Books for Rockhounds

Although the Internet is fantastic, there is nothing like a reference book on Rocks & Minerals. Obviously we are not going to list every book that has ever been written. What you will find here is a Canadian/Ontario-centric list - books that we have & use as rockhounds who live in the GTA in Ontario.

If you know of a book that we should add, drop us a line.

FIELD TRIP GUIDES for Rockhounds & Geologists

Mineral Collecting in Ontario

Roadside Geology of Ontario
North Shore of Lake Superior

Rock an Mineral Collecting in Canada
Volume II Ontario and Quebec
Ann Sabina

Rocks and Minerals of Ontario


Ontario Rocks - Three Billion Years of Environmental Change
Nick Eyles
(ISBN 1-55041-619-7)

This is a super book that explains how Ontario rocks came to be and why Ontario looks the way it does.



For kids, there are a variety of books on rocks & minerals. Some really good ones are:

Eyewitness Books Rocks & Minerals
ISBN 0-7737-2180-0

Eyewitness Books Fossil
ISBN 0-7737-2346-3

Eyewitness Crystal & Gem
ISBN 0-7737-2463-X

FIELD GUIDES - Books to help you identify rocks & minerals

  • Most rockhounds start out by just looking at rocks and getting to know them. But after a while, you're going to want to know more.
  • Field Guides are a great source of information. There are a number of other field guides available including specific guides to fossil and gemstones. Some excellent field guides are:
    • Eyewitness Handbooks Rocks & Minerals (ISBN 0-7737-2575-X), a fabulous book for the beginning rockhound.
    • Dorling Kindersley Handbooks  Rocks & Minerals by Chris Pellant (ISBN 0-7513-2741-7)
    • Firefly Guide to Minerals Rocks & Fossils by A.C. Bishop  (ISBN 978-1-55407-054-1)

    Simon & Schusterís Guide to Rocks and Minerals
    ISBN 0-671-24417-5


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