10 Best Laser Tag Guns For Kids – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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Are you looking for a fun activity that you can enjoy together with your kids?

If yes, laser tag game is a great way to enjoy your family leisure time and strengthen your family bond.

Plus, it will help divert your kids’ attention from the screens, video games, mobile phones, etc., and teach essential skills like teamwork, motor skills, thinking, winning and losing, etc.

For you to enjoy this game, however, you’ll need to buy the best laser tag guns.

Unluckily, the market has countless products designed for different ages and with various features and capabilities. And this means you’ve to be careful to ensure the set you buy matches your unique needs.

So, how do you ensure you get the right set?

Below, we’ve crafted an easy-to-follow guide to help you chose the right laser tag guns for your family. We’ve also listed some helpful information and tips for first-time laser tag gamers.

And as a BONUS: We’ve picked for you the 10 top-of-the-line laser tag guns selling like hotcake on the market right now.

Let’s get into more details…

Best Overall

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

Best Value

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

Honorable Mention

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set

Are Laser Tag Guns Safe? Does It Hurt Your Eyes?

PAUSE a moment…before we get into details of the best laser tag guns on the market, let’s first clear the air on this crucial issue…

Whether laser tag guns are really safe for you and your kids:

We understand that this debate has been ongoing and different people and institutions have aired varying opinions.

But one thing we can assure is that any quality laser tag gun built to the set quality standards is 100% safe for your family to use.

The fact that these toys scream the world LASER shouldn’t scare you because they don’t use the real laser.

The beam you see coming out of them is simply some infra-red LED (which is pretty much the same as the one in your garaged door opener, remote control, TV, and other home appliances). This infrared ray has a power output of less than 1mW, meaning it’s simply harmless.

In other words, pointing and shooting your laser tag gun at someone is like pointing a remote control at someone—which is basically harmless!

Being shot with a laser gun does NOT inflict any pain as you might be thinking. When you get hit, only your vest produces a tactile vibration that makes the game look and feel more realistic.

What about beaming the laser tag gun to one’s eye?

Can it cause blindness?

The answer is NO…

Let’s state it again…that the infrared ray that comes out of your laser gun is low energy and low frequency—or it’s a low-powered infrared—which means it can’t cause any form of damage to your eyes, and hence your vision.

In fact, your kids don’t need to wear any eye protection when playing this game.

Always feel at peace whenever your kids are playing the laser tag game because it cannot cause any harm to their body or their eyes.

Now let’s point our guns to the 10 best laser tag sets currently available on the market today…

Our Best Laser Tag Gun Picks:

1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

If you’re on the market for the best home laser tag system, you can’t go wrong with this Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set. Ideal for both kids and adults, this set of toys has undergone tests by third-party product safety facility to ensure it’s 100% safe for you and your kids.

Inside the box, you’ll find up to 4 laser blasters ready to give you the ultimate fun. Unlike most of the sets you’ll encounter, or you’ve used before, this set doesn’t require you to use the vests. The laser guns or blasters act as the targets for the opponents, eliminating the need for vests. As the experienced players will agree, a game with no vests becomes user-friendlier.

Because these laser blasters are designed to accommodate as many as 4 different player settings, they’ll provide your family with multiple game choices. For instance, you can choose to play a free-for-all battle, where you all shoot each other until the best player wins the game. Or you can go the team way and set up a two-on-two game. Which option would you prefer?

The fact that the blaster and team settings are easily interchangeable, and can be set on the fly, makes the game even more easier and fun for your family.

All the blasters feel incredibly light and operate on AA batteries for enhanced portability.

We’d also want to give the manufacturer a thumbs up for shipping this set with a convenient carrying case. This not only makes it easy for you to transport your laser blasters but also ensures you can safely carry them to any place you want without worrying about any damages.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 4 laser blasters
  • Up to 4 different team settings
  • No vest needed; blaster acts as target
  • Team and blaster settings are interchangeable
  • Convenient carry case included

2. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

The next product on our list is the ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag set. This is a set of 4 laser tag blasters and vests that’ll turn your home/backyard into a real laser tag arena and provide you with countless hours of state-of-the-art laser tag fun and experience.

Like the previous set, these blasters are also made for all ages, so you can enjoy using them with your family as well as friends. The laser blasters boast of a flawless performance within a range of 150ft—both indoors and outdoors.

Packed in a set of 4, the laser guns allow up to 4 players to participate in the battle so that no one will be left out of the amazing gaming experience.

And once the battle begins, the lasers allow you to switch between the unique powers of the pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and even rocket to gain an advantage over your opponent. Surely, this will bring you closer to a glorious victory! The tactile vibrations plus lifelike shooting sounds produced by the guns during the battle will make the gameplay truly hypnotizing. They’ll create a lifelike, memorable experience for your entire family!

This set is also designed to be easy to use. This is evident from the ergonomic design of the laser gun—which ensures a more solid grip for easy handling, for both kids and adults.

All the 4 laser blasters included in this package are 100% safe for your kids. They use the Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission (i.e., 0.9mW; less than 1mW). They’re designed using premium quality materials to enable them to withstand the rough use, defy breakages, and last longer than most of the competition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can accommodate up to 4 teams
  • An extreme 150ft shooting range
  • Built-in voice prompts for easy play
  • Night vision flashlight
  • Premium construction for long-lasting durability
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

3. Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set is yet another perfect laser tag home set. Both kids and adults can play with this laser tag. And like the previous, it comes fully optimized to enable you to enjoy an entertaining, fun-filled gaming experience.

One of the top reasons why we love this set is because of its incredible versatility. It lets you choose the type of ammunition for unmatched gaming experience and awesome attacks. The ammo options include the pistol, shotgun, submachine, and the missile launcher. Remember that you can change each setting and ammunition level on the go for an easy gaming experience.

Like our previous set, this set also comes designed to produce realistic sound effects and vibrations. These are sure to make the game fully additive and turn your kids away from the screens.

We also like the fact that this blaster tag set has an incredibly long range of up to 40meters (130ft.). This means that you can easily shoot at targets miles away…say when playing the laser tag game outdoors. And since these guns come equipped with infrared receivers, your shooting precision gets even better.

The safety of your family should always come first! For this reason, this laser tag set has undergone teste by independent product safety facility. And it has been determined to emit safe, infrared lights, with less than 1mW power output—making it 100% safe for you and your kids!

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 4 blaster settings
  • Supports multi-player mode
  • Long-range infrared strikes up to 130ft
  • Realistic sound effects & vibrations
  • 100% safe: emits safe, infrared light

4. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag – Set of 4

Kidzlane Kidzlane Kidzlane

If you’re running out of ideas to treat your little adventurers on their birthdays or other special occasions, consider buying them this Kidzlane laser tag game for kids. This particular laser tag set promises to grant your kids the fun (in the form of a mega-realistic laser battle) that never ends.

The laser tag comes in a set of 4 toys, which enables you to organize a breath-taking battle with your friends. And when you begin the merciless war, you’ll be pleased to note that this set offers you up to 4 gun modes to choose from. You can choose to fight with the pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, or even the rocket to pulverize your enemy!

Just like in the previously discussed models, this set crowns your battle with ultra-realistic shooting sounds to make it look and sound like a real-life battle!

Note that you don’t need to wear any vest when playing with this set. This is because the guns come built-in receivers which act as the targets. With a maximum strike of up to 130ft, you can make your laser battlefield can get as bigger as you wish.

The blasters use the Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission, which is less than 1mW. This means it’s an entirely safe toy for kids of all ages. Your kids don’t need to wear any eye protection when participating in the battle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-team action laser tag set
  • Up to 4 ammo options to pick from
  • Long-range shooting capabilities: 130ft
  • Top-notch quality construction
  • 100% safe for kids and adults

5. ThrillZone Laser Tag Guns Set


How about playing aliens or protecting the planet with your laser tag gun? Doesn’t that sound like a real deal?  With the colorful, futuristic design of this ThrillZone Laser Tag Guns Set, your kids will be able to engage in cosmic competition and have an astronomical level of fun.

One of the top reason why many players (kids and adults alike) swear by this gun set is its high versatility. It’s a multi-player mode set that lets you form teams of 2 simply engage in a 4-person laser tag tournament. To ensure you don’t play the game over and over again (this can get boring with time), it allows you to customize every new game you play. You do this by changing the gun color, team color, and the sound effect (choose between pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket).

As it’s the case with the previously discussed laser tag sets, this set also comes designed to produce those realistic vibrations and sound effects that make you feel like you’re in the real-life battle zone—making them game even more lively!

This laser blaster set is safe for you and your kids. It’s made using a safe infrared laser which is entirely harmless to human beings. It’s also made using quality and durable materials to ensure it takes any level of beating, both indoors and outdoors, and last longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports multi-player mode
  • Realistic vibrations and sound effects
  • Can shoot up to 131ft away
  • All day safe play for kids and adults
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

6. Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag

 Liberty Imports Liberty Imports Liberty Imports

Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag is another perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy playing laser tag at home. Like all the previously discussed models, this package comes in a set of 4, ensuring no member of the family is left out of the breath-taking fun and experience.

It features a multi-player mode setting, where you can choose to play a free-for-all laser tag game or form a team of twos. Like nearly any other model on this list, this laser tag presents you with 4 different weapon options to pick from. These include the pistol, handgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Each of these weapons is accompanied by highly realistic sound effects which take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

And yes, this is also a long range laser tag, capable of striking as far as 130ft (or 40m). Isn’t this an excellent range when you’re playing outdoors where the battlefield is a bit bigger?

You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when playing thing game since it uses the Child Safety Signal Emission which is less than 1mW. The laser blasters act as the targets, so you don’t need to wear the bulky, movement-hindering vests.

Did we mention that the set comes with a convenient carry case for easy carry to any place?

Highlighted Features:

  • 4-player laser tag set
  • 4 different weapon settings
  • No vest needed; blaster is the target
  • Long-range sensor of up to 132ft
  • 100% safe for kids and adults; ASTM F963-16 certified
  • Convenient carry case

7. VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set


You can also count on the VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set for an exciting laser tag game experience with your family and friends. As one of the most advanced sets of laser blasters and vests, it’ll provide you with hours and hours fun while diverting your kids’ attention from online games.

Inside the box, you’ll get a total of 4 guns and 4 vests. This means that this set has multi-player capabilities, ensuring that all your family members or friends take part in this gaming experience (up to 4 teams can participate in the battle). Like all the other laser tag set, this model also enables you to switch between various weapons to help you gain an advantage over your opponent and merger a winner.

Setting up the later blasters and vests for use is the easiest part. You simply insert the batteries, form your team, and start firing as you switch between various firing modes. This makes the game friendly to kids as young as 3 years old.

For the safety part, the laser guns use Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission which will not cause harm to the players’ eyes or body. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing well that your kid will be 100% safe when handling these toys.

The guns have a maximum striking distance of 100ft. And they’re all made with the highest-quality materials for maximum longevity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-player laser tag game
  • Comes with 4 firing modes
  • 100% safe; uses Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • Shooting range: up to 100ft
  • High-quality construction for maximum longevity

8. USA Toyz Laser Tag

USA ToyzUSA ToyzUSA Toyz

Prepare yourself for a space blaster game with this brand new, revolutionary USA Toyz Laser Tag set. The complete package comes with 2 turbo set laser guns plus 2 moving robot targets and vibrating blasters with up to 4 weapon options.

For this particular game, you don’t need any vests. The targets are situated in the toys, so you’ll just need to aim at your opponent’s gun to score a hit. Note that these guns are also armed with up to 4 different weapon options. And each firing mode registers a different level of damage. Take advantage of this to gain victory over your enemy.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these laser blasters will enable your kids to strike an opponent as far as 130ft from where they stand. In other words, your kids can play across the neighborhood and other extended battlegrounds outdoors.

Like in all the other models we’ve discussed above, this set also accommodates multi-player games. Additional features of these guns include the team selector, life meter, and grip reload—all of which contribute to the ultimate gaming experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-player laser tag game
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • No vests required
  • Up to 4 weapon options
  • Longer 130ft shooting range
  • 100% quality assured

9. Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Infrared (IR) Tag Blasters for Kids

 Matty's Toy Stop Matty's Toy Stop Matty's Toy Stop

Still looking for the perfect laser tag gun for kids? If yes, Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Infrared (IR) Tag Blasters set is another popular model you can on the market today. It’ll give your young ones endless fun while instilling into them motor skills, teamwork, and thinking.

The highly versatile set of 4 laser blasters presents your kids with multiple play settings—including solo, teams, and free-for-all style battle. These options ensure that the players do not repeat the same game over and over again and get quickly bored. Keep in mind that the blasters are also interchangeable for even more versatility.

As you’d expect in any other top-rated laser tag set, these blasters come equipped with different firing modes—pistol, shotgun submachine, and rocket launcher. Each of these weapons records different levels of damage, just like in real life. If you could take advantage and switch to a more powerful weapon, you’ll surely emerge the victor in the game.

The hyper-realistic sounds and vibration alerts produced by these guns during the battle make the game livelier.

Regarding your kids’ wellbeing, this toy set is 100% safe. It comes certified as a child safe class 1 product with a power output of less than 1mW (.0496mW). No eye protection needed as the rays do not damage your kids’ eyes in any way!

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 different weapon options
  • Hyper-realistic sounds, vibrating alerts
  • 4 reversible vests for included
  • Long distance accuracy
  • Certified child-safe class 1 product

10. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game – Set of 2

The last best laser tag on our list is the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game. This is the ideal choice for parents on a tight budget as it costs nearly half the cost of the other models on this list. The main difference with the previous models is that this set comes with two laser blasters.

Nevertheless, this set provides you with up to 4 team modes to ensure your kids can enjoy the game with their friends. It also provides you with up to 4 different gun modes—including the pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and even rocket.  Each gun mode produces realistic shooting sounds which make the game more enjoyable.

What’s more, the laser blasters will light up and vibrate when you’re shooting or shot, which adds to the fun of the game.

Like most of the other laser tag guns for kids that made it to this list, this gun set is also capable of firing as far as 130ft—enabling you to play in an extended battlefield, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

 And because it also uses the Infrared Laser Tag Uses Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission (with 0.9mW power output), you can rest assured that your kids will be totally safe when having fun with these toys.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with up to 4 team modes
  • Switch between 4 gun modes
  • Realistic shooting sounds
  • Uses Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission (0.9mW)
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying:

Number of blasters

As you’ve just seen from our list of the best laser tag gun reviews above, the laser blasters (or the guns, if you like) are the standard item you expect in any laser tag set.

That said, it’s crucial to consider the number of guns that come with the product you wish to buy. The more the guns, the more multi-player capable the set becomes.

Most of the packages feature a maximum of 4 guns while some provide you with a set of 2 blasters.

Firing Modes

If you want to enjoy the laser tag game, be sure to buy a set that provides you with more ammo/weaponry options.

Most of the top-rated sets on the market today, including the ones featured on our list above, provides you with 4 firing options—namely pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher options.

All these modes have a varying number of lives and shot impacts, so you can use them effectively to win over your opponents.

Sounds and effects

The best laser tag set for both kids and adults should come with some built-in sound effects (lifelike shooting sounds and tactile vibrations). These will help enjoy a more realistic gaming experience and ensure you’re fully immersed into the game.

In addition to that, the blasters come with other sounds like pre-installed music, and interactive voice guides—all of which add to the overall player convenience.


You should also ensure the laser tag set you wish to buy is easy to operate and use.

Ensure it comes with ergonomic design for a firmer grip and easy handling by players of all ages. Also, make sure that the blaster settings are situated in a way that you can easily access, switch and select them…even when in the middle of the battle.

Models that have phased out the need to wear vests also make the game friendlier by promoting your mobility, allowing for quicker movements and reactions, etc.

Above all, make sure your product comes with a quick start guide for quick reference whenever you’re stuck operating it.


No parent takes chances when it comes to safety and their kids. And it’s the same reason why you shouldn’t take chances when looking for the perfect laser tag set for your kids.

Though these toys sets are generally harmless (we discussed this a bit earlier), we encourage you to go ahead and closely look at the details of the product you wish to buy.

Look for models that have undergone tests by independent institutions and certified to be 100% safe for your kids. The safest blasters should use the Infrared Signal Emission which has a power output of less than 1mW.

Additional features:

  • Age of the kid: if you’re buying laser blasters for very young kids (say age 5-8) make sure they’re easy to handle and durable as the kids tend to act rough with toys. For older kids, consider looking for a fancier, more sophisticated set.
  • Power source: if possible, look for sets that are powered by rechargeable batteries. This will help you a lot in terms of battery replacement costs.
  • Carry case: some models come with a convenient carry case which makes the set easy to carry to any place without inflicting damage on them.
  • Warranty: checking the manufacturer warranty terms will help you understand to what extent the manufacturer is confident in their product and the expected lifespan.
  • Price: You don’t have to break the bank to buy your kid that laser tag set. Just look around, make comparisons, and you’ll find a moderately priced model that has most of the features needed for a great gaming experience.

How To Play and Win a Laser Tag Game?

Have never played the laser tag game before? If yes, you’ve got nothing to panic about as you prepare to play your first game.

You don’t even need to attend a class to learn how to play this game.

In a quick summary, this is what the game entails:

Once you’ve put on the vest (if necessary), armed yourself with the laser blaster and formed the teams, you’re ready for the game. Pull the trigger of your blaster to shoot at your opponent; you’ll aim at their vests or guns (depending on the model of laser blaster you’re using).

For every shot that hits you, you lose a life. As you get more hits, you’ll run out of lives and get eliminated from the game.

Follow the following tips as you engage in your first laser battle for the best performance and increase chances of emerging the winner:

(i). Defensive techniques:

  • Always remain on the move to ensure you don’t become an easy target for your opponents.
  • Consider moving sideways where possible. This will give you the highest level of protection as you can’t get easily tagged
  • If someone aims at you and you’re not in a position to duck, simply turn sideways. This will make it more challenging for them to hit your sensors
  • Wear dark clothing. Light colors will easily reveal your locations and make you an easy target for your opponents
  • Make full use of the available surfaces and walls for bouncing shots
  • If your model has the invisibility mode, use it move undetected and use the invisible duration to escape and strategize

(ii). Attach techniques:

  • Focus on shot accuracy and not the number of shots your fire; Identify strategic points that will increase your shooting precision
  • Study all your weapon modes in advance. Know all the available lives and any other survival features that come with your weapon. All this crucial info will help you optimize your shots
  • Though this might sound mean, you’ll have to do it so that you don’t turn to be a loser…target the amateurs and kids in the game as they’re easier targets compared to the experienced players
  • And when not in use, be sure to put off your gun to conserve the batteries.

How Does Laser Tag Work? Real Laser or Not?

A laser tag gun is nothing complicated. And unlike what you might have been thinking all along, it doesn’t use a real laser.

Whenever you pull the trigger, you simply activate the laser in your laser blaster. The gun, in turn, fires out a shot (this is a safe infrared beam, similar to the one in your TV remote, garage door opener, etc.).

Of course, you’ll be firing your shots at the laser blaster or vest of your opponent. These vests/laser blasters act as the receivers as the infrared beam.

If you fire accurately, the vest/blaster will sense your shot and illuminate. Most models also produce tactile vibrations alerts as well when hit.

For every successful shot you fire at your opponent, the vest has data recording equipment incorporated into it to take the scores. Likewise, your vest or blaster will record the data whenever you get hit.

How far you can fire a shot will simply depend on the maximum shooting range of the laser tag gun you’re using. Most of the top-rated products have a maximum range of up to 130ft (40 meters).

Again, laser tag guns DON’T use the real laser. Instead, they use an infrared with a power output rated less than 1mW. This is to ensure the output lasers are 100% safe for you and your kids. The beam will NOT cause blindness if shone directly to your eyes.

How Long is a Game?

A typical laser tag game should last for around 10-20 minutes. However, keep in mind this is only the playtime.

It’s not inclusive of the briefing time, suiting time, and the scorecards distribution.

If you were to consider the total length of the game from the instruction time to the distribution of scorecards reading time, it might take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.

Final Verdict

Laser tag is fun for all ages. It’s one of the few games that you can enjoy playing with your kids, whether indoors or outdoors, during your leisure time.

The highly popular game will not only help strengthen your family bond but will also make your kids put down their computers, mobile phones, video/online games and turn into a more outdoor activity. The game will also teach the young folks teamwork, motor skills, and thinking.

In our just concluded exhaustive guide above, we’ve outlined the 10 best laser tag guns that you can order today. We’ve also discussed the top tips to help you easily and quickly choose the perfect laser tag set for your family.

We’re confident that this info will help you get the best laser tag set today to usher you into a world of endless fun and breathtaking laser battle experience.

Have fun!

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