Best power wheels for 2-years-old [10 Top Reviews]

Power Wheels are doubtlessly the best thing you can get your kid on their second birthday. It’s one of the coolest toys ever made.

Your kiddo will instantly fall in love with it the moment they see it… and they’ll enjoy days of fun spinning the wheel—just like mommy or daddy does. The only hard thing about power wheels is choosing the right one for your 2-yr old. You’ll have to skim through thousands of models of different types, designs, etc.

Not to forget, you have to meet your kiddo’s unique preferences. Luckily, we have done the most part for you. We’ve searched the market for the best power wheels for 2-year-old and found many of the highest-quality, safest, and great-looking models, which we’ll outline below.

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1. Power Wheels 2-year-old: Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor With Trailer

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Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with...
  • 2 speeds plus reverse; 2¼ & 4½ mph. (4½ mph lockout for beginners)
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Farm tractor wheels provide traction on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement.
  • Extra large stake-side trailer
  • Working FM radio

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Looking for the best Power Wheels for 2-year-old kids? This John Deer Ground Force tractor is a great choice for kids between 2 and 7 years old.

It is designed to help take your child’s outdoor play to the next level of excitement. For instance, imagine your 2-year-old driving around while listening to the radio just like you do when driving your car! That would be cute.

Children like to imitate adults – it’s how they learn. For that reason, this kiddie tractor comes equipped with an FM radio which your kid can delight in listening to while driving – all adult-like!

It also comes with an extra-large trailer. The kids can load up the trailer just like an adult with a proper tractor and then deliver the payload.

Playing like this helps children feel confident and capable of doing things for themselves. It instills in them a desire to be someone capable when they grow up.

As noted, the tractor is appropriate for 2-year-olds up to 7-year-olds, depending on the child’s size, of course. For that reason, the tractor features an adjustable seat.

This ensures that the child can continue using the tractor even as they grow older and bigger. It also means that siblings of different ages can share. The seat features flip-up armrests.

The tractor features huge farm tractor wheels, great for driving on gravel, pavement, dirt, and even grass because of the high traction. The John Deere has two speeds plus reverse and an accelerator pedal that has automatic brakes.

You, the parent, controls one of the two speeds using the second gear lockout feature.

Highlighted Features:

  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Farm tractor wheels
  • 2 speeds + reverse
  • Large stake-side trailer
  • Features FM radio
  • Adjustable seat

2. Power Wheels for 2 years old: Power Wheels Lil’ Quad Featuring Disney Minnie

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This is a great Power Wheels for a 2-year-old. The vehicle is designed with cool camo colors and graphics, which your little one can enjoy showing off to their friends. The features are toddler-friendly, so the kiddo will have a sweet time driving the Power Wheels vehicle around.

Kids want to play outdoors, not indoors. To ensure their outdoor play is without any hitch, the vehicle is equipped with strong, wide tires that perform well on grass and hard surfaces like pavements.

Furthermore, it’s a sturdy low-rider base that will ensure your 2-year-old can get on and off the vehicle with ease, needing no adult help or support. It also has built-in footrests, so your child will be quite comfortable during their ride.

The fastest cruising speed the Lil’ Quad vehicle can reach is 2 miles per hour. This is fast enough for a little kid to enjoy the ride and slow enough that you don’t have to fret about their safety.

Kids are at an early developmental stage cognitively, and their brains can’t hold much complex information. To make the drive easier for little kids, the vehicle only goes forward – no reverse.

To make it start moving forward, all the kid has to do is press a button, an effortless and intuitive operation that even 2-year-olds can grasp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Toddler-friendly
  • 2 mph max, forward only
  • Built-in footrests
  • Push-button operation

3. Power Wheel for 2 year old: Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

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This is a nice battery-powered car for 2-year-old kids. It features realistic Jeep Wrangler styling, which parents who love cars will appreciate – something to share with other parents while watching the kids play.

What your kid will love, though, is the colors and graphics which are sourced from Disney’s animation movie “Frozen,” which, as you know, is a big hit with kids of all ages.

In fact, the Jeep even comes with a pretend radio that contains songs from the movie. Your kid can sing along to their favorite songs from Frozen while driving the Jeep around, which equals double fun!

The battery-powered car has a sturdy frame that can support a weight of up to 130 pounds, so it’s great for little kids. It also features a specially designed Power-Lock brakes system that comes to an automatic stop whenever the kid’s foot comes off the pedal.

This ensures the child is always safe and doesn’t lose control of the vehicle. In addition, there is a high-speed lockout option that enables you to raise the Jeep’s speed.

This is up to you as a parent, of course: when you determine that the kid is ready to drive at a faster speed. The Jeep can drive both forward and reverse. When moving in a forward direction, it can do a maximum speed of 5 mph. When driven in reverse, the Jeep does 2.5 mph.

Highlighted Features:

  • Realistic Jeep Wrangler Styling
  • Colors and graphics from Disney’s Frozen
  • Pretend radio that plays songs from Frozen
  • Rear storage area
  • Power-Lock brake system
  • 5 mph max forward and 2.5 mph max reverse

4. Power Wheels Ford Lil’ F-50

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Boys are known to enjoy cars from a young age: playing with them, drawing them, and so forth. Why not give your kid a great start by getting him a set of wheels he can actually drive.

This Lil’ F-150 model is an excellent Power Wheels for 2-year-old boys. It features both forward and reverses action, which the kid will enjoy a lot once he figures out how to drive in reverse.

When driving forward, the kid can do a maximum of 3.5 mph, an exciting speed for a little kid, but not so high that his safety is compromised. For even more safety, the Jeep has an electronic braking system.

As soon as the child is driving, it takes their foot off the pedal, and the braking system automatically stops the car. With this system in place, there is less likelihood of the child overspeeding, losing control of the vehicle, and crashing against a wall, another child, a tree, and so forth.

Children, even young ones, are adventurous and quite a bit rough with their toys. He will treat his Power Wheels the same way he treats other toys.

You, therefore, want something sturdy and strong that can take this non-tender treatment. The vehicle is made from durable plastic that can handle years of tough use, so the kid can keep using it as he grows older until he outgrows it.

The Jeep can handle a weight of up to 65 pounds. The Jeep’s wheels are wide and rugged. They are capable of gripping grass as well as cement surfaces.

This will ensure the kiddo is quite safe when driving the Jeep. This is a battery-powered car, but it also contains a pretend engine, just to give your kid a sense of how a real car should be.

He can actually lift the hood to take a peek at the realistic truck “engine”. This will enhance the kid’s sense of imagination and play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Truck bed for storage
  • Big, rugged tires
  • 3.5 mph max forward and reverse
  • Pretend engine
  • Power-Lock brake system

5. Powerwheel for 2-year-old: Moderno Kids Explorer 2 Seater

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For the best Power Wheel for a 2-year-old, consider this Moderno Kids two-seater. It’s a great truck for little ones between 2 and 4 years old.

It’s a two-seater, so your kid can ride it together with a friend, great for building friendships and learning how to share and socialize with other children. When only one kid is riding, it can handle a child of up to 6 years old.

The vehicle features a swappable and removable battery that has a large capacity. The battery has protection against overcharge, over-discharge, and overload. The kid can access 2 speeds at the beginning.

There is a third speed made accessible through parental remote control. It also has a reverse speed. The maximum speed the kid can take it up to is 2 to 5 mph. The vehicle features Soft Start for a gradual acceleration.

That way, the kid can drive safely and won’t lose control of the car. In addition, the vehicle has an electric brake system that ensures reliable braking, equally important for safe driving.

Music is a great way to while away the time while riding, even for little kids. The vehicle has an integrated MP3 music player and Bluetooth FM radio. You can play your child’s favorite songs from a USB flash drive, Micro SD card, iPod, iPhone, or an Android phone.

That way, driving will be even more fun. The kiddie truck comes with a parental remote control with a remote STOP function to further guarantee safety. This gives you more control and reduces your fears about your kid’s safety while riding the truck.

Highlighted Features:

  • A two-seater, for 2 to 4-year-olds
  • Swappable, removable battery
  • 2 powerful motors
  • Soft start and electric brake system
  • Parental remote control (long-range, 2.4 GHz)

6. Kid Trax Toddler Disney Minnie Mouse Electric Quad Ride On Toy

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Little kids love cartoons. One way to get them to enjoy their kiddie truck is if the toy features a cartoon theme – preferably a cartoon they know and love. Mickey Mouse is one of the classic cartoons. This particular ride-on toy quad is Minnie Mouse-themed.

It has pink and other colors which suit the pretty cartoon mouse. The ride-on toy quad can manage a forward speed of 1.5 mph. That is fast enough to be big fun for two-year-old kiddo and slow enough that they are safe.

It features easy push-button acceleration, which is very appropriate for your kid’s little hands. All the kid has to do is push a button, and the little vehicle will start moving.

In addition, the little truck has rubber traction strip tires that have enough grip on handling a variety of surfaces such as grass, gravel, and pavement. The vehicle has a 6V rechargeable battery with a direct connect one-step charging system.

All you need is a power outlet to keep the truck in action. The ride-on toy comes ready to be assembled. It can handle a weight capacity of up to 45 pounds. It is most appropriate for kids who are between 18 and 30 months old.

Highlighted Features:

  • Minnie Mouse-themed
  • 1.5 mph forward speed
  • Push-button acceleration
  • Rubber traction strip tires
  • Maximum weight: 45 pounds
  • For kids between 18 and 30 months old

7. Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

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If there is something kids love even more than cartoons, it is dinosaurs. This Jurassic World-themed Power Wheels vehicle will be sure to really excite your kid.

In fact, the vehicle is styled exactly like a dinosaur, so your kid feels like they are riding on the back of a real dinosaur. Children have vibrant imaginations, and they will certainly feel as if they are flying on a dinosaur’s back, off to have adventures.

Your kid will be the envy of their friends with this Power Wheels ride-on. Your kid can even name the dinosaur. The dinosaur’s head is positioned in front of the handlebars.

Your child can manually open and close the dinosaur’s mouth: chomping action! The wheels have good traction so that the ride-on can be operated on grass, hard surfaces, and rough terrain.

The maximum speed for the forwarding movement is 6 mph. For reverse movement, it is 3 mph. The ride-on’s sturdy frame can handle a maximum weight of 65 pounds. The vehicle features a Power-Lock brake system.

When your kid lifts their foot off the pedal, the ride-on automatically stops. Therefore, you can breathe easily as far as your child’s safety is concerned. In addition, the ride-one has a parent-controlled, high-speed lockout.

That means you, as the parent, are in charge of deciding when to increase the ride-on’s speed, based on your assessment of whether your child is ready.

Highlighted Features:

  • Jurassic World-themed
  • The dinosaur has manually open and closing mouth
  • Max speed forward: 6 mph; max speed reverse: 3 mph
  • Power-Lock brake system
  • Parent-controlled, high-speed lockout
  • Max weight: 65 pounds

8. Best Power Wheel for 2-year-old: Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Ride On

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The Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 has 2 speeds in addition to the reverse. It travels at a speed of 2-1/2 or 5 mph. 5mph is the maximum speed the ride-on can travel.

Beginners cannot access this speed level. They start at a maximum speed of 2-1/2 mph. The speed lockout ensures they don’t access the higher speed level until they are ready.

This prevents accidents and other unfortunate events – beginners are more likely to lose control of a speeding vehicle than kids who have become seasoned drivers over time.

To further enhance the safety of your child, the ride-on comes with seatbelts. Teach your child that one must always fasten their seatbelt when driving or sitting in a moving car.

You can teach by example as kids learn more from adults than from remembering what they are told. A 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger operate the ride-on.

It takes about 2 hours to charge the battery; then, the car is ready to take out for a period of fun and adventure. It is suitable for kids up to 8 years old. It has a weight capacity of 130 pounds.

The vehicle features a working horn, and that is one of the key attractions for many children. Be prepared for a lot of random hooting – kids can’t resist playing with the horn, just to hear that hooting sound!

The ride-on’s wheels have good traction. That means the kid can drive it on the grass. The wheels can also handle dirt, gravel, and hard surfaces. Your kid’s size is not stagnant.

You may get the car for them when they are 2 years old, but you want it to last a little longer. The car has adjustable bucket seats to ensure that the kid can continue using it, even as they grow older and bigger.

You can keep adjusting the seat to suit the kid’s size. This is also great when you have more than one child and want them to share the car.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 speeds + reverse
  • High-speed lockout for beginner
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger
  • Weight capacity: 130 pounds
  • Seatbelts and horn

9. Power Wheels Lil Lightning McQueen

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This is another cartoon character-themed car, this time a very relevant cartoon since it happens to be Pixar’s “Cars.” Most kids who watch the movie are big fans of the car known as Lightning McQueen.

It’s a red car with blue eyes on the white windshield and a grin on the front bumper. If your kid hasn’t seen the movie yet, show it further to enhance their enjoyment of their Lightning McQueen Power Wheels.

The car comes with 3 sound modes. You can choose from English or Spanish phrases accompanied by racecar sounds or choose sounds only. This is a nice way for the kid to learn some words, both in English and Spanish.

At two years old, the child is still at the developmental stage and will learn how to speak through repetition. Hearing the repeated phrases will cause the child to say them back, and in that way, start learning how to talk.

A two-year-old is not yet ready to figure out and remember complex operations. All they need is a button they can push to get the car going or stop.

That’s what the Lightning McQueen Power Wheels have: a push-button operation, so driving it will be much easier for little kids. In addition, the car’s door openings are wide, giving the child an easy in and out.

The maximum speed at which it can be driven is 2 mph. For a two-year-old, that is fast enough to be a thrill, but it’s not so fast that they lose control of the vehicle and crash into something.

The child can drive it on hard surfaces like pavements, but they can also ride it on the grass.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightning McQueen-themed
  • 3 sound modes to choose from
  • Push-button operation
  • Wide door openings
  • Max speed: 2 mph forward
  • 6-volt battery and charger

10. Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

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This Power Wheels vehicle has realistic Jeep Wrangler styling. That is already a big win for carr enthusiast parents, something to talk about with other parents at the kid’s play date.

It’s also a great choice for kids who have a genuine passion for cars. What most kids will love, though, is the cool flame graphics. For the sake of safety, the Wrangler features a parent-controlled high-speed lockout for beginners.

The beginners’ maximum speed is 2 mph. The Wrangler’s actual maximum speed is 5 mph. However, beginners are not yet ready for high speed. The lockout puts the control in the parents’ hands.

The kid won’t access the higher speed level until you feel they are ready for it. The ride-on has smooth contours and rounded edges on the inside to ensure your kid has extra protection from impact.

It also features a Power-Lock brake system. That means the vehicle will stop automatically once your kid takes their foot off the pedal. As a result, the kid is safe from possible collisions since they are less likely to lose control of the vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power-Lock brake system
  • Tough Talking microphone, voice-amplifying speaker, and fun sound effects
  • Pretend radio contains 2 tunes and real vehicle sounds
  • Parent-controlled high-speed lockout
  • Max speed forward: 2.5 and 5 mph; max speed reverse: 2.5 mph

Are Power Wheels Safe for Two Year Old?

Yes. Power Wheels are safe for two-year-olds. The level of safety, however, depends on the safety features of the particular ride-on. You see, ride-on comes in different shapes and sizes.

Some are appropriate for older kids, and some are better suited to younger ones. The best-motorized cars for 2-year-old kids are definitely going to be safe. To gain some peace of mind, look out for the following safety features:

Power-Lock Brake System

It is unrealistic to expect a 2-year-old to master the art of braking to stop a fast-moving ride-on. The brains of children that young simply haven’t developed enough. Little children need all the help they can get to stay safe.

This particular case means a ride-on that stops automatically after the child lifts their foot off the pedal. This will keep your child safe from possible crashes and collisions that would occur if they lost control of the ride-on when it’s speeding towards a wall, a tree, or even a person.

Gradual Acceleration

A regular car (for adults) does not lurch forward at top speed immediately after starting. It accelerates gradually. Power Wheels follow the same principle. This gives the child a sense of control, ensuring they do not panic.

Besides, if the ride-on jerked forward suddenly, the child might bang their head on a hard surface and get hurt.

Safety Belts

Now and then, your kid is going to crash into something, for instance, a wall or the trunk of a tree. A seatbelt ensures they are held securely and doesn’t get hurt by hitting their head against something.

High-Speed Lockout

High-speed lockout is a parental control system that enables you as the parent to deny your child access to the ride-on’s true maximum speed. Instead, you start the kid out on a lower speed level and only unlock the high-speed level when you think the kid is ready.

Things to Check Before Getting Power Wheels

Design and Styling

Kids will probably enjoy anything, but it’s good to ensure that the design is something your child would enjoy as a bonus. For instance, if your child likes a certain cartoon, finding a ride-on that is themed to that cartoon would be great.

In this article, we have reviewed a Lightning McQueen-themed ride-on, Minnie Mouse, Jurassic World, and so forth. The colors are also significant, depending on what color your kid enjoys.

Parental Override

Not all ride-ons have this feature, but those which do have a great advantage. These are vehicles that come with a remote control enabling parents to gain control over the ride-on.

This is useful when the child loses control of the vehicle and is on a collision course with an object or person. Parental override enhances the safety of a ride-on.

High-Speed Lockout

High-speed lockout gives parents access to additional gear that the child may not access until the parent allows it. This enhances safety. When the child is a beginner driver, they may not have the ability to control the vehicle, especially when it’s going at the maximum speed.

Such ride-ons have two maximum speeds: the beginner’s maximum speed and the actual maximum speed, which the child will only access when you allow it. When you see that your child is ready and has gained a level of control and mastery, you can unlock the higher speed for them. It gives the child something to look forward to.

Power-Lock Brake System

Safety is definitely the most important thing when buying a ride-on for your child, especially when your kid is only two years old. At that young age, the child’s mind is far from well-developed, and certain things you might take for granted might be complicated for the child to either grasp or remember.

For instance, it is not realistic to expect a two-year-old to remember how braking works when they lose control of a fast-moving ride-on. It is, therefore, necessary that the child gets all the help they can get. In this case, the Power-Lock brake system ensures that your kid is absolutely safe.

The moment your child lifts their foot off the pedal, the vehicle automatically stops.

Gradual Acceleration

This is another safety feature. For the kid to feel some level of control over the ride-on, there should be gradual acceleration. It should not reach the maximum speed immediately. This is exactly how real automobiles accelerate – gradually.

It is dangerous for the ride-on to suddenly lurch either forward or backward as the child can get hurt or spooked. Gradual acceleration makes the ride-on easier to drive.

Forward and Reverse

Not all ride-on has the reverse button – not that it is necessary, seeing as this is just a kids’ toy. However, it is fun for kids to drive in reverse as well as forwards. Kids love variety in their experiences.

Furthermore, real automobiles drive in reverse too. Including reverse movement will greatly enhance kids’ imaginations as they truly feel like drivers when they are “driving” the ride-on.

Seat Covers

Since your child will be spending a lot of time sitting in the ride-on, why not make sure they are comfortable? Leather seat covers are the most comfortable.


Safety is the main thing. Wearing a seatbelt ensures your child is held safely in place in case of a bumpy road or a head-on collision with a tree or a wall. Furthermore, it instills in your child the importance of wearing seatbelts when sitting in a car.

As strange as that might sound, remember that some of our most deeply ingrained habits stem from childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ages are appropriate for ride-on cars?

There is such a variety of ride-on for little kids of all sizes that you will definitely find appropriate choices for kids as young as 2 years old. You can also find ride-on cars for older kids, for instance, 8 years old.

However, as they grow older, kids are less likely to enjoy ride-on cars and prefer bikes, skateboards, and so forth.

2. Can I modify my kid’s ride-on?

Yes, you can definitely upgrade your child’s ride-on, and many parents actually do that. There are communities online you can join which are dedicated to this.

Just make sure you do a lot of research before doing it. Be informed that any modifications you make on the ride-on might void the existing warranty.

Undertake the modifications with strict attention to safety. Typical modifications include increasing battery voltage, upgrading the motor, and adding tread to the tires.

Final Verdict

Your two-year-old child may not yet be ready for a bike, but you can make their world by getting them a ride-on. A ride-on is a far better gift for your child than a mere toy car because when sitting on the ride-on, the child will truly feel that they are a real driver!

Ensure you get your kiddo a model that comes with all the bells and whistles so that they will enjoy it. And when selecting the best Power Wheels for your child, remember that safety is the number one consideration.

After all, the kid is only two years old. As a responsible parent, go for a ride-on that contains the following safety features: power-lock brake system, parental override remote control, high-speed lockout, safety belts, gradual acceleration, and so forth.

Be sure to check out the list above for some of the safest, finest-looking power wheels for your 2yr old you can find on the market today.

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