Best Science Kits For Kids [Top 10 Reviews]

Is your child bored with the regular board games? Are they interested in science, maths, and technology? If the answer to both the questions is a yes, science kits are just the thing for your child!

But with the extensive collection of kits available in the market, how will you figure out which ones are worth the money spent?

We have compiled a list of the 10 best science kits for kids. These sets will help your kid learn about microbiology, geology, and much more. We also included a couple of kits that deal with volcanoes and other things that go Kaboom!

Science Kits For Kids: Amazon Best Sellers

If you’re in a hurry, take a look at these Amazon Best Sellers. Otherwise, keep reading!

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Top 10 Best Science Kits For Kids for April 2024

After going through tens of science kits for kids, we have come up with a list of the top 10 ones. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Scientific Explorer – My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

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Allowing your kids to have fun with 11 different experiments makes for a great starter science set. As per my deduction, the kit is suitable for kids aged 4 and above but is one of the best science kits for 7-year-old children. Parents might need to supervise their children while they do the experiments.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit lives up to its name, ensuring action-packed tests.

This set comes with the following components: a science guide, caps, pipette, plastic cups, test tubes, 2 cotton swabs, 2 measuring scoops, 2 stirring sticks, vegetable oil, corn starch, citric acid, cross-linked polyacrylamide crystals, red cabbage juice powder, baking soda, and 3 color tablets.

All of the items above will be enough to pull off great experiments. Kids can create a sunset in the provided test tubes, producing some jiggly, colored crystals, and also form a color-changing erupting volcano! Other than these, you will need a tray, water, and maybe some towels to get started.

The colorful nature of this science kit would make it a hit at kids’ parties or play dates too. This product is pretty educational. It explains the idea of acidic and basic reactions to the child and how each reaction happens in sequences. A parent would not need to be a science expert to help their children with this kit.

Although the experiments can make a mess, cleaning up should not take more than a minute. I would advise trying this on a flat surface such as a kitchen counter or a table.


  • Teaches about acidic and basic reactions
  • Inspires children to get creative
  • Allow kids to do exploration in science
  • No expertise needed to use this


  • Delays in reaction time sometimes
  • It might get a little messy

2. Creativity for Kids – Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

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Do you think your child would love to learn about botany? If yes, this kit is for them. A great STEAM activity, the Terrarium helps pleasingly mix art and science to the eye. It will help your child build a small ecosystem of their own, right at home!

The Terrarium is a simulated scaled-down garden that teaches your child the importance of plants. It also helps them understand how an ecosystem works and why it is crucial to water the plants daily. The daily watering creates responsibility in your kids and builds their confidence; now, they too can take care of a living plant.

This is one of the best science kits for 6-year-old kids. With the aid of this set, your child can express their creative side. Each kit comes with a plastic mason jar with a lid with intriguing shapes cut out on it. These cutouts ensure ventilation and add to the visual appeal of the Terrarium, of course.

This set also includes decorative sand, chia seeds, a plant mister, potting mix, river stones, wheatgrass seeds, and garden figurines.

Moreover, the supplies are enough to last two plant life cycles. Therefore, you can help set up the first cycle and let your child take care of the second one. If done right, they should be able to see a tiny habitat growing inside their Terrarium in a matter of days. And the best bit is, this will grow in the dark!


  • Educates children about botany and ecosystems
  • Glows in the dark
  • Allows up to two plant life cycles
  • Mason jar won’t break if dropped
  • Encourages both responsibility and nurturing skills


  • It needs to be watered daily

3. National Geographic – Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

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There is no denying that National Geographic is known in almost all households across the world. They introduced the Break Open 10 Premium Geodes, a kit that educates your child about geology in a fun fashion. As the name suggests, each set includes 10 top-notch geodes.

Also, you will receive display stands, a pair of safety goggles, and a learning guide.

This geodes kit is as authentic as it gets – you do not have to worry about receiving fake crystals. Unlike other geode-breaking sets, this particular one isn’t too tough to crack. However, it is a good idea to help your child crack them open. This set is one of the best science kits for 5-year-old kids.

With this set, you never know what colored crystals you might receive. My favorite ones had to be the pale blue ones. If you are lucky, the crystals you get may be as big as the size of a tennis ball. However, sometimes, you break open into a crystal to find no geode.

A guide comes with this science set, which is filled with information on how geodes came into existence. It also speaks about the various kinds of geodes that could be found out there. According to my, this is an excellent way to learn about earth science and to help your child appreciate geology in general.

If you are lucky enough to find 10 perfect geodes, don’t forget to showcase them using the display stands you receive!


  • Geodes are completely natural
  • Crystals are not too difficult to crack
  • Each geode can be a different color
  • The kit comes with a highly informative guide


  • Crystals may be small at times

4. AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

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Looking to introduce your kid to the world of microbiology? AmScope’s Beginner Microscope STEM Kit is the way to go. This science kit comes with a first-class microscope to wow your child. It also has 52 accessories and a plastic cover that is hard-sided.

The accessories include prepared slides, blank slides, Petri dish, tweezers, eye droppers, and much more. Most of the accessories are portable, so you can carry this around from place to place, even take this with you on vacation.

What is fascinating with this set is that the turret of the microscope allows up to 1200x magnification. That is better than what many other beginner microscopes have to offer. Moreover, the blank slides are reusable, so you can expect your kid to check just about anything under this microscope.

You do not need to be a biology or microbiology professional to notice that this microscope allows you to see samples. Also, you will not just look at cells in the sample but also see the nuclei. This kit will ensure a fascinating experience for your child.

Furthermore, they will feel encouraged to find different items out of which they can create many samples.

This science kit comes with a pre-prepared shrimp brine that will guarantee a fun-filled, eye-opening round with the microscope. I would suggest you make sure that the microscope focuses on the center once you have unboxed it.

Also, make your child start with the 120x magnification. They can slowly move upwards to the 1200x magnification.


  • The kit comes with 52 accessories
  • Affordable, despite being a complex kit
  • Microscopes allow up to 1200x magnification
  • The blank slides are reusable


  • The microscope and its stage can’t be moved

5. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit

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A hit with kids aged 8 and above, the Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit comes with 33 Lego pieces. It also includes 6 Lego balls, a paper funnel, 2.2 yards of string, a platform, 8 paper ramps, a paper flag, and 2 pop-up signs. You can build your fully functional machine with this kit.

Also, even if you decide to make nothing in particular with the Lego pieces, that is fine.

You can make up to seven machines with this set by Klutz. And it is safe to say that only the Lego pros can build the Elevator Ramps. I have yet to make it with my own set. The other machines you can create include Board Bouncer, Dominoes, Slow Spin, and more.

This epic Lego set comes with a handy, detailed guide and is one of the top science kits for children. It is made up of 78 pages of thorough instructions on how to build each machine. If you get stuck in the middle of creating one, this guide should have step-by-step instructions to help.

The manual teaches your kid about the physics behind the structures they can build with the Lego set.

One issue you could face is that you might need extra regular Lego blocks when making specific structures. However, it should not be a significant obstacle if your kid is already a Lego fan and has an old set lying around.

A great thing about this set is that it teaches precision and patience to your child. And because of that, they will feel motivated to get to the finish line of building their machine.


  • More challenging than other Lego sets
  • Allows building a few types of machines
  • Teaches about coordination and patience


  • You might need extra Lego pieces

6. Be Amazing! Toys – Big Bag of Science Works

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A mini-lab on its own, the Big Bag of Science Works is a kit that should ensure several educational and enjoyable experiments. I sure had an epic time with it. This science kit educates your child about multiple subjects, such as chemistry, magnetism, weather, geology, and more.

And my favorite part is, you can do many activities with just one kit! A great option out of the existing science toys for kids, this science kit comes with the following components: a measuring spoon, 3 large test tubes, 2 giant-sized test tubes, a color wheel, a magnifying glass, a mixing tray, a pipette, a petri dish, and much more.

There are certain items that you will need to arrange. Don’t worry; the list is mentioned in the guide that comes with the kit. The booklet is extensive but doesn’t have images to guide the experiments.

According to my, the best experiment this kit offers is where you get to make worms with sodium alginate and calcium chloride. However, the contents are enough to experiment only once. But worry not, there are plenty of other fun tests to do, and that should keep your child occupied for a long time.

Although the kit says you can do up to 70 experiments, there may be a few that might seem a little too simple. This children’s science kit is pretty affordable, especially when considering the various components that come with it.

For instance, the iron filings, magnet, and the big bag are decent items to include in the kit that can be used multiple times.


  • The kit allows up to 70 experiments
  • Teaches about several subjects at once
  • Affordable, considering some of the components
  • Portable – everything can be stored in a bag


  • The instructions booklet is a little too extensive
  • Some experiments are too simple

7. Playz – Kaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit

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Color explosions, helium balloons, and more is no biggie with the help of the Kaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit. This science set comes with all the necessary components except things you can find at home, such as vinegar.

This kit will do a terrific job if you wish to teach your child about combustion, electric currents, and chemical transformations.

This lab kit comes with a booklet that has 36 pages of hassle-free instructions. It’s easy on the eyes, thanks to the images in it. According to my judgment, even though it’s made for children aged 8 and above, this kit falls under the top science kits for 12-year-old kids.

The best thing about this kit is that it enables you to do more than 25 different experiments.

Even though the packaging talks about big explosions, none of the kits lead to those. But the experiments are still exciting and educational. And the usage of this set will certainly build confidence in your kids. This child science kit is an experience the entire family can enjoy together during their free time.

Along with the materials required directly for the experiments, this kit also comes with safety goggles, containers, and gloves. I think it’s pretty safe to leave your kid alone with this set. Not only will they witness the how of their experiments, but they will also learn about the why.

Even after you are done with the materials with the kit, your child should recreate specific tests with the materials available at home.


  • Allows you to do 25+ different experiments
  • It comes with a colorful, helpful manual
  • Teaches the how and why of experiments


  • No big, explosive experiments

8. Playz – Ridiculous Inventions Science Kits for Kids

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Encouraging STEM science, the Ridiculous Inventions Science Kit teaches about a wide range of topics such as circuits, magnetic force fields, sound propagation, and much more. This set allows you to try out at least 26 various experiments with the help of more than 30 ingredients and tools.

It’s almost like having a mini laboratory at your own home. The many experiments will keep your kid busy for quite a while.

An instructions guide comes with this set that contains 72 colorful, fascinating pages of instructions. Not only will this guide help you understand the steps of the tests, but it will undoubtedly make your child wonder how and why the tests work the way they do.

This kit comes with many components such as a light bulb, copper wire, balloons, magnet, sandpaper, straws, motor, wooden sticks, a mirror, and more. The kit is quite affordable if you bring the number of items into consideration.

Although the kit is said to be designed for kids aged 8 and above, I think that a ten-year-old or a 12-year-old might enjoy this more. They will grasp the concepts faster without any issues. This kit should keep your child away from the computer or the TV and deeply engrossed in the variety of experiments.

Pleasing to the eye at first glance, the Ridiculous Inventions Science Kit could easily be an excellent gift for the holidays. Any extra materials you might need for specific experiments are readily available at your nearest grocery store.


  • Allows you to try 26 different experiments
  • Manual is helpful, colorful, and contains images
  • Promotes technology and physics in a fun manner


  • You might need external components for experiments

9. Crayola – Color Chemistry Set for Kids

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This product is another kit on this list that connects art and science. The set was designed for children aged 7 and above. But if you asked me, this is currently one of the top science kits for 10-year-old kids. This kit enables your child to do 34 science-related activities and 16 amazing experiments, all of which are inspired by STEAM.

Although older kids can do fine independently, if your child is a young one, it would be a good idea to supervise them.

The perfect kid for a budding color scientist, the Color Chemistry Set has been carefully designed by Crayola. And as we all know, Crayola is an expert in the field of art supplies. Although several experiments are possible with this kit, one of my top choices has got to be the volcano.

And since slimes are still in, that particular experiment was loads of fun too. The instructions manual is straightforward; your child will not have any issue following it. Because there are 50 possible activities and experiments, this kit should keep your kid busy for a long time.

Some of the activities are variations of another one, but there are still many original ideas to be enjoyed.

For example, there are two variants of the slime experiment, and each gives you a different form of slime. The kit is perfect for a rainy day at home or when you and your child feel like some games with colors. All the dyes in the set can be washed away, no matter how bright they seem.

Just make sure to go through the manual once with your kid before they get started!


  • Almost all materials required are ​​​​​provided
  • Offers 50 activities in total
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • All dyes can be washed away


  • No refills available

10. Giggleway – Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit

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This science kit is epic fun and comes with not one but three different robot set parts, a screwdriver, and an instruction manual. With the Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit, you can make a car toy, reptile, and doodling robot.

You can make all three robots at the same time! This kit will get your child involved with engineering and circuits, stimulating them to want to know more about those.

Once your child follows the instructions and builds a robot and sees it work perfectly, it will leave them feeling gratified. This should be a significant boost to their confidence. The manual is easy to follow, and your child won’t need any supervision when building their robot(s).

Although you may not need it, there is a 30 days return policy.

Boosting STEM value, the Electric Motor Robotic Science Kit might be best suited for 10-year-old children and even pre-teen kids. Younger kids might need a little bit of help with the assembly. Certain parts might be too tiny for their small hands to make use of.

For instance, you might need to set up the wires during the assembly of the robots. Out of the three kinds of robots, I liked the doodling one the best. I can see it being an instant hit with the kids, especially if you involve a variety of colors when the robot doodles.

The set is excellent value for money; it comes with spare components such as screws. Overall, it is currently my favorite science set for kids that deals with main robotics.


  • Encourages learning about robotics
  • You get your money’s worth
  • Allows hours of playtime


  • Slightly undersized for younger kids to handle

How Can a Science Kit Help Your Kid?

A lot of parents struggle to explain science and other subjects to their children. It is much harder to make it all sound intriguing. Science kits help with that and make the overall learning experience a lot of fun. The more exposure your kid has to a particular subject, the more inclined they will be to learn more about it.

Science sets cover virtually every branch of science you can think of. The more knowledge a child receives, the better is their critical thinking skills. The kits are getting quite popular among schools and teachers too. Although one can find plenty of content in books and videos, nothing quite beats the excitement of toys.

These kits are the perfect option for children of all ages. They simplify all the branches of sciences – the science of matter, pure sciences, and life sciences. Through these science kits, kids can explore each branch in a non-boring manner. These sets are a great way to get young, curious minds thinking.

Science kits are a fantastic way to get a hands-on approach to science. And the best bit is, your child will never get in harm’s way.

What Makes a Science Kit Great?

A decent science kit should be pretty affordable, preferably below $50 each. This enables you to buy at least a couple of sets at a time. And each time you purchase these kits, your child will delve into the world of STEM a little bit more. Other than that, the following factors should be taken into account:

Picking the Right Branch of Science for Your Kid

All branches of sciences are equally admirable, and you may have one or two that may stick out to you for a particular reason. However, since children are young and impressionable, it is usually best to slowly introduce them to newer, bigger, complex things. This is why these science kits are handy.

Based on what kind of kits draw their attention, you can purchase simple sets that consist of geode cracking kits, garden bugs kits, volcano eruption kits, and more.

Don’t forget to ensure that your child’s age falls in the kit’s specified age range. The idea is to use these sets to help bring discipline, determination, precision, and confidence to your child.

Quality of Kit

Generally speaking, there is a wide range of quality and prices for science kits in the market. However, the best way to go about things is to see your budget limit and check what makes your child happy. Usually, children are content with what they receive and don’t care much about its costs.

Equipment that Comes with The Kit

A crucial point of these science kits is that they should be different and of a higher standard than regular experiments done at home. In other words, you and your kid must get your value for money.

Some kits have fewer materials to get things started, while others have hundreds of tiny accessories. Please make sure to check that you receive the equipment mentioned in your kit.

Try to keep risks low, and try not to purchase liquid component inclusive science kits for your child aged 5 or below. If your science set does have too many materials, assist your kids in towing them away after they are done with their experiments.

It is ideal for getting simpler sets for younger children. If there are many materials, little children might get tempted to put them in their mouths.

Almost all science sets come with a manual with instructions and a list of the items provided in the set. Make sure to go through that before handing down the kit to your child.

Always Practice Safety

Science kits are supposed to be a fun, engaging, educational experience for your children. A crucial part of the entire experience is to practice safety. Please make sure to follow the following tips:

  • Always read through the instructions manual
  • Do not ingest any of the materials from the kits
  • If there are any chemicals in your set, avoid touching them with your bare hands, and even if you do touch them with your hands, avoid getting any of the chemicals near your face and eyes.
  • Always make use of gloves, papers, tissues, and safety goggles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I buying the right set?

A. That will depend on what your child enjoys and what kit would stimulate them.

Q. Where will I find the manual for the kit?

A. Almost all science kits come with a manual. However, if you don’t receive one with your kit, you can always look up the product information on the company’s website.

Q.At what age do I introduce my kid to science sets?

A. There are quite a several kits that are appropriate for children as young as 2-years-old. Therefore, I would say that it is never too early to buy a kit for your child.

Q. Can my child make use of a science kit without any supervision?

A. The sets rarely have any dangerous or toxic components. However, it is better to give the kit a go before handing it over to your children. Generally speaking, unless your child is a toddler and may get the idea to put objects in their mouth, you have nothing to worry about.

Q.  Will such educational toys help my child?

A.! These kits will introduce various complex ideas to your child in a simplistic, entertaining manner.

Best Science Kits For Kids: Final Words

Although there are several science sets to choose from, the list above covers all the best science kits for kids for the year 2019. If you purchase them for your child, there will be plenty of enjoyable experiments and games to last them the entire year.

Science Kits For Kids: Today’s Best Deals

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4M 7 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit with...
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2024-03-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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