8 Organizing Tips For Kids Room

Toys here, stuffed animals there, books and clothes everywhere… and the children’s room is always a battlefield. This is the typical scenario for most of us.

But the time has come to reverse the trend and, with small tips, make the room’s arrangement a real child’s play. When we have kids, our main goal is to teach them how to take care of their own things. 

Why? Because it is part of their education, teaches them to become responsible individuals, and promotes their independence! 

In this post, we will be walking about some essential tools and objects that help in proper organization and add a unique decor to the bedroom. These items will surely help the youngest family members be more responsible in their daily lives.

Let’s get started, Mommies and Daddies… 

1. Invest In Practical Baskets:

In most cases, children’s bedrooms look messy place. Kids usually have so many clothes and toys that it is almost impossible to avoid the clutter of objects in the areas they inhabit. 

That’s said, a proper organization using functional storage cabinets would help kids keep their rooms neat and tidy.

Baskets are an excellent option to keep everything in place, especially the tiny toys and items. 

You will find different styles, colors, and sizes of these storage baskets available on the market. So, picking a matching one or a few is so easy!


2. Be Creative in Creating Their Own Space:

Does your kid now love to draw and color? Is he willing to do this all over the house’s walls? If this is the case, make a particular wall for them to express their feelings and thoughts in a less mess!

Chalkboards are great. Painting something in the room with chalkboard paint will give kids the freedom to draw – something they really love. 

In addition to artistic expression, you can use this space to remind your kids about their schedules or tasks for the day. Most importantly, you help your little kid learn to read and write in a fun and exciting way.


3. Choose Multifunctional Furniture Pieces:

Use multifunction decor pieces that work for more than one purpose to make the most of available space. 

For example, you can use the chest of drawers as a changing table; the bookcase is ideal for room delimitation, sofas, and beds with storage boxes are suitable for storing various objects.


4. Hanger Racks In Closets Are Practical:

Use hangers to encourage your kids to hang their clothes and not throw them on the wardrobe floor. But it is necessary to make the hanger accessible and within their reach. 

If possible, the best option is to install them at 10-15 cm. below the child’s waist. Another organizing tip is to fit an additional lower bar in the closet and leave the higher one for off-season clothes and items. 

If children can easily hang up their clothes, you can encourage them to be better organized.


5. Get Easy-To-Use Toys Storage Boxes

In most cases, parents get a huge storage box to fit all the toys. But when your kid looks for a toy, he will disperse them all to find that particular toy!

Giant boxes are probably more practical for cleaning; however, they cause more mess than convenience for parents. The use of small bins to sort the toys by size, type, and purpose allows your kids to play with the ones they want without messing everything up. 

Plus, they are super easy to organize! You can arrange the toys by placing signs and labels on the boxes. Doing so with your kids can become an educational game for sorting and organizing skills. 

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6. Use Laundry Baskets:

If your kid’s room is always littered with dirty clothes, the problem may be in missing a laundry basket.  Make sure to get an easy-to-use one…

Older children can sort their clothes by color and style, and younger children should be encouraged to learn from them and sort theirs accordingly. 

Tip: Use a basket with a kid-friendly design to encourage your child to use it for dirty clothes!


7. Use Fun Coat Hooks:

Coat hooks are the simplest and most appropriate option for keeping the children’s room tidy.  If you place them at the right height, they will allow your kids to hang their hats, bags, backpacks, and other belongings whenever they are not in use.  

Installing and labeling a few hooks at the door or cabinet would help with the room’s organization. Tip: mark them with pictures if your kid can’t read yet.

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8. Keep The Room Simple & Clean:

It is not reasonable to ask your child to make his bed if it has too many pillows, stuffed toys, or bedding.  Simplify your children’s bedding… 

The bed cover is useless most of the time; instead of using it as intended, most kids push it towards the end of the bed.  The best option is to minimize the bedding items to what is actually used. 

Cute beds with multiple pillows, blankets, and sheets, don’t look nice at all when they’re messy! 


The Takeaway

Parents are different… 

There are those who promote creatively, others who follow a flexible method, and some who draw up a real handbook of rules for the kids’ room and house in general.

The approach may be different, but the purpose is the same for all: keeping the kid’s room tidy and helping your kids organize their own room independently.

If the kid’s age greatly influences the room’s organization, the furniture is no exception.

Furniture items play a crucial role in the bedroom’s organization. Choosing space-saving furniture, intelligent containers, or multifunctional beds can contribute positively to handling the mess your kids make every day!

Remember: Tidying up is always more fun in the form of a game rather than orders and obligations!

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