How to Calibrate a Hoverboard?

Otherwise known as swegways or smart wheel balances, hoverboards can be easily calibrated to provide better balance. Learning how to calibrate your hoverboard is crucial to ensuring optimal performance and making the most out of the riding experience. In this guide, we tell you how to calibrate your hoverboard and tackle common issues that may arise during the process. We also have a guide on best kids hoverboards.


Before diving into calibration, you should make sure that the hoverboard sits on a flat and level surface. Placing it on uneven ground will only lead to improper calibration.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that a hoverboard should NEVER be calibrated while upside down. Make sure that the self-balancing scooter is turned off all the way, and not in sleep mode.

The Calibration Process:

  • Once you have double checked all of the above, press and hold on to the power button until you hear a beep. This should take about five to ten seconds. Let the button go once you hear the beep.
  • You should notice the LED lights start to flash, an indication that calibration has begun. This process takes about 30 seconds to complete. Be careful not to disturb the hoverboard during this time.
  • Turn off the hoverboard after 30 seconds by pressing the power button. By now, the calibration process is complete and you can test the hoverboard.

Test the Hoverboard

Press the power button to turn on the hoverboard then hop on it. The idea is to ride around and see if it balances well. Be sure to perform a few stunts, ride downhill and uphill if possible, as well as make turns. Riding forward and backwards is also a good idea.

If the hoverboard is still not well balanced, there could be a loose connection in the wiring or a problem with the circuit board. The best option in case of the latter is to purchase a new hoverboard circuit board replacement kit.

Calibrate Hoverboard With Remote

Many people make a mistake of using the remote to turn off the hoverboard. This only puts the device in low power mode and an attempt to calibrate causes the balance sensors to become off.

An alternative method of calibrating your hoverboard involves using the remote control. This is only possible with a few models, so be sure to check the manual for clarification.

It is important to note that remotes are unique, so the calibration process will differ depending on the model. Go through the manual for instructions on remote calibration.

The button method described above is easier and safer, hence why we recommend it. Additionally, it offers more reliable results.

Calibrate Hoverboard With Bluetooth

Again, this method doesn’t work for every hoverboard since not all of them come with Bluetooth. Models with Bluetooth are calibrated in the same way as models without.

You should ensure that hoverboard is on a flat and level surface before getting started. Also remember to shut down the board using the silver power board.

Press the button for 5-10 seconds until the LED lights start to flash. Turn off the hoverboard after 30-seconds when the flashing stops. Calibration is now complete and you can turn it on for testing.

Like remote calibration, Bluetooth calibration comes with added risk. It is easy to damage the Bluetooth chip, whether the hoverboard is calibrated correctly or not.

Troubleshooting Your Hoverboard

Because hoverboards are a fairly new invention, there is not a lot of information on how to troubleshoot them. The good news is that in most cases, it is easy to find out why your hoverboard won’t calibrate.

The first thing you should do is to check for a LED light that is stuck on. If that’s the case, you need to replace the gyroscope.

You can also try re-calibrating the hoverboard, taking care not to make common mistakes like nit shutting it down. Hoverboards use gyroscope sensors to control itself and if they have an imbalance, then successful calibration won’t be possible.


Now that your hoverboard is calibrated, you can hop on and take it out for a spin. It is important to note that the alignment will start to get out of sync with continued use. As such, calibrating your hoverboard every few weeks to ensure optimal balance is crucial.

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