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If you have the notion that trampoline is only for the kids, you are completely wrong. Trampoline provides fun and enjoyment to the children, but it also works as an important equipment, which aids you in losing weight.

Trampoline is one of the most effective and low impact forms of exercises, which has become an important method of keeping yourself fit.

Whether you are jumping on a huge backyard trampoline or you are rebounding, you can lose a huge amount of calories.

Trampolining is a great way to take care of your muscles and the cardiovascular system as it helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.

Trampoline and Weight Loss

You might get easily bored with the same exercises that you are doing for losing weight. Instead of doing the same exercises, you can introduce trampoline to your daily workout schedule.

It is believed that when you are able to enjoy something thoroughly, you will get results in a much more effective manner.

Like the other aerobic and cardio workouts, trampoline exercises play an important role in strengthening your organs and elevating the heart rate.

This happens because your body stays in a constant motion when you are jumping on the trampoline. Your blood circulation improves and you can easily get rid of the stubborn fat layers, which have been a part of your body for many years.

Jumping constantly on a trampoline is one of the best exercises for your thighs and legs. Here in, adding arm motions can adapt to the fun and make the workout session effective and exciting.

Benefits of Trampoline Exercises

Before gaining knowledge about the number of calories that you can lose when you are trampolining, you should be aware of the various benefits that it has. Listed below are few of the benefits that you should know;

  • Trampolining is considered to be more effective in comparison to the other workouts that include aerobics and jogging. They can burn your unwanted fat within a short period.
  • It helps in strengthening your muscles, cells, and bones. Your level of fitness will start improving and you will gain energy after you finish your workout.
  • You do not need to visit the gym every day if you have a trampoline in your backyard.
  • It is one of the best ways to get your kids to workout along with you. They will exercise alongside you without knowing that they are burning calories.
  • Trampolining helps in boosting your metabolism and increases blood circulation. It allows you to enjoy a healthy life.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, you can consider trampolining to be the ultimate remedy.

Trampolining on a regular basis will allow you to see a positive change in your body. It not only helps in losing calories but it plays an important role in reducing the excess stress that a person has.

Calories Burnt when Trampolining

When an adult weighing around 150 pounds jumps on a trampoline for around 10 minutes, he can burn 42 calories.

Working out for 30 minutes on a trampoline can burn as much as 126 calories. When the similar workout is performed for 30 minutes by someone who weighs 200 pounds, he will burn 167 calories.

The number of calories that are burnt during a trampolining session normally depends on the bouncing intensity and the kind of jumps that are performed by the individual.

It is also dependent on the weight, height, and age of an individual. If you have a heavy weight, you can burn more calories when you are bouncing.

Calories Burnt when Rebounding

The mini trampolines, which are known as the rebounders can fit easily in your bedroom. These trampolines permit you to exercise while you stay in your home comfortably.

When a 150-pound individual workouts for 10 minutes on mini trampolines, he will lose 53 calories while someone who weighs 200 pounds will burn 71 calories.

If they work out for 30 minutes, they will burn 160 and 213 calories respectively. This is why rebounding or trampolining is considered to be more effective than water aerobics or brisk walking sessions in the morning.

In conclusion, according to the researches conducted by NASA, a trampoline can burn calories more efficiently as compared to the cardiovascular exercises.

Reports have stated that jumping on a trampoline helps in improving the blood circulation as compared to running for thirty minutes with a similar intensity.

Now, this is why you should consider trampolining over all the other forms of exercise.

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