Constellations for Kids: Types and All Other Things You Need to Know

Constellations have been in existence for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used the stars in various ways. They would practically use them to tell what time of year it was. In addition to that, they would form patterns from the stars above to tell tales of their different gods and heroes in their traditions.

Apart from the Greeks, other early civilizations had different interpretations of the constellations in their folklore. However, the Greek constellations were the ones that influenced and opened the way for the ones that exist today.

The concept of constellations started from the earlier constellations to the new ones we have today. There were 48 constellations originally but 40 more were added over time by astronomers who have studied space. Officially there are 88 constellations, which are mapped in the sky above us, from every pole making a sphere around our planet.

The patterns are of different kinds, shapes and sizes. The earlier ones range from all kinds of animals to gods, while the modern ones range from partial tools to all other sorts of inventions derived from astronomy.

scorpio Constellations for kids

It has been widely decided that the list of constellations stops at 88, because astronomers have completely mapped out the sky around our planet, Earth.

The astronomers use the celestial sphere to map out the sky above. This sphere is not actually a real sphere, but an imaginary one that is used to map out the existing constellations and to have knowledge of where everything is all year round.

As the Earth revolves and rotates, the constellations move around as well. In particular areas of our planet, some constellations cannot be viewed at any time of year; therefore it necessitates the need of a map. Different areas have different maps that join up together, or divide out into maps known as charts. There are 6 sky charts: Chart 1 is the North Pole Sky, Chart 2 is the South Pole Sky, Chart 3-Chart 6 is known as Equatorial Sky.

The 88 Constellations

Here, we take a look at the complete list of the constellations. The list gives the name of every constellation (in alphabetical order) and the meaning. As we saw earlier, there are 88 constellations. 42 of them are animals, 29 are objects and 17 are humans (mythological characters).

Constellations Meanings Constellations Meanings
1. Andromeda The captive princess 45. Lacerta The lizard
2. Antlia The air pump 46. Leo The lion
3. Apus The bird of paradise 47. Leo Minor The little lion
4. Aquarius The water carrier 48. Lepus The hare
5. Aquila The eagle 49. Libra The scales
6. Ara The altar 50. Lupus The wolf
7. Aries The ram 51. Lynx The lynx
8. Auriga  The charioteer 52. Lyra The lyre
9. Bootes The herdsman 53. Mensa The table mountain
10. Caelum The chisel 54. Microscopium The microscope
11. Camelopardalis The giraffe 55. Monoceros The unicorn
12. Cancer  The crab 56. Musca The fly
13. Canes Venatici The hunting dogs 57. Norma The set square
14. Canis Major The greater dog 58. Octans The octant
15. Canis Minor  The little dog 59. Ophiuchus The serpent holder
16. Capricornus The sea goat 60. Orion The hunter
17. Carina The keel 61. Pavo The peacock
18. Cassiopeia The vain queen 62. Pegasus The winged horse
19. Centaurus  The centaur 63. Perseus The victorious hero
20. Cepheus  Mythical king of Ethiopia 64. Phoenix The phoenix
21. Cetus The sea monster 65. Pictor The painter’s easel
22. Chamaeleon The chameleon 66. Pisces The fish
23. Circinus  The compasses 67. PiscisAustrinus The southern fish
24. Columba The dove 68. Puppis The stern
25. Coma Berenices  Bernice’s hair 69. Pyxis The compass
26. Corona Australis The southern crown 70. Reticulum The net
27. Corona Borealis The northern crown 71. Sagitta The arrow
28. Corvus  The crow 72. Sagittarius The archer
29. Crater The cup 73. Scorpius The scorpion
30. Crux The southern cross 74. Sculptor The sculptor
31. Cygnus The swan 75. Scutum The shield
32. Delphinus The dolphin 76. Serpens The serpent
33. Dorado The goldfish 77. Sextans The sextant
34. Draco The dragon 78. Taurus The bull
35. Equuleus The foal 79. Telescopium The telescope
36. Eridanus The river 80. Triangulum The triangle
37. Fornax The furnace 81. Triangulum Australe The southern triangle
38. Gemini The twins 82. Tucana The toucan
39. Grus The crane 83. Ursa Major The great bear
40. Hercules  The strong man 84. Ursa Minor The little bear
41. Horologium  The pendulum clock 85. Vela The sails
42. Hydra The water snake 86. Virgo The virgin
43. Hydrus  The little water snake 87. Volans The flying fish
44. Indus The Indian 88. Vulpecula The fox
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