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How Are Metamorphic Rocks Formed and What Do they Look Like?

Metamorphic rocks are formed from the alteration of pre-existing rock types (igneous, sedimentary or already formed metamorphic rocks) through metamorphism. The pre-existing rock, also known as protolith, is subjected to both heat and pressure, which causes chemical or physical changes.  These types of rocks form a huge part of the Earth’s crust and make up 12 […]

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Rock Painting: How To Paint Like a Professional?

River rocks and polished stones are excellent art materials. Rocks have for long been painted on since the era of caveman, who drew pictures on the rock walls of their caves. Stones have been used in craft processes, and they can have even more artistic application. For instance, fieldstones can be painted to resemble plants […]

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Sedimentary Rock: Types and How They Are Formed?

Rocks are generally grouped into igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks are usually well exposed on the earth’s surface and in water bodies as well. Rock materials from pre-existing rocks (such as metamorphic, igneous and previously shaped sedimentary rocks) that have been eroded, weathered and compacted over time, make up sedimentary rocks. These types of […]

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