Pyrite                                Mineral Group: SULFIDES

  • Pyrite is know as Fool's Gold because it fools people into thinking it is gold.
  • One interesting fact is that pyrite gives off a spark when struck with a hard object.
  • Pyrite crystals have many different shapes or structures.
  • black streak
  • metallic, golden-yellow, brassy
  • brittle - unlike gold
  • heavy 5SG
  • dull metallic luster

Crystal faces may have parallel lines called striations.

Pyrite Concretion

Near perfect sphere, natural black shale and pyrite concretion formed in ancient sea floor bed.

Pyrite Concretion
Dongchuan District, Kuming Prefecture, Yunnan Province, CHINA

Pyrite often forms in cubes. This specimen is a pseudomorph. It is Limonite after Pyrite.

Limonite after Pyrite, Pseudomorph
Albemarie Stanley Co., North Carolina, USA

Pyrite Cube
Loltronos, SPAIN

Pyrite - pyritohedrons
Duff Quarry, Huntsville, Ohio  USA

Pyrite "Dollar"
Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois, USA

Nunavut, CANADA

Pyrite  Rettigheim, Baden-Württemberg  GERMANY

Pyrite  Rettigheim, Baden-Württemberg  GERMANY


Pyrite Concretions from Piccadilly Beach, Tea Cove Harbour, Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland, CANADA




These specimens were found on the beach and had weathered out of the shale.

This specimen could possibly have been marcasite. Although it was found in the same location as the other specimens, it's colour was not as brassy gold. After 9 years, it started to disintegrate - showing the "rot" that sometimes occurs with pyrite specimens.

Pyrite Crystals from Nugget Pond Gold Mine, Snooks Arm, Newfoundland, CANADA


Pyrite cubes  from Madoc, Ontario CANADA

Pyrite in talc


Pyrite, Epidote, Massive Garnet


Pyrite & Epidote
Marmoraton Iron Mine, Marmora, ON CANADA



 Pyrite Balls with calcite in shale from Mask Rd. Quarry, Dunham, Quebec CANADA



 Pyrite with Calcite from Ambro Quarry, Marmoraton Iron Mine, Marmora, Ontario CANADA


Pyrite in calcite rhomb


 Marcasite jewellery is made of pyrite that has been faceted.



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