Pendragon Eggs     Elfi's Eggs


Banockburn Porhyry Egg

This egg is hand made by Pendragon Eggs from rough collected in Ontario.



Carnelian Egg - Madagascar


Chert Egg - banded chert from Dundas, Ontario

Banded chert is a sedimentary rock. This particular chert is said to have been used by local First Nation tribes to make pipes. It is very hard & takes a good polish.



Chinese "Thunder Egg"

This egg was sold as a quartz & hematite sphere from Hunan, China. We were intrigued by the fact that the pattern on the surface was raised, so we bought 2 so we could cut one in half. The pattern of the rock material is very interesting and we can only speculate if after grinding, the egg was leached so as to have the darker material stand out. If so, then the light material could not really be quartz. Nevertheless, the eggs are very interesting to look at and we have decided to call them Chinese "Thunder Eggs".


Chloritoid Egg - Madoc, Ontario

This rock is also called "Polka Dot" or "Salt & Pepper" rock when kids see it for the first time. The black dots are actually full crystals of  chloritoid. When a polished egg is leached after it is formed, the black crystals stick out from the surface like prickles. These eggs were handmade by Pendragon Eggs.


"Egg"xperiment - Calcium Acetate Experiment

Real egg shells are dissolved in vinegar and then when evaporation occurs, botryoidal calcium acetate crystals form.


Onyx Eggs

These eggs are very common and are usually from Pakistan.



Wanapitei Breccia - Sudbury, Ontario

  These eggs are handmade by Pendragon Eggs.





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