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Best Infant Floor Seat For Sitting Up – 3 Months and Older (2020)

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Raising a child is one of the most satisfactory processes anyone can experience. Parents get to see their little precious learn and grow while being by their side working as a guiding guardian.

However, it does not take long before they become active members of the house. They will want to see, touch, and taste everything. Even if most people don't like to admit it, babies often become a lot to handle.

As a parent, you quickly notice you’re going to need as much help as you can get. There are tools designed to offer support like cribs, strollers, baby carriers, floor seats for baby, etc.

Today, we’re focusing on the best baby floor seat, and how it provides support for your child.

Why Your Infant Should Have One Of These?

There are many reasons why your child should have one of these products.

The floor seat goes through a manufacturing process with one main goal, and that is creating a product that works for your baby’s needs as well as yours.

Naturally, most parents are very careful when they have to confide the baby’s safety to an external factor like a chair. However, the best infant floor seats can provide comfort as well as security for the baby’s well-being.

Below are the main reasons why you should get one of these for your child;

Fun Playtime

The floor seat is a great ally for the baby’s playtime. You can even add toys for the baby to use.

Great Meals Assistant

Many floor seats for baby have multi-purpose qualities, meaning you can attach them to a chair at the table when the family is having dinner.


The seats include many features like bright colors, toys, and trays that contribute to the baby’s entertainment.


Of course, we cannot end this without mentioning the safety measures it provides for the little ones. While parents take care of other things, they can trust on the seat’s straps to keep the babies in their place and protected.

Our Best Infant Floor Seat Reviews

Because we understand that you want the most comfortable product for your baby, we’re presenting you a list of what we consider the top baby floor seats available in the market.

1. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Multicolor Floor Seat

When you are moving around the house doing the daily tasks, it is important that you have certainty about the baby’s well-being. Tools like this seat can relieve you from most concerns you might have about your baby’s safety.

A big plus from this seat is that it’s easy to assemble and is ready to use quickly. The baby seat’s objective is to assist you and your child. They are not meant to become another headache.

Once you assemble it, you will get an upright seat capable of supporting your kid’s body.It also protects the babies when they make quick movements that could harm their neck or head.

It has a sturdy base and wide design to keep the seat in its place and prevent the children from falling and getting hurt.

The chair is not only a great assistant for the parents, but it also makes a great companion for the child. It has a soft seat with paddings as well.

With this chair, babies get a design with many colors and linkable toys to keep them entertained.Babies can create a mess even with the most unexpected tools. For that reason, this Fisher Price seat includes pieces that are easy to clean.

To sum thing up, all these features make this chair a great option for parents to buy.


  • Proper support for the infant’s body as they grow
  • Comfortable design
  • You can add toys for the baby’s amusement
  • Sturdy base to maintain everything in its place


  • If you have a hyperactive baby, he/she might get stuck in the seat

2. Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat

Babies grow at a speed that sometimes catches us with our guards low. Sooner than later, you will notice most of the baby items don’t even fit anymore.

To help you raise your kid in many steps during the baby’s most vulnerable years, we receive a helping hand from products like this.

This infant seat includes three stages with easy transitioning between all of them to best fit your baby’s needs.

In its first stage, the seat provides infant support and soft foam features. It allows the children to have full support for their back and neck’s muscles, keeping them secured.

The seat can transition into a second stage, in which it features a booster seat with a removable and washable tray. During this stage, the seat’s straps are capable of keeping the child in place for an optimum feeding process.

Its final stage consists of a booster seat without a tray. In this stage, the seat's main goal is to provide support for children at a less vulnerable age, but it still includes straps if the parents consider it necessary.

The seat uses plastic as its core material for its manufacturing, and includes a foam insert. All of these characteristics combined offer a great and comfortable experience for your child.


  • Multi-stage feature to support children during many phases
  • Includes a removable tray to assist you while you feed the baby
  • Cleaning it is not a major issue
  • Offers a secured design for your baby’s safety
  • Comfortable foam insert that can be removed when the baby grows


  • The tray, however, is not easy to install; might need strength pressure to snap it in

3. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

Having a meal is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your baby. With this booster seat, you have a great product that is easy to adjust at the dining table for the baby to have a privileged spot.

It is capable of keeping an upright sitting position for the baby to enjoy the meal without any issue. This feature makes it one of the best sitting up chairs for baby, because it allows the baby to have a perfect position to maintain contact with the other family members during dinner.

But, that is not its only purpose. It is also capable of providing comfort and support for babies, especially when they want to play and entertain themselves. The added tray works efficiently to hold both, meals and toys.

After the baby finishes using it, the tray has a removable quality that allows you to clean and maintain it properly.The tray is easy to clean, and it does not require much effort to get leftovers or stains off.

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that this seat is suitable for many phases during your baby’s life as an infant. When the baby is older, you can turn the baby booster into a seat suitable for a toddler.

Whether you want the baby to have comfort while having a meal or during playtime, this is a product you should consider.


  • 2-in-1 feature ensures your baby quality time at dinner and during playtime
  • Includes a harness with a 3-point design and safety straps to keep the baby secured
  • Quickly converts from a baby booster to a toddler seat
  • Comfortable upright position for the baby to enjoy the surroundings


  • Small tray size
  • Seat belt is hard to snap

4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Included Tray

Fisher-Price FPR21

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your baby to sit straight with added support, then this is a reliable option. It has a wide and stable base capable of holding the baby and protecting them from falling or getting hurt, making it one of the best floor seats for baby.

Thanks to its soft fabric lion design, the baby can have a very comfortable time. It also allows the toddler to interact with everything around them.

Its design includes bright colors to keep the baby distracted while you do your duties. If your baby requires more things for entertainment, you can add toys for the baby to use during playtime.

A little detail that deserves mentioning is the seat's funny noises from the lion's paw pads. If your kid is a very active kicker, the sounds coming from the lion's paw will keep the baby entertained. It provides the baby with an interesting sensory-stimulating addition.

The tray included is a perfect supportive feature that helps the children with their snacks and meals. It is a removable tray easy to clean, and after the baby finishes using it, you can store the tray underneath.

If you need to take a trip, the seat is easy to fold, and it saves storage space. Once you need it again, it does not require much time to assemble the pieces back together and ready to use.


  • Soft fabric seat for the baby’s comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Entertaining noises from the lion’s paws
  • Offers portability if you’re having a trip
  • Has a wide and stable base hard to flip over


  • Tray is difficult to snap in

5. Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray

Bumbo B11115

Sometimes baby seats have so many accessories that it is difficult to even place your child in them. While it is true that accessories are a great way to keep the baby entertained, having too many might create discomfort for the baby and the parents as well.

Simpler designs are less popular, but they are equally efficient, sometimes even more than other seats. Herein, the Bumbo Multi-seat offers simplistic design and structure, but it is one of the best ones when it comes to functionality.

It has multi-purpose qualities, providing the children with a baby floor seat during fun playtime, but you can also strap it to an adult chair when the family is having dinner or doing other activities.

Its design adjusts well for growing children too. You get a seat with two adjustable height settings to best suit your baby or toddler. Once the foam insert is no longer needed, you can remove it and store it in the seat’s base.

These features give the baby more room for the legs, which is satisfactory and welcomed when they’re growing up.

Safety measures include a 3-point safety harness that prevents the baby from falling out. On top of that, the base has non-slip pads and a rounded surface to keep the furniture around the house from getting any damage.


  • Simple but efficient design
  • Adjusts well for babies and toddlers
  • Strong security measures
  • Has enough room for the baby to move freely


  • Tray gets stuck often; could complicate getting your child out of the seat

6. Little Tikes My First Seat

Little Tikes

Sometimes, you don’t need an extravagant seat with bright colors and accessories. Instead, you’re only looking for a tool capable of holding your baby in place.Because everybody knows most children are very active, and they move constantly.

For that reason, it’s important for parents to know the baby is as secured as possible.This seat includes safety belts strong enough to prevent the child from falling forward and getting injuries. These belts support the baby’s activities and movements.

Another important feature from this seat is its weight. With only 2.17 pounds, you can take it with you if you need to travel or move from house to house. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean, meaning that you don’t need to use high amounts of maintenance products to remove the stains.

While it may look very simple, it offers a soft, comfortable wide base. As soon as you place your baby in, you will notice the seat has big leg openings for the baby to freely move and not feel trapped.

Last but not least, its structural design ensures the seat cannot tip over. This feature is ideal for the baby to have fun without risky incidents happening.


  • Doesn’t have too much accessories, still manages to keep the baby distracted
  • The seat’s lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Regardless of your baby’s movements, this seat is unlikely to tip over
  • Straps keep the baby safe without causing any discomfort


  • Babies with chubby thighs might encounter issues with the seat

7. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, Citrus Frog

Fisher-Price Fisher-Price

Entertaining the baby is a complicated goal to accomplish at times. You try with everything. From watching movies to toys, feeding, attempting to get the baby to sleep, but nothing seems to work.

Eventually, you figure out that the best thing you can do is allow the baby to have the option of moving freely.

Of course, they’re still babies, and you can’t let them loose around the house without any form of protection. But, there’s still another possible solution capable of offering a small portion of freedom to your baby while also being secured: a floor seat.

This particular floor seat model is highly capable of delivering what the baby needs. The baby gets a chair with bright colors and toys to play for quality playtime, but it also keeps them in place supporting their bodies.

Its design includes soft pads that are removable and washable. You can even wash the pads in washing machines without having to worry about the pads losing their integrity or quality.

If you need to move, the seat compactly folds, enabling you to carry it around. On the other hand, if what you want is to store the seat, you can do it without problems because it does not require too much space.


  • Includes pads with a soft fabric that keeps the baby comfortable
  • Wide and sturdy base that resists the baby’s sudden moves
  • Easy to fold in case you want to move it around
  • Doesn’t take much time to disassemble for its maintenance
  • Doesn’t require much room for storage


  • The baby can get stuck easily in this seat

8. Boppy Baby Elephant GrayChair

Boppy 8700159K 2PK

This chair has many highlights that make it one of the best options available for the comfort of your child.It is a multi-purpose chair that meets many expectations efficiently.

For instance, you can use it as a highchair, a booster seat or a floor seat. Whatever purpose you use it for, the seat delivers a satisfactory experience for the baby, and it is a stress reliever for the adults.

With this chair, you also get a removable tray to assist you during the baby's feeding process, a duty that often requires as much assistance as you can get. The tray has a BPA-free design, which means your baby will have many security measures to keep him healthy and safe.

It transitions from floor seat to table seat with no issues at all. Thanks to the included straps and three-point harness, your baby will be able to move the upper body without risks of falling over.

This chair also has a fabric easy to wipe and clean. Maintaining it after the baby uses it doesn’t become a headache for the adults.

Another important feature to consider is that you can fold it down if it’s necessary, and it includes a handle for you to carry around. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about portability problems anymore.


  • Multi-purpose chair for babies as they grow
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes a fabric that doesn’t lose its integrity when you wash it
  • BPA-free qualities keep the child from getting near any risky chemicals or substances
  • Does not require much maintenance time


  • Does not offer much space for the baby’s lower body

9. Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus Baby Seat

Prince Lionheart 7211

Once babies are strong enough to hold their own head, the next ideal product to get for them is a suitable chair. These chairs are capable of providing an upright sitting position for the baby.

It is among the best sitting up chairs for baby that allows you, as a parent, to have better interaction with the baby, but it also enables the baby to experience the world and the surroundings from a better perspective.

Naturally, the babies at this age are still very young, and they need seats with supportive features. Herein, this chair has a rigid base for better stability, and it is slip-resistant to prevent the baby from having any issues while moving during playtime.

The seat has an adjustable tray for assistance when it is time to feed the baby. Another good use for the tray is to place the toys for the baby to have fun.

Like most of the other floor seats featured in this list, this seat is easy to carry if you have special plans scheduled. It will be a great seating tool for your baby on vacation trips, picnics, etc.


  • Cushiony seat to keep the babies as comfortable as they can be
  • Dual-strap systemsubtracts worrying about the baby’s protection
  • Adjustable tray suitable for snacks and toys
  • Lightweight product, which offers great portability
  • You can attach accessories like trays to the seat


  • Materials used for the seat’s manufacturing are not durable

10. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price 	DRF51

The best baby floor seat is the one that successfully delivers in many areas. It should deliver comfort for the baby, be supportive of their body and safe enough for you to take your eyes at least two seconds off your child.

This Fisher Price floor seat meets many of the expectations a parent can have about floor seats. It offers a soft fabric that delivers a comfortable experience overall.

The seat’s wide base is a strong supportive complement that resists the baby’s sudden movements.

If your baby is not easy to entertain, you can add two linkable toys to this seat. The baby will have plenty of room to move the arms and legs while playing with the toys.

Of course, the baby gets tired eventually, and you need to clean up afterwards. When it is time to pick up after their mess, the seat can fold back in a small amount of time. After you fold it back, you can put it almost anywhere in the house without taking too much space.

It is worth mentioning that the target audiences to use this seat are babies strong enough to hold their heads without assistance. Also, it is not suitable for children with enough strength to climb. They will get out of the chair with no problem, and they could end up getting hurt.


  • Soft and comfortable seat
  • Removable seat pad for maintenance
  • The pieces are easy to disassemble
  • Offers plenty of room for the babies to move their bodies


  • If your baby is hyperactive, he/she might get stuck in the seat

The Perfect Baby Floor Seat - Beginners Guide

When it comes to picking up the best baby floor seat, there are many things for consideration. You will be relying your baby’s body and safety upon these chairs, and for that reason, you must have complete certainty about which one is the best for the child.

In the following list, we’re going to analyze a few of the most important features you should look for when you want to buy a floor seat.

Supportive Design

Undoubtedly, this is the most important characteristic to have in baby seats. Babies at a young age are very vulnerable, and they can get hurt with almost everything they approach.

A great floor seat has a supportive design capable of helping the babies as they grow, protecting their most vulnerable body parts like the head, neck and their back.

It should also include straps strong enough to restrain the baby. Even at a young age, babies are capable of displaying incredible bursts of energy sometimes, and the best sitting up chairs for baby are able to resist them.

As a general rule, only babies capable of holding their heads should use the floor seat. If they do not meet this requirement, they’re still too young to use it, and it could damage their body.

A Comfortable Seat

Comfort is another important factor from the seats. After all, the best baby floor seat is capable of helping you distract and entertain the baby. Having them sit on an uncomfortable structure will only increase the baby’s unhappiness and your stress.

For that reason, you should get a closer look at the chair’s design and the materials it uses.

Make sure it includes comfortable paddings and smooth fabric for the baby’s skin to keep the baby in a happy mood, which ultimately means less pressure for you as a parent.


Buying a multi-purpose chair will prove its worth in the long run. Children grow faster than parents realize, and a multi-purpose seat can follow the babies in every step they take during their early years.

There are many chairs with multi-purpose design, and they are capable of being supportive of your baby when the baby is playing, having a snack, or simply sitting.

However, if you decide to go with a multi-purpose seat, make sure the materials used for every accessory have durability as time passes.

This takes us to our next important aspect.


As you probably know by now, children can create chaos quickly, especially when they are eating. If the seat includes features like trays, check if it has strong materials that could resist the baby’s activities without losing its integrity.

If the accessories like the tray cannot resist heavy bumps, babies will most likely break it. A broken piece lying near the baby could be very dangerous.

These are the main features you should think about when you are looking for sitting up chairs for baby. Of course, there are other factors like how suitable will they be, but that depends on the baby’s size, and that is something parents know better than anyone.

When you proceed to buy one, be sure the product meets all these specifications to have a better, comfortable experience for the baby, and avoid any accidents from happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a floor seat help my baby?

They provide support for babies while they do other activities like eating or playing. You can use the straps to attach the baby in the seat. The seat’s base prevents them from falling over or flipping the chair.

Are the seats easy to clean?

You can disassemble all the accessories for maintenance. While some of the accessories are easy to clean, others might not. Make sure you pick a chair with fabric easy to maintain.

What other purpose can the floor seat offer?

It depends on what model you get. Some brands offer seats with multiple functionalities that the baby can use to play, but it also helps them with the meals.

Can the seat break?

They can break, but only with an excessive amount of pressure. Most chairs can withstand baby strength.

Can I take the seat during my trips?

Yes. A proper floor seat should have portability when you and the baby are traveling.

Final Verdict

Tools like the floor seats can make your life easier. It helps you raise your child during the early years, and it’s also great for entertainment.

When you make up your mind and pick your best baby floor seat, you’ll notice that getting one was a great solution for your problems!

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