5 Best Kids Apps For 2022

1. Sago Mini First Words

Sago Mini First Words is an early speech development app for kids. Designed with speech pathologists and child development experts, Sago Mini First Words helps children of all developmental levels ages five and under to learn and improve language skills by taking peer mimicking as its main teaching method.

The app includes fun activities, mini-games, and interactive videos that turn the play into practice for children. Within the app, animal companions guide the kids on their personalized learning pathway. With new content added monthly, First Words gives children the opportunity to practice speech in many different contexts, aiding kids to relate to the world around them and boosting their social skills.

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2. Epic!

Epic is a digital reading platform for kids aged 12 and under with over 40,000+ books in its library. The app includes books, audiobooks, learning videos for kids, quizzes and more, which you can access offline with the download option. Epic fuels kids’ curiosity and supports their reading journey.

Epic has a free version as Epic Basic, which includes a limited library and lets kids access one free book per day.

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3. Timo

Timo is a great app to plan your kid’s daily and weekly routines while also teaching them about a good time and money management. The app allows you to schedule your child’s day from morning to evening and leave them in charge of completing their tasks. With the money feature, Timo aims to teach children to control their allowances and spend effectively.

Timo rewards kids for good behavior, which results in them changing both their habits and motivations. You can create a family group within the app and register 10 members of the group, also.

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4. Prodigy

Using a game-based learning strategy, Prodigy creates a unique learning experience with an interactive game where advancing in the game depends on answering math questions. Students can create their own characters, go on quests and earn rewards while learning and improving their math skills.

The contents of the Prodigy math game are customized based on each student’s skills and strengths and weaknesses, which allows students to play the game with challenges unique to them that help hone their skills.

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5. Otsimo Special Education

Developed for kids diagnosed with learning disorders, autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs, Otsimo Special Education is a great educational game app that provides essential education at home.

Otsimo Special Education creates the user’s personal learning path and adjusts to their level. The app contains various games that support kids with special needs and prepares them for both school and daily life.

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