How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last? Care Tips

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One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a hoverboard is how long the battery will last. You should know how long the hoverboard will last and for how long it will function on a single charge. Like most things, regular care and maintenance will allow your hoverboard to last longer. Replacing parts every now and then may be necessary to ensure optimal function.

The question of how long a hoverboard battery lasts really comes down to the brand. With every model being so unique, the battery life will differ greatly depending on the manufacturer. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a hoverboard, especially since you don’t want your device to power off in the middle of an adventure.

About the Life of a Hoverboard Battery

It is important to inquire about hoverboard battery life before making a purchase. You should also consider bring an extra pack of batteries if you like uninterrupted hoverboard races with friends.

It should also be noted that like range and speed, battery life varies depending on the model. Some hoverboards start beeping after one hour, while others last for more than three hours on one charge.

Aside from brand, other factors that affect the life of a hoverboard battery include;

  • Speed: Riding at high speeds will deplete the battery faster as compared to riding a hoverboard at slower speed.
  • Weather conditions: Batteries have a tendency to drain faster if the temperatures are high.
  • Weight: A heavy device coupled with a heavy rider will cause the battery to drain quickly.
  • Handling: Like any other electronic device, rough handling causes depletion of the battery.
  • Terrain: Rough surfaces and steep inclines cause a hoverboard to use more power.

A hoverboard battery can last anywhere between 8 miles to 20 miles when used under average conditions. This is an equivalent of 1-4 hours, which varies depending on weight, speed and model. The variation in battery life necessitates the need for one to consider the above factors before making a purchase.

Tips to Boost Longevity of Hoverboard Batteries

Even when you have the best hoverboard battery, the fact is that its performance will be great at first then diminish with time. In other words, battery capacity reduces with continued use. So how do you boost the longevity of something that’s doomed to stop working eventually?

The first thing you should is NEVER allow the batteries to completely drain out. If the powers drops to 20%, stop using the hoverboard and recharge it. You should ensure that the battery is at 100% before using the hoverboard again.

Letting the battery drain out completely once in a month may be good. This helps calibrate the ability of the battery to tell you how much remains of its life.

You should consider bringing your charger along if you use the hoverboard to commute to work or school. This ensures the batteries don’t die and helps you avoid walking home.

Something else you should be careful not to do is overcharge the battery. Take it off the charger as soon as it reaches 100% and only put it back when you get the ‘battery low’ sign.

Avoid letting the hoverboard sit for too long on a full charge. This reduces the overall lifespan of the battery.

Charging the hoverboard when the weather is extremely cold or hot should be avoided. It will cause damage to critical electronic components such as the battery and circuit board.

Other tips to boost battery longevity include:

  • Don’t leave your hoverboard charging unattended
  • Always use the original charger
  • Don’t modify the device to give out increased power
  • Avoid using a hoverboard with damaged batteries since they can easily explode
  • Store and charge your hoverboard while placed on a non-flammable surface
  • Don’t leave your hoverboard charging and go to sleep


As previously mentioned, a good hoverboard can last anywhere between 1-4 hours on a single charge. This depends on the brand, weather conditions, speed, weight of device & user, handling as well as terrain. The overall longevity is a whole other matter that mainly depends on manufacturer. However, regular maintenance can also boost longevity. Adhere to the tips provided above to ensure optimal battery performance and increase its life.

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