How to Anchor a Trampoline Down to the Ground

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How to Anchor a Trampoline Down to the Ground ? Trampolines are entertaining and fun and they are purchased for almost each and every household nowadays.

Not just fun, trampolines will allow you to lose calories without working hard.

However, the area in your backyard where your trampoline is placed can be very windy. Also, the trampoline can be prone to attacks when a heavy rain along with a storm comes.

To prevent your trampoline from flying around from one place to another, you have to secure it to the ground.

Even if the trampoline that you have purchased is seventeen feet and weighs over seven hundred pounds, a heavy wind can easily topple it.

The anchors have to be purchased when you purchase a trampoline so that you can anchor it to the ground on the first day itself.

Why Anchoring Your Trampoline is Important

All the trampolines are capable of flying around and damaging your windows if the wind is strong. Moreover, trampolines have nets and they act as sails, allowing the trampolines to be lifted easily with the wind.

Most people think that they can detach the different parts of the trampoline in order to keep their homes and surroundings safe.

But this can be an extremely tedious task to detach the parts and organize it back every time.

Plus, if a storm approaches suddenly, you will not get the time to detach the parts. This is when the use of the anchors become necessary.

Here’s How to Anchor a Trampoline Down to the Ground

Two primary methods are used for anchoring the trampolines to your ground and both these methods work equally well.

The trampoline brands manufacture the anchoring kits, which work with their different models. Anchors as well as the tie-down stakes, can twist inside the ground up to seven inches.

If your trampoline is large, you can pour cement in order to make the foundation rock-solid. This will ensure that your trampoline does not topple even when the storms are very strong.

You have to place the anchors or the stakes over the legs of the trampoline following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Straps may be connected to the anchors or the stakes to secure the trampoline in a better manner.

If the manufacturer does not provide any information, you can strap the legs of the trampolines individually with the anchor and you will get the best results.

You have to set the stake or the anchor on the side of the leg which you want to secure.

Next, you have to twist it into the ground. After this, the strap has to be wrapped around the leg of the trampoline for a number of times before it is secured to the anchor or the stake.

Now, Time to Anchor the Trampoline Disk

After setting the anchors and the stakes to the ground, you should also ensure that the disk of the trampoline is anchored so that it remains secure.

When the wind is severe, there are chances of the top portion of the trampoline getting ripped away from the legs, and this happens when the trampoline has been installed permanently.

For this, you have to purchase droppers or star pickets. These are sold normally in metric lengths, so you should purchase the ones that are 450 mm in size.

If the area you reside in has sandy soil, you will need full-length droppers. Four contact points are required for securing the trampoline disk.

Keep in mind that no matter how nicely you have anchored your trampoline, if the weather is harsh, it can definitely blow away.

The way in which you want to anchor your trampoline completely depends on you. You can use wind stakes in your case.

Since wind stakes are buried to the ground with the help of cement binding, they will not allow the trampoline to move at all.

This is the permanent solution that you will get if you want to prevent your trampoline from flying around.

With the help of these steps, you can easily reduce the risk of your trampoline flying away and causing damage when the weather conditions are severe.

To skip accidents and prevent injuries, anchor the trampoline before your kids or you start using it. This way, you will get a safe and exciting experience.

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