Dot To Dot Puzzles: Benefits and Where to Get Printable Ones?

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Dot to dot puzzles are a superb way to assist your child in developing and improving his or her fine motor skills. These interesting and exciting puzzles have existed for centuries. Most dot to dot puzzles are created for children. They encourage creativity in small kids and are simply just fun.

There are loads of interesting dot to dot activities in the world today, from the beginner’s letters and non-complex shapes to the more complicated ones with more than 200 dots.

The images can be of anything like trees, dolls, animals, people, houses, books, vehicles, airplanes and so on. This activity doubles up as a coloring opportunity, because the children get to color the resulting image after connecting the dots.

Benefits of Dot to Dot Puzzles

These not only just gets you child puzzled, rather there comes some added benefits with them. Below are a few enlisted.

  • These puzzles can be used by small children to help them master hand-eye coordination.
  • Dot to dot puzzles help in improving fine motor skills to prepare young kids for writing.
  • Kids get to improve their letter formation.
  • If the dots are labeled using letters, small children learn the alphabet.
  • Children learn how to count in the right order and start to count even higher.
  • Following a sequence helps to improve the critical thinking skills of young minds like reasoning, logic and solving problems.
  • Once a dot to dot puzzle is completed, a child uses it as a coloring page. This enhances creativity and gives more practice for the fine motor skills.

Where to Get Printable Dot to Dot Puzzles

Printable dot to dot puzzles are a lot of fun for children. Some are very simple, some are moderately difficult and others are very difficult puzzles. For years there have been books for dot to dot puzzles.

You can easily access printable ones online on several websites. Creative people make their own dot to dot puzzles and upload them online.

However, here are some printable dot to dot puzzles taken from Raising Our Kids. Check out their website for more images.


Another website is We Have Kids which has interesting dot to dot puzzles. Visit the website for more details. Below are some several images from that site.


Another great website that offers free printable dot to dot puzzles is All Kids Network. Below I have samples some of their pictures, visit their site to print different images of your choice.

Those are just some of the few sites that offer printable pages, there are many more. Hit google and you will know.

Quick Fact: Dot to dot puzzles are also known as ‘connect the dots’ or ‘join the dots’. They originated from hidden images in paintings back in the 1500s. Peter Breughel was the father of hidden images.

To conclude, dot to dot puzzles are really exciting activities for small kids. You can also choose to make join the dots puzzles at home. They have many benefits, especially in improving the cognitive skills of children. Kids learn how to count numbers and master the alphabet. You can’t go wrong when it comes to join the dots!

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