Barite               BaSO4   (Barium sulfate)                     Mineral Group: SULFATES

  • Barite is a mineral that is unusually heavy for a mineral that is not metallic.
  • Its name comes from the Greek word baros which means heavy or weighty.
  • One common use for barite is the "barium milkshake" that people drink before getting an X-ray of their stomach and intestines.
  • It is also used to make expensive white paint.


Barite  from Blackwell Tiff Mine, St. Francis County near Potosi, Bonne Terre, Missouri  USA

The barite inside this specimen is actually milky white. The red color comes from the red soil that the specimen was found in.

massive specimen of barite is shaped like a sphere. That is why it is called a "barite bomb".
Barite & Drusy Quartz  from Blackwell Tiff Mine, St. Francis County near Potosi, Bonne Terre, Missouri  USA
Bladed Barite
  • Barite is usually milky white or colorless.
  • Barite crystals come in many forms. This specimen has a cockscomb mass and shows a fibrous crystal habit.

Bladed Barite from Highway #38 Sharbot Lake, Perth, Ontario CANADA

SPECIMEN: Bladed Barite
Barite Crystals
  • This large plate of gemmy crystals is yellow. The color of the barite crystals depends on the impurities trapped in the crystals while they were being formed.

Barite  from Aguathuna, Newfoundland, CANADA

Barite - Barite Roses  from Oklahoma State Rock, Oklahoma  USA
Fluorite on Barite    from Millersville Quarry, Millersville, Ohio  USA



Barite Crystals
Specimen Origin: Duncan Mine, Nova Scotia  CANADA


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