DIY Fun Crafts and Art Projects For Tweens: Cool and Easy!

Kids between 11 and 14 years old are at times called preteens or Tweens. It is usually a tough age and having some arts and crafts activities can probably bring some joy.

In this article we look at some DIY fun crafts and art projects you can try for your Tweens. You can easily judge which activity is best suited for your child.

1. Tie and Dye

Preteens are the best candidates for doing some tie-dye crafts.

You can make some tie-dye shirts and some tie-dyed beach towels as well to spruce up the activity.

2. A Mobile Phone Pouch

If you’ve bought a phone for your tween, you can use some duct tape/felt and a needle and string to make a case for carrying your phone in.

3. Fleece Hat

Fleece hats require very little sewing and are easy to create. You can sew it by hand or by using a machine.

Make the activity more fun by creating some matching fleece scarfs, fleece tied blanket or sleep-over pajama bags.

4. Friendship Bracelets

This is a great art and craft project for young girls. Let your daughter make some bracelets with her friends. It is a great way to spend the afternoon as the kids make friendship bracelets, plain chains or bangles.

5. Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are easy to make. Let your tween decorate a 3-ring binder, which can be used to store their school and childhood mementos. This is a fantastic way to reuse and add a personal touch to the 3-ring binders, which possess transparent plastic pockets at the front, back and center.

Your tween can utilize the top page protectors to put pictures, certificates, and other mementos.

6. Beaded Safety Pin Jewelry

For this activity, you need some colored seed beads and safety pins. This can be created from free patterns and alternatively, you can tell your Tweens to create their own. Give them some graph paper to make their own designs and color every square in a grid to be used when putting the beads on the safety pins.

You can encourage them to begin with a holiday design or their name initials.

7. A CD Case Photo Book

This small photograph album is a superb way to carry pictures and it can also be a special gift for someone like a friend or a grandparent. The things needed here are card stock, glue, some ribbon, a pair of scissors and a stapler.

8. A Notebook

If your tween is interested in keeping a diary or a creative writing assignment, it would be nice to make a fabric/duct tape covered notebook. She can be able to create a personalized book for her writing ventures. It is pretty easy and your daughter can make it by herself.

9. Paper Beads

Making paper beads is an excellent way to recycle some junk mail and magazines. Let your tween make some beads which she will then use to make jewelry. The beads are made with glue with the assistance of a toothpick or a wooden dowel.

10. Bottle Cap Magnets

You can use bottle caps to create magnets with the help of glue and beads. Personalized magnets can be put on the refrigerator or your tween can put them in his school locker.

11. Personalized Photo Frames

Tweens will definitely enjoy dressing up a couple of old picture frames using some buttons, paint, shells and other decoration items.

This is an excellent way to create presents for grandma and grandpa or pictures for your child’s room.

12. Some Jewelry Made from Buttons

If you happen to have a collection of buttons that came loose from old clothes, it is time to make use of them. Give your tween those buttons and some elastic string/dental floss and encourage her to make some bracelets, bangles, necklace or rings. These can serve as perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

Wrapping up, those are just some of the fun crafts your tweens can do at home. Arts and crafts are good as they make kids more creative and occupied.

You will also be able to bond with your child more as you do these activities together. Your tween may probably start to open up a bit to you and share his or her thoughts.

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