Best Baby Sun Hats (10 Products Reviews)

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Best Baby sun hat. Sure, sunblock works for the most part, but for some extra protection and shade, you could never go wrong with a hat. Summer is super enjoyable.

The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming, what could ruin your day? Well, a sunburnt baby, that’s what.

Every parent knows how horrible summer can be if their baby is not protected enough from the harsh conditions that come with the season.

To keep your child chilled and safe from those harmful rays, opt for the best baby sun hat you can find; we have quite the list here!

And while you’re doing some necessary research, find out more about the needs of a hat for your kid.

After all, no one wants to make mistakes when the children are concerned.

Best Baby Sun Hat: Amazon Best Sellers

Bestseller No. 1
Breatheasy Bucket Sun Protection Hat-Light Pink-0/6mo
3,389 Reviews
Breatheasy Bucket Sun Protection Hat-Light Pink-0/6mo
  • All-day, breathable sun protection-wet or dry
  • Quick-dry, breathable material keeps baby cool and comfortable
  • Elasticized back adjusts for custom fit and grows with baby
Bestseller No. 2
i play. by green sprouts unisex-baby Bucket Sun Protection Hat,Navy...
717 Reviews
i play. by green sprouts unisex-baby Bucket Sun Protection Hat,Navy...
  • Stay-put tie strap
  • Quick-dry material for active play
  • Wicking liner for comfort
SaleBestseller No. 3
i play. Baby Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat, White, 9-18 Months
  • Extra neck coverage, stay-put tie strap
  • Quick-dry material for active play
  • Wicking liner for comfort

Best Baby Sun Hat: Brief Reviews

Before we jump in and talk products and reviews, let’s discuss why you should be buying sun hats for kids in the first place.

Many people may argue that babies and toddlers don’t really have much of a use for hats, and therefore, they are a waste of money. Is that so?

Why Your Baby Needs a Sun Hat? Not really. Yes, sunscreen lotions can work wonders for protecting the skin from the scorching sunlight and UV rays, but is skin the only part of the body being affected?

You must consider what the harsh sunlight may do to your child’s eyes, or how direct exposure to the sun may cause the head to heat up too much.

To avoid these troubles, your kid will need a sun hat. Not to mention, babies and toddlers tend to have thinner, more fragile skin, which is more prone to damage than that of adults.

Wearing a baby sun protection hat will shield the face and head from unnecessary damage.

Think of it as an extra layer of protection, and with global warming and hotter summers, you’re going to need it.

And let’s be honest. How many babies like having umbrellas over their heads outside?

How many parents have the energy and patience to hold them there?

Toddlers, even after being offered shade, may run off, too distracted with playtime, too naive to know the sun’s harms.

If that is the case for you, get the best toddler sun hat, it’s just practical.

If you are in this section, you’re probably pretty set on finding and buying the best baby sun hat out there.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Reading these reviews can give you an idea about what to and what not to buy, to keep your child as safe and healthy as possible, this summer.

i play. Baby Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat, White, 9-18 Months

i play. Baby Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat, White, 9-18 Months

This super cute and minimal product works great as a baby beach hat.

It offers extra protection from the sun, both for the eyes and the neck.

You’ll see that the extended flaps are what you need for just the right amount of shade, wherever your baby goes.

The material of this hat is pure polyester, which makes it super durable.

You can even pop it in the machine for a wash, and it won’t get damaged!

But the downside is that it is not waterproof, and one of the things that accompany summer is rain.

You won’t get to depend on this hat’s protective powers, throughout the season, then.

But it carries some of the more important features. Kids often hate wearing anything on their heads and tend to pull them off.

Well, with this sun hat, your kid will be so comfortable, it’ll be their go-to headgear.

If not, there’s a strap, and also a tie to this hat, and you can use both to secure it right in place.

Another problem many parents face with even the best sun hats for kids is that they grow too fast and new sizes are always required.

But this hat has an adjustable strap, so you can tighten and loosen it to you and your kid’s liking, and can probably rely on one hat for a while.

Talk about an investment!


  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Adjustable strap


  • Not waterproof

i play. Baby Brim Sun Protection Hat, Gray, 0-6 months

i play. Baby Brim Sun Protection Hat, Gray, 0-6 months

The same brand but in a different style, something you can consider seriously.

Especially if your child is not a big fan of the flappy hats that cover up the napes of their necks, this variation is what you may want to go for.

This will shade the eyes and the face very well, without causing any discomfort.

The great thing about this hat is that it ties right under the chin, and does not have a Velcro system.

A tie is often better because obviously, a little adjustment is necessary for every kid.

Plus, ties are usually softer, and far more comfortable, so this could even work as the best infant sun hat.

The material is, of course, synthetic, which makes the product super durable.

It also helps the brim stay stiff, which is what you want if there is not ample shade around.

However, there is one little flaw: it does not hold up well when wet, and the brim may get floppy and heavy, which is bound to annoy the wearer.

Otherwise, it’s just a great sun hat.

You can let your toddler or baby wear it out in the sun without worry since it comes in quite a few different sizes.

So, even if you can’t adjust it enough, you can always opt for a more suitable size.


  • Comfortable tie
  • Durable, synthetic material
  • Available in various sizes


  • Brim does not hold underwater

Sunday Afternoons Kids' Play Hat Sand/Black

Sunday Afternoons Kids' Play Hat Sand/Black

Rain or shine, this hat takes the cake, which is why it made our list.

This could easily be the best baby beach hat out there, given its superior powers of resistance against the harshness of nature.

You get a nice, wide, and stiff brim all about the hat, which will easily provide enough shade for your child, from the sun.

Plus, there’s a flap at the back, and a foam lining inside, which makes the hat light and floatable.

The material is completely waterproof, so we meant it when we said rain or shine.

Although the price is a little steep, you have to realize that this hat is going to last a very long time, and is very reliable.

It comes in various colors and is lined with mesh for ventilation and comfort.

No matter what age your kid is, you are sure to find a size or adjust to size, that suits them.

One of the things kids hate is when hats get floppy and heavy with water.

This will not be a problem here! And if it does get wet, this hat dries super quick and does not get ruined.

So, you can even hand wash it, without having to worry about a thing.


  • Sun protection
  • Waterproof
  • Stable brim
  • Various sizes


  • Pricey

SNW Kid Baby Summer Hat Baby Sun Hat Hip Hop Hat Baseball Cap Baby Cap...

SNW Kid Baby Summer Hat Baby Sun Hat Hip Hop Hat Baseball Cap Baby Cap...

First of all, this hat is super cute, which is what any parent would want for their baby.

But additionally, it has some great features that both you and your kid will love.

This hat is super versatile, in both color and size.

Thereby, if you want an infant sun hat, you can buy this one.

The hat can be secured with belts and Velcro under the chin, which does make it easier for some parents.

You can quickly obtain it and not have to suffer the hassle of tying up two strings.

Of course, some people prefer ties, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide what you want for your child.

The material is soft, although it is not complete cotton, as the manufacturers seem to claim.

But it will be very comfortable.

The problem with mixed cotton fabrics is that they are not waterproof so, while this hat will give you a lot of shade from the sun, it will not protect from rain.

It’s the perfect hat to wear every day, outdoors in the summer.

It won’t, however, work well as a beach hat. So, maybe get it for particular purposes.

It is incredibly comfortable, though, which is the primary concern when it comes to kids.

They have to keep the hats on if they want to avoid sunburns.


  • Perfect everyday hat
  • Stiff brim for sun protection
  • Comfortable material
  • Velcro attachment


  • Not waterproof
  • Not fully cotton

RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls Pink Adjustable Sun Hat w/UPF 50+...

RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls Pink Adjustable Sun Hat w/UPF 50+...

Do you like stripes? Because you will love these!

This one, along with its protective powers, comes with style.

You can get these super cute striped hats for your kids, for playtime, beach visits, picnics, whatever you want.

But style isn’t everything, and lack of comfort and practicality often stumps it.

Luckily, this won’t happen with the sun hat we are discussing.

The material is 100% cotton, which only means that your baby’s head will stay wrapped up in a comfortable, cool cocoon.

The hat itself is attached by a tie under the chin, which only increases the comfort for the wearer.

Plus, the brim is wide and sturdy, holds up against water, and can be trusted to keep direct sunlight off the eyes.

But of course, this cotton hat is waterproof and should be worn only in dry areas, although it does dry pretty fast.

You may think that the prices are a little high, but you will be sure to get a perfect hat.

And it’s not like you don’t have other options.

If you want, you can find it in any size, and also quite a few exciting colors.


  • Wide and sturdy brim
  • Sun protection
  • Comfortable material


  • Not waterproof
  • Pricey

RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls Candy and Pink Reversible Swim Hat -...

RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls Candy and Pink Reversible Swim Hat -...

If you’re looking for the best toddler sun hat to take to the beach, we may have one for you, that fits the description perfectly.

This is a super pretty hat for little girls, that does the job of protecting the skin, and the eyes, from harsh sunlight.

Your kid can avoid UV rays with this on since it has built-in UPF50+.

The material it is made of is part nylon and part spandex, which helps keep the product durable and sturdy.

And sturdy is what you need with a wide-brimmed hat under the blazing sun.

But don’t think it’s not soft or uncomfortable to wear.

The hat is super snug to wear, and can even be rolled up to save space when packing for travel.

Get this for your toddler or your baby, because it comes in many sizes.

And since it is made from high-quality swimwear fabric, it is safe even when in contact with water.

This is precisely why it makes such a great beach hat; it can endure quite a lot!

It comes in many colors and is reversible, so your kid can wear it both ways and get two different patterns.

There may be trouble with it on windy days, though, or with babies.

There are no straps or ties to this thing, so keeping it on may not be as easy as it is with some other sun hats.


  • UPF50+
  • Made from swimwear material
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Strapless

Home Prefer UPF 50+ Sun Hat for Girls Sun Protection Hat Wide Brim...

Home Prefer UPF 50+ Sun Hat for Girls Sun Protection Hat Wide Brim...

Summer requires protection from the sun but also comfort, and often, cooling, and light fabrics.

And that is what you will get with this hat.

The material is light and soft, which allows a lot of airflows, so the head won’t heat up and not make the wearer feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

The wide brim of this hat provides lots of shade, and will probably be able to keep your kid’s whole face covered and protected from direct sunlight.

This is a great thing when dry but a bad thing if the hat were to get wet because it does not hold up when wet.

The brim could get heavy and flop down to your kid’s face, covering up the eyes.

Very uncomfortable and unwanted; maybe don’t take this to the beach.

It does secure very well on to a kid’s head, so a hat that fits will have minimal chances of flying off.

And not to worry, you can get many different sizes, and the tie around the chin can help you with some adjustments, as well.

It’s a great hat made for the protection of your kids and could be counted as the best toddler sun hat.


  • Light but the protective fabric
  • Soft and comfy
  • Wide brim protects from sunlight
  • Adjustable tie


  • Not waterproof
  • Brim gets heavy when wet

Ami&Li tots Bucket Sun Hat Adjustable Sunscreen Protection Summer Hat...

Ami&Li tots Bucket Sun Hat Adjustable Sunscreen Protection Summer Hat...

As the title proves, this is a hat loved by both boys and girls, whoever may need it.

This hat was made with the sole purpose of protecting your child from harsh sunlight and UV rays.

The material is light and soft, made from the finest cotton.

There are no additional chemical layers against UV rays, but the hat is still very protective.

It allows shade, and the brim never flops down over the eyes.

But for some people, the brim may not be as big or wide enough to cover the whole face.

It can’t even be adjusted to fit the size; it is how it is.

The brim is quite narrow, which is probably why it does not flop down easily.

Toddlers may find this troublesome, but this could still be an excellent newborn sun hat.

Either way, you can be sure to count on this hat if you are under the sun.

There is a thin tie for under the chin, which is comfortable and makes the size of the cap somewhat adjustable.

It is the kind of thing children won’t hate or throw off.


  • Lightweight and soft
  • Best quality cotton fabric
  • Sturdy brim
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • Brim not wide enough

Durio Baby Sun Hat Summer Beach UPF 50+ Sun Protection Baby Boy Hats...

Durio Baby Sun Hat Summer Beach UPF 50+ Sun Protection Baby Boy Hats...

This is the kind of sun hat little boys would love.

With vibrant colors and cute cartoony designs, not to mention the many protective features, it’s one of the bests.

You don’t just get the right amount of shade with this thing; you get UPF50+ protection, a necessity for kids’ fragile skins.

And the material? It’s the one that is approved by all and loved in summer: cotton.

The fabric makes it soft, light, and very comfortable to wear, no matter how hot it gets. It can keep the head cool and fresh for hours.

Not to mention the wide brim of this hat which shields the rest of the face very well.

This hat makes umbrellas completely useless.

Your kids can wear it throughout summer, every single day, at the beach, or in other places.

One problem, though is that the manufacturer makes only four sizes, which is not enough when it comes to kids’ clothing.

Often, most of these sizes end up being the wrong fit for the kids trying them on.

So, maybe this won’t be perfect for everyone but whoever it fits, is a lucky kid.


  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • UPF50+ protection
  • Wide brim hat


  • Not enough sizes

Baby Sun Hat Toddler Sun Hat Kids Breathable Bucket Sun Protection Hat...

Baby Sun Hat Toddler Sun Hat Kids Breathable Bucket Sun Protection Hat...

 Sun hats during the summer may make the kids feel quite stuffy and hot-headed if the material is not right.

So, it is essential to find something extra comfortable, so your kid does not get annoyed and take it off.

Luckily, this option of ours provides extra comfort and airflow, so the heat can never gather in one place for too long.

Made from breathable denim and mesh lining, this hat will give you all the airflow you want.

It’s not made with any heavy material, which is an essential feature for kids who value comfort over everything.

And the material is so durable, you can bot machine wash it, or hand washes it, whichever you want.

This hat is not held in place by any strap, tie, or Velcro system.

This one is different, with a drawstring under the chin, for swift and easy adjustments.

With this, you can easily secure the hat in place, according to the size of your child’s head.

As protective as it is in other ways, the hat does have a reasonably narrow brim.

It keeps the sun away from the eyes, probably but not wholly from the face.

So, if you want full shade, you may want to look elsewhere.


BEST baby sun hat


  • Durable denim material
  • Mesh lining for airflow
  • Adjustable drawstring under the chin


  • Narrow brim

Best Baby Hat: What to Look for Before Buying?

Now, these are kids’ hats we are talking about, that too, sun hats.

You should take this quite seriously.

So, before you go ahead and make a purchase, it’s better to know precisely what you want in a hat for your child.

Here is a list of the features you can and should consider when purchasing a baby sun hat.

Brim Quality

Since this is a hat made for protection from the sun, the first thing you need to consider is getting enough shade from direct sunlight.

If you are out at the beach or if you live in a very sunny place, your kid is bound to get a lot of time out under the sun.

To make the effects of that as minimal as possible, try finding a hat with an effective, wide brim.

Yes, some brims, while broad, can be on the heavier side.

And contact with water may make them a little floppy.

Good ones still exist though, which provide enough shelter from the sun but also remain sturdy for the whole time they are being used, even if you wash them.


Now, this is super important because they are not just any hats; they are hats for kids.

And you want them to keep them on for as long as possible.

In other words, you want them to love hats so much; there won’t be any complaints.

How do you do that? Well, bright colors and patterns will cover that up making sure of the comfort too.

As all parents know, kids want to feel cozy, and value that over everything else.

So, find a hat that is soft and sturdy, so it stays out of their eyes.

Also, it makes sure it allows enough airflow to prevent the head from heating up.

You could get cotton hats; there are some good synthetic and denim ones that are good too.

Just remember to keep the hat on the lighter side because it’s summer anyway and you don’t want your children to feel stuffy.

You could also go for mesh linings, which always allow air to pass and keep things chilled.

UV Ray Protection

Many parents don’t consider this, but it is an important feature.

Just a bit of shade is not everything.

Yes, the kids can wear sunblock, but it is vital to have some extra protection, too.

After all, UV rays are extremely, if not more harmful, than natural sunlight.

So, you can look for a hat made with material that is UPF50+ protected.

Usually, the manufacturers will say if they are or not.

If you want to be very safe, which you should be with your children, you will consider this feature very seriously.


Summer is a time when sun hats are trendy, and so is water.

Kids play lots of games, spend a lot of time at beaches, and are always in contact with water.

So, having a waterproof sun hat could be a perfect thing.

Chances are, a sun hat that is waterproof, and has a wide brim, will probably hold up in water much better.

Plus, if the kid is at the beach or in a pool, getting their hat wet will mean having to take it off.

And you don’t want that when they are running around under the blazing sun.

It’s just practical to go for waterproof material.

Straps and Strings

This is very important for all ages.

First of all, you want a strap or tie of some sort to keep the hat in place and prevent your toddler or baby from taking it off.

You also want this strap or Velcro system to be comfortable and easy to operate.

We know how fidgety kids get, and we are only here to make the parents’ lives a little easier.

You could go for tie under the chin, which will take some time to put on but once there, will be harder for a kid to take off.

Plus, ties allow for more flexible adjustments, which you will need for a snug fit around the head.

You can also go for the Velcro system, which is much easier to secure and also take off.

But it can be a bit uncomfortable for some people.

So, maybe if you are looking for a sun hat for an infant, choose a more comfortable option.

Drawstrings are great. Some people believe they’re the best option.

They’re straightforward for parents to secure, and they usually go under the chin, which keeps them quite safe and away from unwanted pulls.

So, the hat will stay in place.

Also, they’re very comfortable, given that they are not too tight and allow for size adjustments.


Best Baby Hat: Frequently Asked Questions

Are these adjustable?

The hats with drawstrings and ties are adjustable, yes. You can fit them according to your child’s size with no trouble.

What do I do if the brim gets floppy?

If the material of the hat is very soft, the brim can get in the eyes when wet. To keep that from happening you can use starch to firm it up during washes.

How diverse are the sizes?

Except for a few, most of these have variations for infants to toddlers.

So, you can even get sun hats for newborns. You will also find that there is a variety of options in many different sizes.

Will a wide brim be troublesome for the eyes?

As long as the brim is sturdy, you will have no trouble. You may want to opt for hats with narrower brims if you prefer, we have a few in the list.

And if the hat is waterproof, the brim will probably stay out of the eyes.

Will the colors fade with a wash? 

First of all, most of these can endure both hand and machine washing, so you don’t have to worry about rough use.

These are made for everyday wear so the hats are quite durable and can retain the color pretty well.

However, with years of use, they are sure to get a bit faded.  

Best Baby Hat: Conclusion

Now that you know pretty much all you have to know about getting the best sun hat for your kid, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

It is sometimes daunting, how much thought must be put into a piece of apparel, especially one for your child but being careful never hurts.

So, informed as you are about the many features sun hats come with, and how they can be beneficial for kids’ health, you are probably ready to find the best ones on your own.

Plus, you have a list of reviews right at hand to refer to.

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