Buying a Used Dirt Bike for Your Kids

Is Buying a Used Dirt Bike for Your Kids worth it? So your kid has developed an interest in dirt biking, you decide to get one for him/her, but the prices are outrageous.

Then someone suggests used dirt bikes for you; however, you are not sure if they are worth it.

Buying used dirt bikes for kids, especially those starting since you don’t want to spend your money and they lose interest.

However, the question is, do you buy just any used dirt bike?

Just like with buying other things, the trick is to be cautious and careful.

Check and ensure that you are paying for a product that has value.

Given this, we have some tips that would help you decide on a dirt bike that is worth for your kids.

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Buying Dirt Bike for Your Kids 

While getting a dirt bike for your kids, there are a few things you should consider regardless of whether the bike is used or new.

Knowing them will help you make an informed decision and avoid future regrets.

Buying a Used Dirt Bike for Your Kids
Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

These are some things to look out for before buying that dirt bike for your kids.

  • The size of the bike is significant; you wouldn’t want them hurting themselves.
  • Tires play a vital role in how kids can ride bikes.
    This is because bigger tires make the bike seat higher and the feet of the kid by extension.
    By this, the rider finds it hard to put their feet on the ground to stop or to navigate the bike.
  • Another thing is the throttle control.
    The throttle is what generates power for the bike, and the higher the power, the more the speed.
    So it is crucial to be able to control the throttle by putting a throttle limiter screw that limits how much it can be grabbed.
  • You should also consider the cost of buying and reselling.
    This is because your kids outgrow their bikes as they grow; hence, there is a constant need to upgrade.
    Selling the old bikes at a reasonable price will help you get another one without breaking the bank.
  • The brand of the bike is also significant in the buying process.
    This is because not all brands are reliable.
    It is crucial to ensure that the bike meets a certain standard of safety.

Having gone through this, we believe you will be able to get a good bike for your kid.

Tips on Buying Used Dirt Bikes

Buying a Used Dirt Bike for Your Kids
Photo by Roger Lagesse from Pexels

Buying used products generally could be a difficult task.

We have heard of people that buy them only to go back home and find a whole lot of issues with the bike.

Because of this, we have compiled the vital tips you need to know before you buy a used dirt bike.

  • First, you need to set your budget.
    Knowing how much you want to spend on an item helps narrow down your search for that particular item.
    Also, set aside a little money for parts that may need to be fixed or replaced after purchasing.
  • The next thing is to find a reliable seller.
    This way, you are almost sure that what you are buying is of good value.
  • Choose the bike that you want. Consult with other parents and professionals to find out more about your choice.
    Consider your options and then decide whether to go forward with it.
  • Once you choose a bike you want, inspect the exterior for any damages like broken plastic parts, worn-out tires, torn seats, radiator, brake lines, and many more.
    Also, check the oil residue.
  • When you are satisfied with the exterior, you inspect the inside, starting with the engine.
    Find out about oil changes and compare it with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
    The air filters should also be clean. You should also ensure that automotive oil has not been used on the bike.
  • Try putting the bike on and listen to the sound it makes.
    If there are rattling and knocking noises, they might be a problem.
    Grab the throttle to check the speed and engine power.
  • Ask friends for their opinion so that you don’t get too overwhelmed and make a decision you will regret later.
  • As soon as you make a choice and decide on a price, draw up the paperwork to make the dealing legal.
    If the seller is less than 18, ask to see their parents so you are sure they are allowed to sell.
  • Voila, your kid now has a dirt bike of its own!

Note that to reduce the chances of buying a stolen bike, check the chassis number; if it is scratched off, it might be stolen.

The best thing to do is to not continue with the purchase.

Buying Dirt Bike for Your Kids: Conclusion

We hope with all the tips mentioned in this article, buying a used dirt bike for kids will be another ride in the park!

Also, it will minimize the risk of purchasing an overpriced deficient bike.

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