Best Water Shoes For Toddlers (10 Products Reviews)

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Best water shoes for toddlers. Whether you’re planning a summer beach trip for your toddler, a pool day, or want them to spend the weekend at the water park resort, you’ll need to get them a pair of water shoes.

Water shoes will keep their sensitive feet protected from sharp objects, broken shells, and hot sand—enabling them to entirely focus on having fun.

In this post, we’re going to make things easy for you when looking for the best water shoes for toddlers.

We’ll share with you our picks for the top-rated, well-fitting, comfortable, and anti-slip water shoes you can find on the market today.

Best water shoes for toddlers: Amazon Best Sellers

Bestseller No. 1
Crocs Kids' Swiftwater Sandal | Water Slip On Shoes Flat, blue...
  • BOYS AND GIRLS SHOES: The Swiftwater sandals for boys and girls are all about comfort and functionality The sporty and minimal design allows kids to move through life swiftly
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WATER SHOES: These sandals for boys and girls are water-friendly and designed to channel water away Needless to say, if your kiddo will be near the water, you'll want to have these sandals
  • WHAT SIZE SHOULD I BUY?: These shoes offer a relaxed fit, so we recommend ordering a size up to the next largest whole size
SaleBestseller No. 2
Native Kids unisex-baby Jefferson Water Shoe,pigeon grey/shell white,7...
8,386 Reviews
Native Kids unisex-baby Jefferson Water Shoe,pigeon grey/shell white,7...
  • Water-friendly, fast drying, lightweight foam
  • Odor-resistant
  • Slip-on
SaleBestseller No. 3
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog | Slip On Boys and Girls | Water Shoes,...
45,853 Reviews
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog | Slip On Boys and Girls | Water Shoes,...
  • CROCS FOR EVERYONE: Just like the adult Classic Crocs, the kids' version offers the same great shoe for youngsters Easy on and easy off makes these the pair of Crocs kids need
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and FUN: These kids' Crocs are incredibly light, fun to wear and sure to come in your child's favorite color This is the perfect pair of Crocs for kids when playing in the dirt or running...
  • VERSATILE AND COMFORTABLE: Incredibly light and easy to wear, these girls' and boys' Crocs are created with Croslite foam for Iconic Crocs Comfort The flexible material is sure to be loved by all

Best water shoes for toddlers: Brief Reviews

Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip Water Skin...

Our list of the best water shoes for kids kicks off with this high-quality pair of water shoes from Bigib.

Ideal for both girls and boys, this pair will make a perfect choice for walking, swimming, running, beach sport, and other indoor/outdoor activities revolving around water.

The pair is made of — to ensure it survives the tough aqua environment and lasts longer.

It features a durable upper fabric with excellent Quick-dry properties.

This helps ensure your kid’s feet remain dry as soon as they get out of the water, preventing sogginess and smells.

These uppers also snuggly hug your kiddo’s feet for the perfect fit.

Since this shoe comes with a durable anti-slip rubber outsole, it also helps protect your little one from possible slips and falls.

The last thing you want to imagine is your child stepping on a slippery rock or surface in the waters and falling.

Unlike most shoes which are a pain to wear or take off, this shoe comes with a super-smooth neck for easy, fast wear and take off.

Not to forget this smoothness makes your child’s feet happy and comfortable when inside these aqua shoes.

Overall, this is one of the highly affordable pair of toddler water shoes.

It’ll offer your kid’s sensitive feet maximum protection.

Its durable construction ensures it lasts long enough to give you value for your money.

It’s a unisex and stylish shoe that comes in multiple color options.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uni-sex water shoes
  • High-quality fabric uppers w/overlays
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Smooth neck design for easy wear
  • 100% return guarantee for size/quality issues


Giotto Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip for Boys & Girls,...

Giotto Kids Swim Water Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip for Boys & Girls,...
Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of toddler water shoes for the beach, water park, or indoor activities, this pair from Giotto will also make a great choice.

It’s made for comfort and durability and will offer protection to your little one’s sensitive feet.

We love that these shoes also comes with high-quality fabric uppers with overlays to offer a genuinely supportive fit for your toddler fit.

Remember, the better the fit, the more effective its protection is.

Just like any other top-quality water shoe, this shoe also exhibits excellent quick-drying properties.

This ensures your child’s feet stay dry throughout the day—for a comfortable, snog-free, odor-free experience.

Inside the shoe, you’ll find an inner foam sole where your kiddo’s feet will rest for lightweight, durable cushioning.

And yes, this pair also features a durable anti-slip rubber outsole which prevents falls and slips in case your child steps on slippery surfaces or objects like shells, pebbles, etc. at the beach.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-dry toddler water shoes
  • Fabric upper with overlays offers a supportive fit
  • Foam inner sole provides lightweight, durable cushioning
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • 100% return guarantee for quality/size issues


Sunville New Brand Toddler's Blue & Black Athletic Water Shoes Aqua...

Sunville New Brand Toddler's Blue & Black Athletic Water Shoes Aqua...

If you’re still looking for the best toddler beach shoes with affordable pricing, here’s another potential pair from Sunville.

These shoes will ensure that nothing holds your little guy from having unlimited fun at the beach, pool, water park, etc.

Unlike the previous shoes we’ve featured above, this pair comes with nylon uppers.

These are sure to offer maximum protection to your kid’s feet and last a lifetime.

If you’ve bought kids water shoes that don’t fit properly, you know how disappointing and frustrating it feels.

Luckily, these shoes are designed to change your story.

They’re designed to snuggly hug your kid’s feet for better protection.

The drawstring at the back allows you to adjust the tightness of the shoe for the best fit.

Parents agree that this shoe fits even kids with wide feet without any issues.

Inside the shoe lies a removable insole which further enhances your kid’s comfort.

At the bottom of the shoes lies durable rubber soles that have are 100% anti-slip for extra safety.

Since these soles have no holes, they won’t let in hot sand, and other particles get into your kid’s precious little feet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Nylon uppers for durability & protection
  • Comfortable, removable insole
  • Adjustable tight cord in the back
  • Comes in up to 6 toddler sizes


SIMARI Boys Girls' Water Aqua Shoes Swimming Pool Beach Sports Quick...

Your kid’s next bitch trip won’t be fun and safe without these SIMARI Kids Water Shoes!

The durable, comfortable aqua socks are designed to help your little human embrace the summer, sun, and water while keeping their feet fully protected from possible hazards at the beach.

One of the most outstanding features of this shoe is its great construction quality.

Most notably, it features high-quality TPR outsoles with exceptional abrasion resistance, non-slip, and great air permeability properties.

You have no choice but to trust this sole to protect your child’s feet from sharp objects, hot sand, and other hazardous trash on the beaches.

Another great thing about these shoes is the high-grade diving upper material.

This offers excellent breathability, which means even comfier feet.

The material is also quick-drying during use or after washing.

Above all, the material feels super-soft, and flexible (think fine stretch)—translating to great freedom and comfort in wearing.

Because these shoes have a genuinely smooth neck, they don’t cause chaffing, and putting them on ore removing them is easy as pie.

Don’t forget the pair has an ergonomically molded sole for enhanced shock absorption as your child runs and jumps up and down the beach.

Simply put, these Simari water shoes set new standards for kids’ water shoes.

If you want quality protection of your child(ren) feet for years and years, grab this pair of Simari water shoes.

Highlighted Features:

  • 92% polyester uppers
  • Breathable, quick-drying uppers
  • Anti-slip TPR plastic outsole
  • Smooth neck design prevents chafing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Pick from multiple colorful styles

ALEADER Kid's Quick Dry Water Shoes Comfort Walking Sneakers...

These Aleaders aren’t your typical water shoes …they’re water shoes designed to redefine your kid’s safety around the beach, pool, lake, or water parks.

What makes them so special?

First of all, these shoes feature hydrophobic engineered, fully breathable mesh uppers which allow your toddler’s feet to stay dry and comfortable almost instantly.

As if that’s not enough, these durable mesh uppers also offer the little feet a snug fit while eliminating the hurtful chaffing or rubbing feeling of the fabric water shoes.

Another superb feature that sets this pair from the park revolves around its sole.

The bottom comes with holes that further facilitates easy water drainage out of the shoe while restricting debris from getting into the sensitive tiny feet.

As you can easily guess, these holes will also deliver superior traction when your kid is treading on slippery surfaces, rocks, or even hiking.

Don’t forget that the material that makes the sole doesn’t restrain water—further enhancing an all-day dry experience.

Putting on these or taking them off is a painless job, thanks to the quick-adjusting elastic strap.

You can always loosen or tighten this strap to obtain the best fit for your kid’s unique feet shape.

The easy-use pull tab on the heel makes the shoes even easier to wear or take off.

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable, breathable air mesh upper
  • Water Drain & cushion outsole
  • Quick-adjust elastic strap closure
  • Hole in sole for quick drying and breathability

DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Water Shoes Lightweight Breathable Mesh...

DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Water Shoes Lightweight Breathable Mesh...
This pair proves the fact that for only a few bucks, you can get the best water shoes for kids with outstanding quality and comfort.
These shoes, like our previously featured pairs, are a perfect choice for nearly all your kiddo’s aquatic adventures.

One of the reasons why you have to love this pair is that it’s super-breathable.

It comes with durable mesh uppers that facilitate the free flow of air in and out of the shoe to keep your child’s feet dry and comfortable.

Moreover, this material has quick-dry properties to further ensure all-day dry foot and prevent sogginess.

Since the mesh uppers have a soft feel, they won’t irritate or cause chaffing to the small feet.

These shoes also present you with a solid rubber outsole that’s highly flexible to ensure hours and hours of comfort.

The sole also has great anti-slip properties to prevent your kid from slipping and falling.

For the ultimate user convenience, these shoes come with a simple hook-and-loop design for easy wear or take off while ensuring a secure fit.

Plus, they’re 100% machine washable for easy care.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick-dry, breathable, soft uppers
  • Sturdy, anti-slip rubber sole
  • Machine-washable water shoes
  • Hook & loop design for easy wear

CIOR Toddler Kids Water Shoes Breathable Mesh Running Sneakers Sandals...

CIOR Toddler Kids Water Shoes Breathable Mesh Running Sneakers Sandals...

Imagine if you could get baby swim shoes that double as regular wear?

Well, this is precisely what you get with this pair of shoes from Cior.

Perfect for both girls and boys, these shoes have what it takes for use in all water sports and activities.

The most unique thing about these shoes is the level of protection they offer your child.

It comes with anti-collision technology at the toe cap.

This is basically a reinforcement design that prevents your child’s toe/feet from touching hard objects and getting hurt.

The shoes are also incredibly breathable, thanks to their adequately ventilated uppers.

This means they’ll keep your young one’s feet dry all day and prevent sogginess that can make them focus less on the fun.

What’s more, the upper material feels super-soft against the skin, translating to pure comfort all day long.

Like most of the other shoes in its price range, this shoe has a durable anti-slip rubber outsole, to keep your kid from falling when they step on slippery objects.

The rubber sole also displays strong wear-resistant properties for increased longevity.

The shoes offer a true fit to your young one’s unique feet shape …they’re also incredibly easy to slip in and take off.

Every parent would definitely want to hear this—these shoes are hassle-free to clean and don’t get as dirty as other shoes, even if your kid spends hours running in mud holes.

They also hold up pretty well, wash after wash.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-slip, anti-wear rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh lace-less uppers
  • Quick-drying upper material
  • Lightweight shoes for comfortable walking
  • Anti-collision toe design

CIOR Boys & Girls Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Athletic...

CIOR Boys & Girls Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Athletic...

If you want your baby to make eyeballs roll at the pool or beach, consider this super-stylish pair of water shoes as a potential choice.

These shoes come with a truly eye-catching, fashionable design; they come in multiple colors and styles to suit your unique preferences.

These shoes offer more than good looks.

They feature an incredibly smooth and fully ventilated upper, which facilitates aeration of the feet.

This keeps them dry and comfortable all through.

The neck of these shoes has a soft design to prevent them from chaffing up your little one feet or irritating their skin.

Did we mention that the uppers also dry quickly during watersports or when washed?

On the inside, the shoe has a really comfortable thick foam arch-support insert for the maximum cushion to your little feet against impact.

Plus, the inserts are thick to prevent your child’s feet from getting hurt when they step on stones and sharp objects.

The inner insert is further boosted by the high-quality rubber outsole, which has excellent anti-wear and anti-slip properties, preventing your child from slipping and falling.

What’s more, each sole comes up with up to 7 holes to facilitate easy drainage for a more comfortable shoe environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-wear, anti-slip rubber sole
  • 7 holes on the rubber sole for drainage
  • Breathable & smooth fabric uppers
  • Breathable insole w/air hole
  • Smooth neck design prevents chaffing
  • Multiple colors and styles to choose from

Kids Water Swim Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip...

Kids Water Swim Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks Shoes Quick Dry Non-Slip...

This is another perfect pair of toddler beach shoes for beach play, swimming pool, surfing, boating, fishing, canoeing, and other water-related adventures.

The shoe can also be used for yoga and daily indoor walking.

The shoe uppers incorporate polyester (92%) and spandex (8%) materials—a blend that feels highly stretchy for the perfect fit and comfortable all day long at the beach.

What’s more, this blend has great water-wicking capabilities to facilitate quick drying, preventing waterlogged feet.

The shoe also has a durable, lightweight foam inner sole.

This provides the right cushioning to keep your child’s feet protected while making the shoe feel pretty light for comfortable wear.

Since the sole is made from durable material, it ensures that sharp objects don’t reach your baby’s feet.

Keep in mind that the shoe uppers also feature overlays, which further ensure a supportive fit for your kid’s feet.

The rubber outsole has superior anti-slip properties and feels quite durable—preventing your child from falling or getting hurt by sharp, hard objects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable, high-stretch fabric uppers
  • Quick-drying and comfortable uppers
  • Durable, lightweight inner foam sole
  • Overlays provide a supportive fit
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Multiple colorful styles to pick from

hiitave Swim Water Shoes Non-Slip Quick Dry Barefoot Beach Aqua Pool...

hiitave Swim Water Shoes Non-Slip Quick Dry Barefoot Beach Aqua Pool...
The last best toddler water shoes on our list go to these Centipede Demon Kids Water Shoes.

The pair comes in an array of funny patterns and styles to fit your son’s or daughter’s preferences.

The greatest benefit you’ll enjoy from having these uses is unbeatable convenience.

They feature a genuinely easy slip-on design for hassle-free wear or take off.

They’re also lightweight and highly compressible, which means you can easily fold them for easy carry when not in use.

These water shoes also come engineered for the ultimate comfort.

This is evident from the highly breathable, high stretch uppers, which translates to excellent aeration and fast-drying during beach play.

What’s more, the shoes come with durable and flexible rubber soles, which further contribute to a comfortable feel.

Given that these rubbers have impressive anti-skid performance, they’ll also keep your child from slipping and falling off.

Highlighted Features:

  • Breathable, high-stretch uppers
  • Anti-slip and durable rubber
  • Lightweight water shoes
  • Easy slip-on design

What Makes The Right Pair of Water Shoe?

Skimming through the wide variety of styles and designs for kids’ water shoes isn’t an easy task.

But focusing on these KEY factors will help you quickly find the perfect pair of water shoes for your little one…

Upper materials

The choice of materials used for the water shoe uppers plays a big role in the effectiveness of the shoe when used in aquatic activates.

Ideally, you want water shoes that come with highly ventilated uppers with quick-drying properties to keep your child’s feet totally dry and prevent sogginess.

You’d also want the uppers to feel smooth against your child’s skin to prevent chaffing and skin irritation.

The two most popular materials for water shoes include mesh and straight-up plastic.

While still at it, you’d want to avoid any water shoes made with leather uppers as this material hold up in water pretty well.

Check the outsole

You’ll also need to check the outsole of the water shoes you want to buy.

Firstly, check the durability and thickness of the outsole. Solid, thicker soles offer maximum protection of your kid’s feet against any sharp objects, broken shells, hot sand, etc.

This is especially true if your child will use the shoes on rough, rocky terrains.

What’s more, the ideal sole should have excellent traction to prevent your son or daughter from slipping and falling when they step on slippery surfaces.

Rubber remains the most popular material for making water shoe outsoles.

It has great durability, flexibility, anti-slip performance, and doesn’t feel bulky.


You’ll also need to look for the right size for your kid’s specific feet size.

As you might have noticed from the top shoes we’ve featured above, they all come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

Follow the manufacturer’s sizing chart to ensure you get a size that fits perfectly well when in water.

Keep in mind that the perfect size for a water shoe is one that fits snug; not too tight and not too loose.

The shoe should just hug your little one’s feet snugly.


Above all, don’t forget to look for a style that suits your kid’s preferences.

Of late, the manufacturers have upped their game and are now producing toddlers water shoes in countless styles and colors as kids would prefer.

Whether you want a shoe that makes a fashion statement at the next waterpark resort trip or a specific color, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

PRO Tip: Where do you plan to use the shoes?

Knowing where you intend your kiddo to use the water shoes will also help you easily decide on the right water to purchase for them.

If you’re planning for a trip to a sandy beach, then the standard water shoes will do.

For a day at the swimming pool, aqua socks will be a smart choice as they’ll deliver an excellent grip on the slippery pool floor.

A pair of toddler water sandals will do well on a hot day at the pool.

Why Your Kids Need Water Shoes?

The main reason why your kiddo needs to put on water shoes is to keep their sensitive feet safe from the hot sand, sharp rocks, broken shells, and even sunburns, which are synonymous with the beach and almost any other aquatic environment.

Because water shoes are made from materials that wick water fast to keep the feet dry, they also help protect your toddler’s feet from getting waterlogged.

As you’re already aware, keeping the feet wet for too long not only feels uncomfortable but can also lead to the trench foot condition—which involves loss of circulation and nerve function around the feet…or even worse! (source)

More reasons why your little one should wear baby water shoes:

  • Improved traction: the shoes come with non-slip rubber outsoles which can go a long way in preventing your kid from slipping and falling.
  • Save your kid’s regular shoes: unlike the regular shoes which can get easily damaged when they come in contact with water, water shoes work best in aquatic environments, like the beach, pool, and even in the rain.
  • Proper feet ventilation: since these shoes are made using materials that are breathable and dry quickly, they offer better aeration of your kid’s feet. This prevents possible feet irritation and odor.
  • Style: yes, most of the water shoes currently available come in all kinds of styles, making them a fashion accessory for the beach. You want your kiddo to rock at that next aquatic adventure? Get them a cute, stylish pair of water shoes.

IMPORTANT: For maximum protection, your kiddo should always have their water shoes on when swimming, running or participating in any other high-intense activities around the beach, pool, etc.

Best water shoes for toddlers: Frequently Asked Questions

Are aqua socks the same thing as water shoes?

No, aqua socks are slightly different from standard water shoes as explained below…

  • Standard water shoes: these shoes look like regular shoes though they’re made using quick-drying material for use in water.

They come with durable rubber to protect your kid’s feet from the pointy rocks found in the seawater.

They also feature breathable mesh for unrestricted aeration and soggy-free feet experience.


  • Aqua socks: also referred to as wet shoes, aqua socks are usually thick rubber with the shape of a shoe.

They can easily be folded and rolled, just like normal socks (hence their name).

These are usually skin-tight for a snugger fit.

They’re suitable for on-the-water activities like kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, etc.


Should my kid wear socks with water shoes?

No, your kid doesn’t have to wear socks alongside water shoes. Remember that these shoes are specially designed for use in water.

They’ll keep your young one’s sensitive feet totally dry, comfortable, and protected on their own. No need for socks!


Can a baby swim with water shoes?

Absolutely! This is actually what the water shoes are made for—to offer protection to your little one’s sensitive feet while inside the pool against any pointy objects that might hurt them or slippery objects that might make them fall.


Can my kid use their water shoes for regular wear?

Not really. We suggest that you restrict the aqua shoes for use around water activities only as that’s precisely what they’re made for.

These shoes might not perform well when used for daily activities like walking, running, going to the shopping mall, and so on.

You might come across some hybrid water shoes that are also designed for daily use.

To be sure that these shoes will do well for regular wear, we ask you to go through the precious users’ reviews to see what the previous users have to say.


Can I machine wash my kids’ water shoes?

It depends on the specific shoe make you have.

In most cases, the manufacturers specify the materials used to make a water shoe and the ideal cleaning method for them.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for this crucial info.

We suggest that you machine-wash your toddler pool shoes if (and ONLY IF) the manufacturer states so.

Otherwise, you should stick to the standard cleaning methods.

Best water shoes for toddlers: Final Verdict

As a parent who can do anything to keep their young ones out of harm’s way, never attempt to take your baby to any aquatic adventures without proper water shoes.

Whether it’s beach play, swimming pool, water park resort trip, fishing, boating, canoeing, etc., water shoes will keep your toddler’s feet protected from broken shells, sharp rocks, slippery pebbles, and other hazards in water environments which can lead to a day in the emergency room.

In the above post, we have just discussed some of the best water shoes for toddlers presently available at the market.

These shoes ticked all our boxes for durability, comfort, maximum protection, perfect fit, and style.

Grab one of these top-rated water shoes today and give your child the keys to unlimited FUN and protection in their future aquatic adventures.

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers
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