8 Quick Video Games that You’ll Love

The dull, long COVID is a test that can only be survived if you have some good entertainment sessions to take support of.

Netflix does a pretty good job, but that just can’t be the only social pleasure to rely on. Video games have always been one of the topmost loved time passers, and contemporarily, the appeal is at its peak.

Comforting into a couch, gripping the console, and having fun company to play with, makes an ideal situation to spend a happy evening. 

However, most of us like to have a quick gaming session where they can relax their nerves, have a nice time, and quickly get back to the daily chores.

So, here is a list of quick video games that you are guaranteed to love. 

A short hike

The game, living up to its name, lasts for about 2 hours. The game revolves around a number of adventures that the character Claire, the bird, deals with while she hikes from the base camp to Hawk Peak.

On her way to the Peak, she meets with other animals who engage her in other side activities such as fishing, racing, and quests to find hidden items in the park.

The essence of the game lies in her looking for hidden secrets around the mountain. It’s a lovely, short video game that is a must-play. 

Dark side detective

Studies suggest that playing video games can be really beneficial for cognitive health and this short video game seems to be made on this basic principle.

The game is an amalgamation of comedy/horror stories about a detective who moves about solving interesting mysteries in the city of Twin Lakes.

The game is smartly designed with engaging dialogues, exciting puzzles, and absurd mysteries. All of this together keeps you hooked for a period of good 2 hours. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must do it now. 

Fire watch 

 A video game that is mentally challenging and visually pleasing is one that hooks you up for an exciting experience. Fire watch is one of those amazingly set games on personal tragedy where you sit alone in an American National Park, watching for fires.

That’s when a mystery unfolds itself in front of you to be solved. The best part about the game is not just the intriguing mysteries but the gorgeous scenes.

You get to enjoy the amazing sunsets and long hikes as if you’re the one in the game. 

Outer Wilds

If you’re someone who loves to solve mysteries but with a bit of sci-fi touch to it, then outer wilds is sure a game that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

The game is set in a living outer space that is small but full of ambitions. The game is packed with jaw-dropping moments and stunning scenery.

You’ve been missing out on so much if you haven’t played this one yet. Games that use educational tools as a gaming concept are pretty rare to see.

Companies like Unlimited Gamez Mo are doing an excellent job in making short video games like Outer Wilds.

Games like these charge your brain and develop skill sets that are deemed to be beneficial for you in life. 


One of the most uniquely and smartly designed games is Braid. It keeps you hooked, intrigues your brain, and challenges you in the best of ways with its frantic puzzles.

Even though it’s a short game, it’s one of the most addictive games ever made, which keeps you wanting to play hour after hour.

Even with minimalistic gameplay, it holds a dreamlike design which makes it as loved even after 13 years of its release. 


Having been launched in 2012, the game still holds its magical essence intact. It’s not a beautifully created game but pretty quick to beat too.

This is an adventure game that takes you on a journey of exploring various levels of the game involving a bit of puzzle-solving sometimes, where you uncover various people’s stories.

The story kind of takes a dark turn at one point, but the climax makes it all worth it. The best part about the game is that you can pair up with another player in the game and communicate with the help of little chirps of the character.

If you want your kid to engage in a fun game, but it saves you from all the headset yelling, then this is the one.

This way, he’ll be developing a lot of the skills which come from playing video games with the plus of keeping his voice low. 

Dear Esther 

Dear Esther is set on an abandoned island where you explore the rugged scenery, majestic mountains and stay immersed in incredibly written suspense. It has beautiful visuals and probably the best soundtracks.

Unlike other video games, Dear Esther is not designed with puzzles or goals. Instead, it is interactive storytelling that emotionally moves you by the end of it.

This visual piece of fiction is an experiment in video games, and it sure knocked it out of the park. 


For a 2-D puzzle platformer, it probably is one of the most thought-provoking masterpieces ever made. It is beautiful, terrifying, intriguing, shocking, haunting, and whatnot.

The stunning visuals, detailed animations, and optimal designs change the entire atmosphere of gameplay. The ride of the twists and turns into the game is short, but it compels you to take it again.

No matter how much you try to anticipate something, you’ll never know where Inside will take you.

One just can’t emphasize enough; you have to try this game. 


When it comes to short video games, one always expects it to serve them with the best. Something that is wondrous and keeps them longing for more.

A game that doesn’t make them want to play at least one more time probably wasn’t hooking enough.  With the list mentioned above, you’ll never have to worry about that.

Every single one of them is unique in its own way and renders an experience of its own.

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