Sodalite                      Mineral Group: SILICATES 

  • Because of its beauty, sodalite is used for jewelry and carved ornaments.
  • It is hard and takes a good polish.
  • Bancroft, Ontario is world famous for deep blue sodalite.
  • Sodalite is also found in Brazil and China.
  • Sodalite is found in veins or as large compact masses.
  • Blue in brownish matrix
  • COLOR: deep bright blue
  • LUSTER: vitreous

Red Sodalite
French River, Ontario CANADA

Although sodalite is often thought of as being a blue mineral, it does also occur in red.

Sodalite & Cancrinite
French River, Ontario CANADA
  • In Ontario yellow cancrinite is often  found in association with blue and red sodalite.
  • The combination of the colors makes this mineral popular for lapidary.
Massive blue Sodalite and yellow Cancrinite
French River, Ontario CANADA
Hackmanite is a variety of sodalite.
  • it is pinkish in colour when freshly quarried but fades to a white colour
  • when put under shortwave ultraviolet light, it fluoresces orange
  • when removed from ultraviolet light source, it remains a pinkish colour for a while - this characteristic is known as tenebrescence


Hackmanite & Sodalite
Rough hackmanite (left) - Bancroft, Ontario CANADA
Polished hackmanite & soldalite bookend (right) - Brazil

Polished hackmanite & soldalite bookend  - Brazil
If you look closely you will see a light pink hue in the white hackmanite - this photo was taken after brief exposure to UV lights.
Sodalite from Bancroft, Ontario CANADA

SPECIMEN ORIGIN: Princess Sodalite Mine, Bancroft, Ontario

Slab of cut sodalite - not polished
Sodalite from Brazil

Polished sodalite sphere, BRAZIL

sodalite pebbles, polished

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