5 Tips for A Cheaper Trip or BreakAway

Last-minute holiday bookings are often a rollercoaster of emotions – typically involving both stress and excitement in equal measure.

Booking your perfect getaway, however, does not have to drive you crazy, or be expensive, even on short notice. That’s why we have put together some top tips for helping you get the most out of your last-minute getaway.


 If you have ever attempted booking any sort of holiday, you have probably discovered that the hotel your package you come across first isn’t necessarily the one you fall in love with. Avoid being suckered into booking the first place you find – do proper research instead.

Out there, you will find hundreds of amazing destinations and hotels that can fit your budget and travel dates. You never know, you may find somewhere that you have never considered previously, whether it is a luxurious all-inclusive in Cyprus or a seafront B&B in the Algarve.

 Filter options are an excellent tool to use. It lets you modify your search and refine or eliminate any area of the holiday. Whether that’s the location, price, facilities, or search ratings, this means that you can narrow down your options and find the ideal one for you.

If you check out the destination guide pages, you will find the best places to stay as well as things to do and see in your preferred resort. If you want more inspiration, however, you can check out the last-minute deals page and select a destination that’s most suitable for you.

Sign Up to Newsletters

Nobody likes being bombarded with emails from virtually endless travel sites. If you don’t have any obvious destinations in mind, however, these can be your saving grace.

 If you subscribe to hotel and travel emails from your favorite travel websites such as My Hotel Break where you will find inspiration and fantastic deals on the best places to visit right now.

You can then use the information to scour the Internet in search of the best deals for those destinations on your preferred dates.

Travel Mid-Week

The urge to book a last-minute holiday can be hard once wanderlust hits, but if it hits on the weekend, you might be better off holding a couple of days. Prices for mid-week flights tend to be lower than for weekend flights, with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being the ideal times to fly.

You will avoid peak times along with the business crowd that usually travel on Friday evenings and Monday mornings. Furthermore, if you book a last-minute flight, the left-over seats available will be likely discounted because airlines will be looking to fill these.


You might now be an expert when it comes to holiday research, but have you found your ideal holiday yet? If not, it is now time to be flexible, not just in terms of destinations, but also flight times. Airlines will be more likely to discount flights that either arrive late or depart early morning.

If you allow for a bit of flexibility when it comes to travel times, you might find that you are able to save money while still flying on your preferred travel dates. Better still, if you like being savvy, returning to a different airport than you originally departed from can also help you save some money.

Double Up on Deals

In life, you will sometimes have to spend a little to save a little more, and this is the case when you book a holiday.

In some cases, if you are able to book your hotel, flight, transfer, and activities at once, it is possible to reduce the overall cost of the holiday – especially if you are traveling with family or a larger group, because travel agents often offer money off on such combo deals.

Not just that, but if you aren’t planning to travel too far away from the resort, or eat in the local town, then all-inclusive holidays can be a life-saver.

All-inclusive packages usually cover everything from the hotel, flights, food, and drink, to even some basic entertainment and fun activities such as local bike rides or picnics depending on the hotel you have chosen.

 All-inclusive packages might cost more upfront, but you can relax knowing that everything is already covered. Perfect for last-minute getaway seekers since they will not have to lift a finger.

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