How to Make a School Club Flyer

We can all agree: school clubs are the highlight of everyone’s time in school! Whether at a high school or college, being a part of a group that shares the same interest, passion, and hobby as you is a bonus in breezing through school life.

However, it can be challenging to get a word out, let alone entice new members to sign up when starting or spearheading a school club. That’s why we have taken the time to walk you through the essentials on how to make a school club flyer by writing down these guidelines to give your school club visibility and members!

You’re probably already imagining the time, cost, and talent (creativity) it must need to produce an epic and eye-catching school club flyer. The good news is, you don’t need much of either! Thanks to accessible and free flyer makers, your school club flyer doesn’t have to look low-budget or amateur. It’s super easy, and we’ll give you more insight after walking you through the how-tos! 

You’ve probably heard of “branding,” and it starts with a logo. A logo is a visual symbol containing a text or image, or a combination of both, that signifies your club. It’s an integral part of your school club’s (the brand) identity and a visual differentiation from the other groups. If your school club doesn’t have one yet, make that the first step! You can’t have a school club flyer without a logo that represents it!

If Ink is Limited… 

Use bright-colored paper. School budgets are pretty tight, but that doesn’t mean that the creativity and quality of your club flyer need to be sacrificed. If the ink is scarce, opt for bright-colored papers. This decision needs to be made before designing your club flyer. Adjustments need to be made (font color, graphics, layout, etc.) around the color of paper you choose to use.

Create a Snappy Headline. 

Ever been swayed by a one-liner advertisement into buying something you didn’t even think you needed? A snappy headline is a focal point in turning bystanders into active participants. This is the text that you want to be larger than the rest. Make sure you choose a font type with maximum readability, such as sans serif fonts.

Clear, Concise, and Catchy. 

The average person’s attention span is eight seconds, and it drops over the years. A lot can happen in eight seconds so use the time wisely to get your school club’s information out. Use generic terms and be straight to the point. If your flyer contains words that need to be Googled, scrap it. On your school club flyer, you only really need your snappy headline and frequently asked questions: the 4 W’s: 

  • What

Suppose your headline doesn’t already cover this; no worries. There’s room for it here. Make your what brief, so interested members can get on to the next information, i.e., Club Orientation.

  • When

While putting the date is crystal clear, here’s a reminder to not forget the time! Also, adding the day makes it easy for interested members as well. It’s automatic that people check for the day when an event is happening, i.e., Tuesday, 16th of November @ 3:30 PM.

  • Where

Be clear and specific, especially if the club venue is not in a conspicuous location. Interested members might be put off if it’s hard to find.

  • Why

While this can be omitted, this can help seal the deal in turning potential members into club members.

Image is Key! 

A picture paints a thousand words; convenient as flyers shouldn’t be crowded with lengthy texts. It’s also instrumental in how to design a flyer. Incorporate one or two images to help convey what your school club is all about instead of a wordy biography (save that for the club orientation!).

Ensure that the image you choose is easily associated with what your school club is all about. Positioning chosen images are also vital. You can maximize your club flyer’s elements if your image is positioned on the top-center or right-hand corner. This way, the texts can flow better and be uninterrupted.  

Size Matters. 

Flyers come in all shapes…and sizes. When designing your club flyer, it’s important to note the print’s product, especially its size. Just like the importance of knowing the color of the paper used, deciding the final size of your club flyer plays a role in its design. Bigger flyers mean easy to view, but that might mean lesser circulation as it takes up bigger spaces. A4 or regular-sized flyers are easier to distribute and don’t take as much space as poster-sized ones. 

Making a school club flyer is easier done than said, so don’t let the list above intimidate you! Especially with free flyer templates and customizable designs on cloud-based apps, like Venngage, all you need to prepare are the tips and points highlighted above! It’s also helpful to note that while flyers for school clubs are more effectively distributed offline than online, it doesn’t hurt to have a digital flyer for a wider reach and visibility for social media posts! 

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