so it makes perfect sense to collaborate with them. Look for an influencer with young kids or with pets who’ll enjoy toys. Send them some of your best toys and ask them to upload videos of their kids or pets enjoying the products. It’ll make for an adorable video and would make people want to visit your store to get similar toys for their own kids or pets. Additionally, people are quite keen to get whatever their favorite influencer uses so that is a plus point as well.

Host social events at your store

People are actively looking for occasions where they can take their family and kids out for a good time. Give them this opportunity by hosting fun social events at your store.

Our first recommendation would be to hold a game night where kids can play individually or they can team up with their parents to play in fun game tournaments where the winner can be given a certain free product or a discount on a purchase. Having so many people in your store would ensure that you make decent sales that day but to further improve your chances, you can even position your best-selling products near the game night place so that parents and kids can see different varieties near them even when playing games.

Another fun social event would be to host a book reading at your store of the most popular kid’s story at that time where parents can come with their children and have a relaxing and peaceful night out with their kids. Again, you can place your hottest products near the book reading so that people are more likely to buy them.

Make use of product reviews

Research shows that people are more likely to purchase a product that has numerous positive reviews so make sure that reviews of your products are easy to find on your website and on your social media handles as well. Positive reviews would convince other people to buy as well, on the other hand, you should be open to criticism and acknowledge the negative reviews as well and use them to improve your store wherever possible. Overall, having reviews would definitely boost your sales.

Offer classic toys at your store

Contrary to popular belief, kids aren’t the only target market for toys. Many grownups are collectors of toys and this is the segment that can actually buy the toys they want for themselves which makes them quite an important segment for the store.

Hit the collectors and the grownups with a dose of nostalgia. Try to have toys that were popular a couple of decades back. They will take the grownups back to their childhood and nostalgia is a wonderful feeling so they would be more than likely to buy them.

Also, try to have collectibles and limited items toys available at your store as collectors are always on the lookout for toys to increase their collection and they can potentially be regular customers as well so catering to their interests should be of high priority as well.

Final suggestions

Toy stores are supposed to be fun and colorful so make sure you give colorful happy vibes from your store as that is what will get kids and parents in your store in the first place. The nature of toy shops is such that you can easily be innovative in terms of your shop layout, you can think out of the box and show some creativity so that people just love the look of the place and so that it leaves a positive and lasting impression in their hearts.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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