4 fun art games that can hone the creative skills in kids

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4 fun art games that can hone the creative skills in kids. Children are tiny, magical creatures who love to explore.

From the minute they gain control of their limbs, they turn your entire house upside down to check out how it all works.

They examine and learn, observe and imitate, fall, and repeat! This free exploration allows a child to form a connection in its brain.

And “art” is the activity to support this free play in children.

They love how it feels when they smear paint on a paper, how it shines when they sprinkle glitter, and the soft sound made by brush as it moves across the surface, says Amy Yang, founder of Brooklyn Design Lab.

Creative Expression is About the Process

Every child has creative potential. They can express the creative side, but the process, not the outcome, should be our primary focus.

Here are some more reasons to convince you why creative expression is integral:

  • Physical Development: Working with different materials aids muscle development and hones fine motor skills.
  • Mental Growth: Motivates them to try new ideas, develop imaginations, and refine their problem-solving skills.
  • Personal Growth: Develops self-confidence, communication skills, and a sense of identity when children try to cope with their feelings.

Fostering art won’t increase your child’s chances of becoming the next Picasso. Instead, it boosts their ability to analyze and solve problems in many ways, says Ecklund-Flores.

4 fun art games that can hone the creative skills in kids

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Digital Art Games to Enhance Kids’ Creativity

With the app industry expanding rapidly, parents and educators have an ideal tool at their hands.

Instead of using devices to surf random YouTube videos, we can help our child enhance their creativity skills on these gadgets.

Parents often complain about how apps freeze and annoy a child while they are playing. We recommend them to learn how to fix such problems.

Expressing freely on screens entertains those little munchkins and brings them joy.

The best part? There are no messy paintbrushes and glue spills to clean up.

After culling through the apps that have gained popularity over the recent years, we have selected the following fun art games for budding artists:

Drawing Games to Learning Kids

Available on: iOS, Android

Developed by Bini Bambini, this app brings a unique opportunity for young ones to extend their creative enterprises.

Little users receive cues to draw various pictures throughout the app.

Each image links to specified areas like language or numeracy.

Along the way, they receive comments and directions from a tutor.

It means beginners will have no trouble understanding this application.
This app will turn your child’s drawings into impressive animations.

This is to blow a real touch into a child’s imagination, highlighting their personality as a result.

If you need a blank canvas, to begin with, this app provides a perfect interface for your child to spark his/her creativity.

Art of Glow

Available on: iOS, Android

Developed by Natenai Ariyatrakool, this app allows the user to draw numerous images that continuously blink and glow.

It is quite colorful, animated, and bright.

The drawn figures remain and keep shining as the user swipes and draw new ones.

The controls allow reducing the motion, dim brightness, and change cursor shapes or colors.

Common assumption states that apps like this may allow the user to refine their gross motor, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

The initial trial of this app happened on a 6-year-old boy diagnosed with ASD and sensory processing issues.

The child showed low registration, so the research group hoped stimulation would increase his alertness and attention.

After two weeks of using this format, they found that the child could perform 50% of the requested gross motor skills.

Apps like this inspire a child to create mesmerizing images for hours without breaks.

Pico Toons

Available on: Android, iOS

Developed by BigoBijuo, this app is filled with all kinds of fun coloring pages where each page looks like a cartoon character.

It features five different categories of illustrations, and there over 130 of them for kids to have fun with.

Plus, there are three levels of difficulty in this app. Each group contains its tools that match your child’s level.

It provides five drawing tools, including brush, spray, marker, crayon, and pencil.

On top of all that, there is a special effects tool to allow you to draw things like fur, bubbles, water drops, grass, stars, and many more.

Hence, the possibilities to progress your creative skills on this app are seemingly endless.

Essentially, the target age group of this app is 6 to 8-year-olds.

However, the younger ages can also use it easily.

Currently, this app boasts a five-star ranking from users and positive comments from the parents.

Swipe Art Puzzle

Available on: iOS, Android

Developed by Unlimited Gamez Mo, this app wins the race when it comes to illustrative puzzle games.

The player has to arrange tiles in the shortest possible time.

Although there is no blank canvas or expressive art involved, it is quite enticing how a player has to rearrange the jigsaw.

There are six paintings in total, each more complicated than the previous one.

The fact that a clock ticks by should not scare little gamers.

It goes by just to let them know their performance on puzzles.

The entire structure of this game is meant to boost cognitive function while the players move around blocks.

These are famous paintings by the old masters, dripping in beauty.

Therefore, providing a glorious blend of beauty, humor, and creativity to tiny tots.

Fun art games that can hone the creative skills in kids: Final Thoughts

Kids love messy play. What if you can give them all on screens and prevent your sheets from getting dirty.

Sounds good, right?

Install a bunch of art apps and allow them to satisfy their creative pleasures.

We hope our blog helped you gain some perspective.

And you will soon provide your little bunny with a digital creative outlet.

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