Bobux Kids’ Trainers Review: Cool, Comfy, And Kid-Friendly

Finding kids a perfect pair of trainers comes with its unique challenges. Not all shoes are perfect for kids’ feet. However, Bobux offers trainers every kid will want to wear.

That said, here are some of the things you should know about these shoes:

1. Kids Can Easily Wear Them 

As much as parents love to have their kids look good, getting their shoes on their feet is, sometimes, a hard call.

Bobux trainers make life easier for parents through their adjustable features. The wide openings and pull-on tabs make it easy for kids to wear the shoes themselves. So, you can leave your kids trainers with them while you attend to other things.

More so, as kids put on their trainers themselves, they gain the additional benefit of learning independence as they learn how to take care of themselves even when you aren’t around. 


2. They Have The Perfect Soles

The sole is one of the essential parts of a shoe. As kids’ feet develop, their muscles and tendons need to be moved in different directions. A shoe with the right sole allows for swift and comfortable movements.

Bobux trainers are widely known to have soft soles that permit a wide range of foot movements. They also leave much room for those tiny toes to spread out. The nature of the soles makes the trainers comfortable, both for creepers and starters. Although soft, Bobux trainers’ soles are durable and don’t wear off easily, allowing kids to rock them for a long time. 


3. They Are Made For All Stages

Bobux trainers are made with different stages of development in mind. There’s a range made specifically for kids who are beginning to take their first steps. Depending on their development, kids from as young as nine months to two years can find the perfect Bobux trainers for them.  Kids who have moved from baby stage to toddler stage also have trainers that’d fit them snugly. And, when your kids begin to skip and jump, they’re sure to find trainers that magtch their respective ages and range of movements.

This range of Bobux trainers aligns with the changes occurring to their feet.


4. They Are Made Based On Expert Advice

Getting your kids’ feet adorned with beautiful trainers is as important as ensuring they’re wearing what’s healthy for their feet. Besides their attractive designs, Bobux trainers are manufactured based on advice from foot health professionals. This makes them suitable and healthy for your kids’ feet. Having realized the possible effects of poor foot health, Bobux invests in further studies on foot health. By doing so, they make trainers that make kids’ feet look stylish and safe. 

5. They Are Super Stylish 

You can’t take away stylishness from Bobux trainers. Furnished with eye-catching designs, kids can wear Bobux sneakers with any outfit. How about the laid-back ease they bring to their look?  That’s one feature that won’t go unnoticed. Giving your kids a stylish look helps them stand out from the crowd. You can shop and buy Bobux trainers, confident that their groundbreaking designs will offer your kid some of the loveliest styles you’ll ever see. 


6. They Are Chrome-Free 

Because of their playful and carefree nature, kids take their clothing and everything else to the mouth. If they’re shoes, they like to nibble and chew on them. Shoes, most times, contain substances that could be harmful when absorbed by the body.

With Bobux trainers, on the one hand, you can have some peace of mind even when your kid nibbles on them. This is because they’re chrome-free and are safe even when they get into your kid’s mouth. Ultimately, you can protect your kids’ feet and health at the same time with Bobux trainers. 


7. Easy To Find The Right Size 

With shoes, size matters a lot. If kids wear shoes that aren’t their size, their rockhounding and walking adventures almost become a struggle. This makes it so important to have the right size of trainers for your kids.

Bobux offers quick and easy ways to find the right size of trainers for your kid. With your smartphone, or pen and paper, you can successfully do so. Bobux sizing often includes a ‘wiggle room’ to prevent your kid’s feet from touching the ends of their trainers. This is why Bobux trainers’ sizes seem larger than those of other brands. 



Cool, comfy, and kid-friendly features of Bobux trainers make them an excellent choice for parents and their kids. Beyond giving your kids a unique style and look, going for Bobux trainers will give you peace of mind because you can always trust them to keep your kids safe.

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