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How Much Does A Trampoline Cost ? Trampolines are fun ways to keep yourself healthy and fit and one of the best manners in which you can convince your family to exercise regularly.

However, when you will go out to purchase a trampoline, you will be surprised by the price. Trampolines are very costly and various factors need to be considered when you are purchasing one.

Different trampolines have different prices because of the size, shape, color as well as a number of other factors. Nonetheless, you cannot expect them to be cheap.

Listed below are few of the features that determines how much a trampoline will cost.

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost? All you need to know about

Shape and Style

The first and most important thing that will determine the cost of the trampoline is the shape and the style of the device.

Trampolines are found in round, oval, and triangular shapes. Rectangular trampolines are also very common.

However, round trampolines are preferred by both the adults and children, and the price of round trampolines are better in comparison to the other trampolines.

Safety Factors

The safety factor can go a huge way to determine the cost of a trampoline. Trampolines can be extremely hazardous if they are not used with the safety precautions like the safety nets.

Most of the trampolines that are of various sizes and shapes do not come with these safety nets and hence they are cheaper.

However, you should take care of your safety first and then decide the price range. Nets are important as they can prevent fatal accidents.

Therefore, trampolines that are equipped with safety nets are costlier.

Trampoline Accessories

Many trampoline brands come with a set of additional parts while few brands do not. The accessories that are given with the trampolines are known to affect the price of these pieces of equipment.

Brands will always go miles further to make the experience worthwhile. These accessories include the basketball hoops, covers, spring covers, ladders, surrounding mats, stakes and much more.

You should also understand that all these accessories always do not come with the trampoline that you have purchased. You might have to buy them separately.


The quality of the trampolines and the brand that they belong to play a crucial role in determining the price.

If you opt for a trampoline of high quality, it is obvious that it will cost more. This is because quality brands make their products with materials of good quality which will last long. These high-quality trampolines guarantee safety to the users.


You can purchase trampolines that have been used or go for a brand new one. This depends on you completely.

Used trampolines are not as costly as the new ones. Remember that when you purchase a trampoline that has been used, it is the norm that it will show signs of wear and tear.

So even if you have to pay a low price now, you have to invest more in the future when you have to change the mats and springs. Thus, before taking any decision, it is mandatory that you think about it wisely.

Price Idea of The Trampolines

Now that you know about the features that affect the pricing, here you will have the price of a typical round trampoline based on its size is given below.

  • 10 feet: Approx. 250 dollars.
  • 12 feet: Approx. 350 dollars.
  • 14 feet: Approx. 450 dollars.
  • 16 feet: Approx. 550 dollars.

In addition to the quality, the features that are included with the trampoline also determine the cost. You might have to pay extra money if you want to purchase accessories to make your trampoline even more interesting.

You have to consider all the factors when you decide to purchase a trampoline. If you pay more, you will get a longer life along with a greater quality of the trampoline.

Also, remember that the price of the trampolines will vary from one store to another. Carrying out a research will help you to determine the difference between the price ranges.

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost: Final Note

It is always advised that you opt for trampolines of higher price ranges so that you can guarantee safety for yourself and your kids.

In the end, the decision has to be taken by you. Expensive trampolines will provide you comfort along with safety and these are the reasons as to why you may go for a costly trampoline and not a cheap one.

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