How To Clean A Bounce House Easily And Effortlessly?

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A bounce house is not only an item of delight but also something very troublesome when it comes to keeping it clean. It is undoubtedly a tough job especially when you have one at home or for regular use. The heavyweight and tall height make it more challenging to keep it clean.

Due to variation in a material used inside, it makes it difficult to clean with water or any other liquid cleanser, and it brings more damage than benefit. So with adequate steps, you can learn how to keep your bounce house clean without much effort.

Why Cleaning Is Important

Keeping anything neat and clean is a must, and your bounce house is no different.

  • Prevents the spread of infections and airborne diseases
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Keeps the surrounding environment clean
  • Protects from wear and tear of the fabric
  • Increases the durability and longevity
  • Maintains the natural texture of the material
  • Inflation is adequately supported, and the play structure is functioning properly

Disadvantages of Not Cleaning A Bounce House

Here are a few disadvantages you should know about if you opt for not cleaning your bounce house.

  • Mud stains and filth accumulating over the fabric of the homes make the fabric less tensile and frail in texture. This interferes with the durability of the bounce houses.
  • Mold tends to grow over the corners where moisture is high due to persistent debris over a prolonged period. The debris leads to the growth of mold which is responsible for the damage of the bounce house.
  • The fabric of the bounce house faces wear and tear due to abrasion of the dirt repeatedly over months if kept unclean.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Cleaning

These are the things that must be kept in mind before you start cleaning your bounce house.

  • Bounce houses made of nylon should be washed using less quantity of water as they are not water resistant and the water can interfere with the strength of the fiber and make it less durable.
  • Avoid using large doses of bleaching solutions and use only as much as is required.
  • Do not rub the material too hard as they tend to decrease the tensile strength of the fiber inside.
  • Always check if the fiber has started to rot inside or not by quickly inspecting the entire house once. If rot has started, you might need to contact an expert in late cases.

Materials Required

Before you go on with the steps, you have to gather these items on the list first;

  • Warm water
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwasher
  • Baking soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Bleaching powder
  • Dusting brush
  • Scrubber
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Clean rags

A cleaner solution with half of the spray bottle filled with water, few drops of dishwasher and vinegar in equal amounts can be poured inside and mixed and shaken well and stored for regular use. It will make the work easier every time you go to clean the bounce house.

Make sure you label it to avoid confusion with other cleansers. You can also keep a small spraying bottle with vinegar and use it once in a while before the start of a thorough sanitizing session.

Cleaning Bounce House Easily Step By Step

Here is a step by step process that you can follow to make the bounce house nice and shiny.

Cleaning Dust

In case of bad windy days, the residential bounce houses get more prone to dust and can look quite rough. As for such cases, merely a vacuum cleaner can help get rid of the dirt. A brush can also help get rid of the dust if it is less in quantity.

There is no requirement of liquid cleanser in cases of removing dust and scraps of leaves. Also, check if anything sharp is attached inside as it may cause accidents to the children playing in it.

Cleaning Mold

Apply a bleaching solution only to the area of the mold and not anywhere else as bleach damages the texture and color of the fabric. Rinse it off with warm water and let it dry. The shape will eventually be gone leaving an aftereffect of the discolored area.

It might look odd, but itโ€™s better than having mold all over the place. The growth of mold even in one panel tends to spread the increase in other places as well.

Grime and Dirt Cleaning

Use a spraying bottle to store the cleaning solution made with warm water, vinegar and dishwasher. In case of grime and filth that does not tend to go away with brushing off, use the cleanser.

Spray the solution over the dirty area, leaving it on for a few minutes and scrub using a scrubber. Eventually, the dirt will come off.

Clean all the panels of the house one by one instead of spraying it all over the house. This will ensure that the dirt does not leave behind any residues. Use a clean rag to rub the wet area off and pat it dry.

Sanitize Before A Party Or Play Date

Use a good vinegar spray to thoroughly sanitize the place before a party or a playdate. This will ensure antibacterial protection and keep your children safe as well.

Inspect the place after the party to check for any unwanted smell or filthy appearance. Make sure you clean the bounce house after every such event to avoid delayed consequences.


Avoiding harsh chemicals is the best way to get rid of discoloration and weak texture in bounce houses. As long as youโ€™re using vinegar and natural products, there will not be any damage to the material of your bounce houses.

But certain harsh chemicals like alcohol cleansers tend to cause wear and tear to the material affecting its durability. 


Keeping it under bright sunlight for 4-5 hours is the best way to dry it completely. Incomplete drying can interfere with the moisture and may be responsible for mold to grow.

Do not stop the drying process until a few hours at most. Also, take necessary care so that the house is not kept wet with water for a long time in a closed space.


Cleaning a bounce house large and high enough may look like a difficult task, but focused attention and remembering a few doโ€™s and donโ€™ts can guide you to do it effortlessly.

Keeping a bounce house clean can not only prevent infections from transmitting but also protect your bounce house play structure from wear and tear for a long time. Adequate care time to time can ultimately keep your bounce house clean and neat.

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